Trained Love Chapter 1: Life in Havoc


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I'm panting heavily. It's pitch black in front of me. I don't know where I am. I can just understand that I'm in a dark room with no lights during night. This is the first place I found while running as fast as I could. As soon as I entered this room I closed the door and banged my back onto the door and immediately I fell due to exhaustion of running for about an hour.

I can hear nothing except my heavy breathing. I could feel my heart beat thumping. My whole skin rose into goosebumps. I couldn't see anything not just due to the darkness of the room but also due to the dizziness I feel. This could be the first time when I'm not afraid of insects, rats or any other creatures for which any typical girl like myself would scream just due to the doubt of their presence around us.

My senses started coming back to me as my breath is becoming stable. I heard few men talking outside the room in which I'm hiding at present. They are searching me for sure. Drops of water started flowing through my cheeks and slowly I realized that the source is nothing else but my own eyes which was involuntary. I placed my face inside my palms and I rested it on my knees. I cried heavily but I also remember that my wail should not leave the room. I tried too hard to control my emotions but is in vain.

How did my life turn into this situation? I just wanted a normal life like any other normal person. I came to this city for my career. But now......I'm here weeping by myself, hiding from the other side of world. I can't show such a pathetic face to anyone. I want to sit in my home happily watching television with coke and popcorn on my both hands. I would have been doing the same only if it is not for...him.

It is all because of him. I would be happy if he did not smile at me. I would be safe if he did not protect me. I would be with my friends if he was not my friend. I wouldn't be like this if I did not meet him. I felt something in my hands. "But I'm lonely inside if I did not have you outside," I said to the candy which is in my hands.

I heard something outside again. But this time, it is not the sounds of the persons who were behind me but they belong to some screeching, breaking and finally of some vehicles moving away from me. But I couldn't care about it because I am not crying because of them. I raised my hand to throw the candy away but my heart did not allow it to happen. Instead of throwing it away I clasped it more hardly with my fingers. I don't know what should I do. I should not love him but I am unable to hate him. Just thinking about him couldn't resist me from bawling due to the pain in my heart.

I'm sure you are wondering what happened to me and why am I crying. To explain my situation lets travel the time to three months back.

* * * Three months back * * *

I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm thrilled. I'm scared. It's the first day of my work. I am new to this city. I am from a small countryside village. Today is going to be the first step of my career. I never even traveled through the entire city. I am here just two days back to join in the company where I was posted. I just know that I should travel through a train to reach my office. I feel that I am going for a new adventure in this unknown city.

"I'm ready for everything that comes my way," I said to myself and left the room towards the road through which I'm going to walk to the railway station.

I entered the train and took a seat. In the next stop a man came and sat on my left. He stinks of alcohol. I tried to move towards my right. As I moved an inch the man also followed the inch. I moved more and went higher to sit on the armrest of the seat.

The upholstery of the seat felt too smooth to sit on. I think these are the perks of living in a city. The armrest is too soft and plushy that I enjoyed sitting on it. How can such higher quality seats be placed on a regular train? I guess every public service in this city is at its best level. Whatever it is, for now I'm happy that I'm a bit away from that drunk person. I turned to him and he is still trying to move in my direction.

"Excuse me," I heard someone speaking from my right. I turned my head and my mouth went hung open. I realized that I am not sitting on any arm of a seat but on a leg of a man.
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