Transport To Another World With Cheat Chapter 1: Transport


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"These game companies only made these games to earn money "
Ye Yang said as he feels indignant even until now
As a semi-merchant, semi-professional gamer, Ye Yang encountered an unprecedented cash game, after playing for almost half a year, he finally flared up.

Because this game is practically whoever use cash, whoever is strong. There is no techniques to talk about but the problem is this game is too popular, everyday online players reached 1 billion and is known as the most money-spending game in the world.

As for the sarcasm, it is because this game requires no skill whatsoever. In other words, what are you playing if you are penniless.

As a semi-merchant gamer, Ye Yang stopped using cash while playing game 5 years ago. Not charging is Ye Yang's principle.

But the trait of this game is the amount you charge will be awarded with authority.

Charged 100 ingot will receive VIP1 Authority, 10 times EXP.

Charged 1000 ingot will receive VIP2 Authority, 10 times Martial Points.

Charged 10000 ingot will receive VIP3 Authority, 10 times Gold.

Charged 100000 ingot will receive VIP4 Authority, 90% discount at cash shop.

Charged 1000000 ingot will receive VIP5 Authority, unlimited refresh for mystery cash shop.

From VIP1 all the way to VIP100 , someone calculated it before, 100 ingots is 1 dollar, according to this ratio, charging all the money in the world into the game will still not reach the top.

The current highest player also only have VIP 10 level .
What is VIP10? That's 1 billion RMB

While Ye Yang never charged from the start, so after playing for half a year, he is still weaker than players who charged 100 dollars and played 10 days.

After posting the 3000-words sarcasm post, Ye Yang picks up the pack of cigarettes beside the computer, lit one stick for himself and start playing the game.

Not long after, while Ye Yang is farming mobs

Ding ...
sound came , he looks on screen but nothing was there , then a message pop out of nowhere in his mind . He feels he can directly see it floating in mid air.

" Do you wish to Transport to Another World and begin a new adventure with the Top Authority
Yes / No "

What? Free experience of highest VIP Authority . After reading Ye Yang jumps with excitement.

What does the rights to highest VIP level mean? The current highest is only VIP10, isn't it awesome to be able to experience VIP100 straight away? Even if the experience is for 1 day, it is enough for him to earn a lot.

Without thinking, Ye Yang chooses agree. The instant after confirming, Ye Yang feels a strong dizziness striking him and passes out.

Whoosh~whoosh~whoosh~Sound of waves can be heard.

Sitting under a coconut tree, Ye Yang looks at the glaring sun feeling a bit depressed.

"Just playing a game and still can get transported to another world? Isn't it too unlucky."

Leaning on the coconut tree, Ye Yang takes a deep breath and subconsciously reach for his pocket but there is no cigarette.

Looking at this scene, it is very difficult to suppress his depression without a smoke.

Squinting his eyes, Ye Yang looks at the people stabbing fish at the beach and roughly thought of something.

If his judgement is not wrong, this should be the game world but there is no players. To put it bluntly, this is a real world and not the digital world.

But unluckily, Ye Yang realized his current position is Devil Island.

Devil Island is a place where newbie will have a lot of difficulty surviving, only players will very bad luck or very good luck will spawn at Devil Island because Devil Island's mobs is above LV 10 and it is very easy to find Elite mob if searched carefully.

With a bit of luck, encountering Boss is not a problem.

Although the survival conditions are difficult, this place is filled with opportunities.

Unfortunately, Ye Yang feels that he probably will die here.

Without any power, even if there is a god-rank treasure chest in front of him, he does not have the chest-opening skill.

With a bit of depression and a bit of fret, transportation is nothing but why does other have super system when transported or have some god-rank warehouse but I don't have anything when transported.

Just when Ye Yang is feeling depressed, a digitally synthesized voice can be heard suddenly.

"Ding Ding Ding! Super Authority System has been activated successfully, due to player's current level, only '10 times EXP' '10 times Martial Points' '10 times gold' is unlocked, the next authority is unlocked at LV 5."

Ye Yang jumps with excitement, he did not even think that his transportation will be while bringing system.
This is really... above any cheat.
With 100 Authority he will become a super Boss definitely.
As for the level requirement to activate authority, this is the game setting and cannot be helped.


Ye Yang suddenly thought of something and shouts in his heart: "Open stats window."

Instantly, the stats window appears in his mind.

Character: Ye Yang

LV: 1

Main Class: None

Sub Class: None

Skill: None

Cultivation Manual: None

Equipment: None

Martial Point: 0

Gold: 0

EXP: 0/1000

Slightly stands up, Ye Yang's smile is even broader and while facing the sun, he slowly opens his mouth and says.

"Hello! Other world!"
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