Trained Love Chapter 2: My crush


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I'm happily sitting an inch away and 5 inches above the drunkard who is now on my left on a local train while travelling to my new office. My nervousness raised to a new level as my travel to my destination speeds up. I never worked in an office before. I wonder whom I'll meet and how my life is going to turn in next half an hour. I want to meet new friends with whom I can enjoy my life, share things and do so many new things which I never saw or done before. But my friends from my village warned me about city people being vicious, cunning, playing with others hearts and not caring about their feelings and what not. The thought of meeting such people is frightening me to the worst.

Am I overreacting? I hope I am and nothing such happens. I just want a happy life with no disturbances and a safe and secure profession with which I want to make my parents happy. They worked too hard for me to get to this position. I never want to disappoint them. I hope my boss is good and I hope my colleagues are good. I guess my paranoid self is coming back. I took a deep breath to control all my fears and suddenly a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Excuse me," the voice is from my right and I turned to see the source and my mouth fell hung open. All this time I thought I'm sitting on the armrest of the seats and here I am actually sitting on a real live person who is now looking at me with awkward expressions.

"I...I.....I," I started stuttering to apologize like an idiot. Can I be anymore pathetic? This is the worst situation in my life.

He suddenly smiled at me. Wait what? He is smiling while I'm sitting on his lap. Am I hallucinating? Wait.....I'm still sitting on him!!! Why can't a hole appear under me and the earth swallow me up this instant. I can't handle anymore embarrassment. I can feel my whole face is burning with embarrassment and I know it would be as red it could ever be. I stood abruptly and started stuttering again but I don't know why but all the words I learned in my whole life suddenly boycotted my throat.

Sorry mom! Sorry dad! I couldn't live up to your expectations. I couldn't at least utter a sorry, then what is the need for you to work so hard for my education. I couldn't adopt the civility from you. I'm a failure as your daughter. I think I should meet a doctor to check on my paranoia. But I'm in this situation because of only one person and that credit goes to....... the great drunkard over here enjoying his beautiful sleep while I'm at the verge of my life; well not literally though. If I must go to a hospital, he should go to a jail. I glared at him for a moment and I heard a soft chuckle and guess who is that? Of course, it is him who has an amused expression plastered to his face.

"It's Ok. Don't worry about any embarrassment. I watched all your situation with this man so I understand. So, don't think too much about it. You can sit on my right because you know," he pointed his thumb towards that drunkard "he may now even fall on you."

He moved a bit towards his left and gave some space for me to sit on his right. I mumbled a thank you to him. Wait, my words are back. I guess the words and my throat solved their issue among themselves. Finally, my vocal system is back to its peaceful kingdom.

I sat and saw the face of the man clearly now because until now I'm nowhere in any sane condition to understand features of a person. I want to define him in only a single word 'picturesque'. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Are you new to this city?" he asked me and I said "Yes". And thus, the conversation started. We did not talk anything about each other but just something generally like he suggested me about places to visit, informed me about basic details any person should know while being in this city.

Finally, it's time for him to leave. While departing, he placed a candy in my hands and said, "Bye Bonbon, be careful. I hope we will meet again soon. Until then just remember not to sit on any person's lap." He ruffled my hair with a smile and left.

I looked at the candy in my hand and said to it "Let's meet again". Wait did he just call me with some strange name... something like bone-bone? What did he mean by that? Bone? Bone? Bone?........ I sat on him, didn't I? Maybe he meant I'm all bones and so I'm so heavy. Oh God! This is embarrassing again.

But he is very cool. He made me feel relaxed very easily after such a pathetic situation. I really want to see him again. I want to talk to him. I want him to ruffle my hair again. I want him to give me a candy again. I want him to protect me again. Stop. Scratch the last line. I don't want myself to be in such a situation again. I just want to listen him talking which takes away any worries. Protecting a girl doesn't mean a person should fight with someone or hold her when she stumbles. Protecting a girl just means that a girl should be able to think, 'whatever happens to me or whoever goes against me, there is always someone who is holding my hand and never let it go.' Just such a thought makes a girl feels safe.

I feel safe by thinking about him. My heart started thumping as if it is participating in a race with other heart. I think this effect also belongs to him. I don't know what this feeling is called. Some call it a crush while some call it like. Whatever it is, I want to secure this feeling. I may or may not meet him again. But I will always remember him as my savior. I will always cherish this moment.
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