Trained Love Chapter 4: Work-Mode


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After about 5 minutes, Lucy came back with a cute smile lingering on her lips. "And they are back", Angela sighed.

"Don't be jealous Angela. You will get your turn later", Lucy winked.

"But seriously babe, I am waiting for when you will break up for real", Angela wriggled her eyebrows.

"Looks like you want your cause of death to be written as murdered by your friend babe, but I don't want to go to jail leaving Ben in this world alone by himself. So, it would be better if you seal your lips", Lucy smiled with her lips which is completely fake and horrific while her eyes glared with a murderous aura, "won't you?"

We heard an audible gulp which is obviously from Angela while she struggled to reply while shaking her hands frivolously. Discovering that it was a failed attempt she just smiled nervously while we all chuckled.

"That is the reason I always tell you to shut up," MJ pointed Angela with a smile filled with amusement. We laughed as Angela raised her both eyebrows with a pout and continued munching on the food. After the table is found empty we sat there while talking for another five minutes.

"Are you all getting paid for chatting in the cafeteria while the others don't get time to even grab a small bite?" we heard a harsh tone and all our heads turned in the direction of the source of the voice. Anyone would think it was our boss who returned from a tiresome business meeting, but the guess is wrong, and I am sure no one could easily guess the person who just warned because it is none other than our very own Lucy who just transformed into 'Work-mode' Lucy. Yes, our very cute Lucy who is always found giggling turned into someone else in the matter of seconds.

The difference between cute Lucy and Work-mode Lucy is the presence of a rectangular shaped glasses covering her eyes giving her a sharp look and an authoritative aura surrounding her. Point to be noted around this Lucy is to never argue with her or you will be turned into ashes in the fraction of seconds. Angela is no exception here; this explains the extremity of the situation. So, we all immediately gulped and ran towards our cubicles to continue our respective works.

"Cutie-pie, complete the document I gave you yesterday by the end of day before leaving and mail a draft to Angela for a final check. Once she gives the clearance just mail the final copy with any required changes to the boss. Make sure to complete everything today, okay?" MJ gave the instructions regarding the work for which I confirmed with a series of nods and a final okay.

I resumed the document which is to be completed today because its weekend and the boss needs it for the Monday morning for an important meeting. I completed the work and rechecked it once before forwarding it to Angela for the further check and glanced at my watch to find that there is still an hour time for regular office timings to end. If required, we can work for extra hours, but I would like to complete the work within assigned time to avoid tardiness which I hate from my childhood.

I walked towards Angela's cubicle which she shared with MJ while I heard her voice escalating as I was nearing her. "...and he left his car to travel in a train to search her. Can you believe this is happening?" she gushed.

"Oh my God! Are you serious. You know, I actually started thinking he had different preferences. No offence," MJ said.

"None taken. Truthfully at some point even I thought the same. I mean where do we find a man who did not date a single girl in his lifetime," Angela wondered.

I interrupted saying, "Angela, I mailed you the draft. Once check it and confirm so I will send it to the boss," for which she agreed.

I turned and started walking while I heard Angela call my name and I turned back to listen what she wants to say. "Today after work, you are coming to my house with us. We are having a sleepover and no refusals allowed. It's an order," she glared playfully and laughed at her own expression for which I replied an okay with a smile.

"I will introduce you to our other friends too. We will have lots of fun tonight," she exclaimed. Her smile being contagious my smile widened showing my front tooth.

I tucked a loose strand of my hair falling over my face behind my ear and started moving back to my seat. I sat there and suddenly I remembered Angela and MJ talking about someone whom I am guessing is one of their friends. That talk lead me to remember my Candy man. I wonder if he travels through the train daily. During my train journeys I started unconsciously searching for him which turned into my daily routine.

I don't even know if he remembers me in the least but that thought never ceases me to search for him and expect him to be found. I started hoping to see him, wave at him, talk to him and know further about him. Though I know he won't even remember me, my dreams never come to an end. Once I dreamt that he searched for me and came to me and hugged tightly promising to never leave me again. But what are dreams? According to Wikipedia, a dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Well, according to me, dreams are something which are not real.

So, my dreams give me the happiness only during the sleep. As soon as I woke up, realizing that never happened, my heart felt empty while in the contrary, my eyes started filling up. But, forgetting him was found as a task which is next to impossible for me. A voice brought me back to the world from my train of thoughts. I found Angela standing beside me as she said the document is good and it can be sent to the boss. After a while all the girls came and started dragging me towards the exit of the office to go to Angela's house.

Standing outside in front of the office building I watched the beautiful scenery of the sunset. The sun rays during the dusk penetrated through my skin giving me the much-needed warmth while the freshness of the wind took away any thoughts which gives me pain or distress. I closed my eyes to take a deep breath and a smile slowly crept onto my face while opening my eyes. Okay, I guess it is time to stop weeping about the person who is not in front of me and start enjoying the company of people who are with me. Looks like more people are going to join my little world today.
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