Transmigrated into a Fantasy Chapter 12: The Impossible Story(3)


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Avril looked over her shoulder at Bain. He strode towards her with powerful strides. In one hand he had a cinnamon roll that smelled like heaven, while his other hand hung loosely by the sword at his hip. She looked at the sword, she hadn't noticed it earlier, but it was a piece of the finest work that she had seen. Avril in her old world had been a jack of all trades, and being able to evaluate an antique was just part of the gig as far as she was concerned. The sword was long, and it curved outward. the handle curved out as well, signaling that it was a Sabre. The case that enclosed the Sabre was black leather. Some of the finest quality leather that could be made too. The handle was simple black, with a white strap of leather tied around it. She could tell the sword had been used for a long time by the finger grooves in the handle. Snapping back to the task at hand Avril tore her eyes away from the sword. Bain sat down, gently laying the Bun in front of her. Avril picked it up almost as soon as it touched the table. She started chomping down as she thought about how to explain what had happened to her within the past three days. Finishing off the bun in a matter of minutes Avril licked her fingers, savoring every last crumb. Then she turned to Bain, still not sure where to start. Or if she even should start.
"It's ok, start whenever your ready. I can be patient." Bain said almost like he was reading her mind.
"You have to promise that you will let me finish, don't interrupt me until the story is completed." Avril said, trying to build up the courage it took to tell him this story, really to tell anyone this story. This impossible story that no one in their right mind would believe. But she needed to.
"Ok, I wont interrupt you. I promise." Bain told her stoically, looking as if he had sworn on his mothers grave.
" Ok, here goes nothing." Avril said
"A few days ago, I went into the woods. I was playing hookie from all of my responsibilities within the Kitsune clan. When I snuck into the forest I went to my tree. As I climbed up my tree to find a comfy place to sit, I saw them. It was my best friend, and she was wrapped in the arms of my fiance. They were shocked to see me from what I could tell." Avril started
"I was distressed to say the least, so I started climbing down the tree as fast as I could. Only I looked up to see my best friend chasing me. I paused for too long and she caught up. She then threw me out of the tree. I fell, and the way I landed killed me instantly." Avril paused thinking through how she was going to say the next part. Bain was sitting still, his eyes flashed as she had said she had died. He looked like he wanted to say something. But like he promised he kept his mouth shut. Avril continued on sounding more confident than she actually was.
"But in a different world, at the same time, an orphan girl on the streets was hungry. She went to one of her favorite restaurants in a seedy part of the city she was in. When she got there, she sat down at the bar, talking to the owners wife. The wife went to go get some food for the girl. But someone decided that they wanted to rob the restaurant." Avrils eyes glossed over as she remembered the horrible pain that seared through her body as she was shot.
"The girl was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. She was a casualty in a world that is cruel, and unfeeling. But she woke up again. It was a different world, with a different body. She had all these memories from the previous owner swirling in her head. The only thing that the departing soul wanted was revenge for being wronged in this world." Avril looked up at Bain.
"Me being the person that took this dead body over wants revenge for Beltane as well. She didn't deserve to die like that. It was cruel, and wrong. I will get the ultimate revenge on those wrong-doers. They will rot in jail, only after turning on each other and destroying everything they cared for." Avril spoke with passion, in her eyes a fire was burning. She looked like she would burn down anything that stood in her path.
Bain looked down at Avril. The story she had just told him was the ramblings of a mad woman. It was utter nonsense. Fanatics were the only type of people who would believe something like this. A hardened warrior should scoff at what this young naive girl had said. But as he looked at her he had to believe it. Her eyes spoke of a truth that laid bare her pain.... even more so than her eyes he could feel the rawness in her truth, could hear it. The way she spoke, looking directly at him. How her voice cracked with the pain of dying. The look of pure rage at the death of Beltane, as if she had relived Beltanes death herself. Bain looked at the girl before him, and said the only words he could. The words he new she needed to hear.
"I believe you." he said in a rough voice. Her face that was filled with anxiety, fear, a desperation was instantly replaced with a look of shock, only for relief to flood her face. Her eyes looked up to his eyes, and suddenly tears started to stream down her face. I'm so confused... what's going on here???? Bain asked as he saw this fox cry like a child in front of him.
"Why are you crying? What's wrong?" Bain asked concerned. Almost without realizing what he was doing Bain reached out to his little fox. He pulled her into him, feeling her shaking like a leaf. He held her lightly, scared he would hurt her on accident.
"Nothing is wrong, I'm just so relieved I could tell someone else. I felt so alone since I woke up. I'm surrounded by people all the time though. I have to act exactly like Beltane would, and pretend everything is fine. But it's not fine, It hurts having to relive dying. Was dying once not enough for me? I wake up only to relive a death that isn't mine." Avril sobbed, hiccuping as she said this. Her voice shook Bain with its raw pain. Her body shook harder as she said this. Bain felt like he was holding something made out of glass. Women weren't supposed to go through trials like this. Where were the people who were supposed to protect this fox. He held her until she ran out of strength to cry any more. As her crying quieted, she rested her head on Bains chest. He felt warm inside when she leaned into him like he was her only support. He wanted to have her lean on him like this all the time. Bain sat quietly as he felt her shaking body slowly become more stable. As he was trying to calm down his flustered heart, he felt her breathing become rhythmic. He looked down to see her pale lashes closed over those hypnotic golden eyes. Her breathes grazed against his neck as she slept against his chest. Bain could only look stunned at the fox in his arms. Who fell asleep against a man they had just met hours ago. What was she thinking? Especially with a guy like him. Someone who had killed without remorse for years. He looked at the fox, and decided then. He would protect this person. With everything he had, he would ensure her safety and support her in life. She had given him her pure truth, something that was more valuable to him than mountains of gold. And he in turn would give her something he valued as much as the truth. What that was, he didn't know. But he had time to figure it out. After all, he was going to be with her for the foreseeable future.
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