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All the Regulars, and Edward, had gathered back to the yellow room where they were told about the Crown Game. The 3-day break was over, so now it was time for their Positions to be announced. But, none of the Regulars knew that, save for those from the 10 Great families and those who had family members that reached the 20th floor and gave up on climbing the Tower.

"Long time no see, Regulars!" Lero Ro greeted the assembled Regulars cheerily, only to get nothing but silence in return. Which wasn't that surprising if you considered that Lero Ro was the who told them to partner up with people they were supposed to kill only a while ago. So it was understandable why they didn't want to be all buddy-buddy with him.

"Very well, I hope that you all work hard on the test that begins today, the 'Positioning Test'." Lero Ro said, catching the people who didn't know about Positions off-guard.

"Well, I hope that you're ready to lose." Edward whispered, teasing Androssi, who simply smirked at him.

"I'd say the same to you." she replied back cockily. Edward simply smiled back in a care-free, yet confident manner, knowing that this little bet of theirs is already in the bag. It would do the little princess good to have her ego deflated a bit before she tries to bite off more than she could chew.

"What're you two talking about?" Bolt asked, confused as to what Ed and "Aka-Oni" were talking about, as the yellow guy hadn't said anything about a combat or competitive test.

"Well, Androssi and I have a little bet regarding the position test." Edward answered quickly, as he noticed that Lero Ro was starting his explanation of the Positions. Even though he already knew the gist of it, it wouldn't hurt to listen and see if there was something that the manhwa left out.

"'The Fisherman', who disarms the enemy by using their Reel Inventory, thus they are always at the heart of the battle facing the enemy head-on, keeping the enemy occupied so that the Fisherman's teammates can either complete the team's objective or provide back-up. The Fishermen can also carry out individual activities." Lero Ro explained, as his Lighthouse projected the image of an female Fisherman using her Reel Inventory and Hook to fight.

A rather astute explanation of the Position, and more importantly different from the one in the manhwa. It wasn't drastically different, but different none the less, so Edward keeps listening.

"'Spear-bearer', who utilizes spears to target enemies from afar, picking off enemies who are either running from the battle, or ones who managed to avoid the Fisherman's initial attack." Lero Ro narrated as his Lighthouse projected an image of a muscular man triumphantly holding up a spear piercing three winged fishes the size of a jeep.

A rather simple job, just throw far, throw with accuracy and don't hit your teammates.

But, this position also put a lot of responsibility and trust onto those who were put into this position, so choosing a cowardly person who would turn tail and run at the first opportunity would prove catastrophic, if not fatal.

"ACHOO!" a green humanoid sneezed violently, his lanky frame covered by a brown robe and a white shirt.

"'Light-bearer', a position that works quite well with Spear-bearers and Scouts, collecting information that helps a Spear-bearer aim, and generally keeps the whole team informed of the surrounding area." And once again, a crucial position, where you couldn't pick an untrustworthy or moronic individual to act as the nerve center of your team.

A bad Light-bearer could leave even the toughest of warriors helpless in the battlefield, as no matter how tough the warriors might be as individuals, in a team, communication is the key to success.

"'Scout', the proverbial eyes of the Light-bearer on the field, scouting ahead for him or her with their Observers and eyes, fighting alongside the Fisherman on the front lines." Now Lero Ro's lighthouse is showing a video of a scout running around a labyrinth, three basic Observers, reminiscent of eyeballs broadcasting live footage to the Lighthouse.

"And finally, the 'Wave Controller', who can use Shinsoo to either overwhelm the opposition or help their teammates." the last image showing a person holding his hands up in the air as a blue energy dome surrounds him and his team as spears fly towards them.

"Naturally, there are more positions than these 5, such as the Guide, but since these don't concern most of you, and these are the ones you'll be categorized into." Lero Ro said, taking a brief glance at Edward, before expanding his Lighthouse so that all the names will fit properly.

"Ever since you appeared on the second floor, we have been evaluating your performance and picking your positions based on the results of the previous tests." Lero Ro gestured to his enlarged Lighthouse, which now had all of the regulars who managed to get this far split and categorized under one of the five basic Positions.

Edward didn't bother checking the positions of all the extras, as he honestly didn't remember which one of the extra regulars went to what position. But he did remember the positions of the important and interesting people, so he focused on spotting them, ignoring everything else.


- Edward Smith: Best Seed
- Anak Zahard: Best Seed
- Androssi Zahard
- Chunhwa Hong


- Hachi: Best Seed
- Akryung
- Rak Wrathraiser
- Aleksai Amigochaz


- Koon Aguero Agnis: Best Seed
- Michelle Light(AN: I know it's Rachel, but she entered with the fake name.): Best Seed


- Ship Leesoo: Best Seed
- Hatsu
- Bolt
- Serena Rinnen

Wave Controller

- Eurasia Phonsekal Laure
- Hwa Ryun
- Ho
- Twenty-fifth Baam

"Well, Androssi, it looks like I win our little bet." Edward noted cheekily, feeling rather conflicted of his "Best Seed" status among the Fishermen candidates. On one hand, it would up his chances of getting to the final test, but on the other hand, it could cause either one of the Zahards to be unable to pass to the last test.

And he couldn't see anything useful about Hachi's "Best Seed" status, aside from possibly dropping Parakewl from the graduating class.

[Class: "Fisherman" Unlocked ! +2 to AGI, DEX and STR on level up]

[Title: "Best Seed" acquired!]
You have been selected as a "Best Seed", and with that, comes a few perks.
{All EXP and Stat gains are doubled until the end of the Positioning test.}
This title will disappear as soon as you pass the Second Floor

'Well, holy shit.' Edward thought to himself as he read the info about his Class and Title. So, each level up from now on would give him 2 points to AGI, DEX and STR, and during his time on the second floor, he'd be getting double the gains, so that means that each level up for the test would grant him 4 extra points to the aforementioned stats.

Now that he thought about it, it sorta made sense that being a fisherman would enhance those stats, as Fishermen had to fight on the frontlines, so speed was necessary to be able to move quickly, and the increased dexterity would help with handling weapons and dodging, and the pros of enhanced strength were quite obvious.

He almost drooled at the thought of combining the stat boost from the title with Gym's boost.

'So, I'll be in the same training course as that boy.' Laure mused, looking at Baam's name. He felt a tad bit curious about how he managed to control Shinsoo in that manner. Well, saying that he controlled the Shinsoo might be an incorrect definition, as the Shinsoo seemed to naturally react to the boy's anger and fear.

Too bad that the other one wasn't assigned to their Position, not that Laure envied his situation, stuck with two of Zahard's princesses.

'How come I'm not a Fisherman!?' Rak thought as he glares at his name on the Lighthouse. How dared these turtles put him away from a chance of facing worthy prey face to face!

"Sir, what does the 'Best Seed' next to some of the names mean?" Dédé asked, noticing the titles next to the names of six Regulars.

"Best Seed? People with the title "Best Seed" are those who either did well in the tests, or performed the duties of their Position well. And those who got the title are granted extra points." Lero Ro explained, causing some of the Regulars to give rather volatile responses as the explanation sank into their heads.

"W...WHAT!?" Dédé exclaimed as the information sunk in. "Why didn't you tell us about that before!" he shouted, annoyed that they weren't told about the chance of getting extra points.

'Obviously so that the Regulars won't stop focusing on completing the tests.' Edward thought to himself, as he pondered on Dédé's question. If the regulars were told that there was a chance of getting extra points in what would be most likely the most crucial test they would have on the first Floor, then obviously they would try and sabotage one another.

But to add onto that, Points also seemed to be a form of currency in the Floors, if Edward's memory served him correctly, so of course some, if not all Regulars would start focusing on sabotaging other Regulars during these 3 first tests, which would then make categorizing and ranking the Regulars correctly that much harder.

"I don't understand why he got that!" Serena shouted, pointing at Ship, who's just as confused as she was.

"Yeah, why me? Did I offer a bribe or something?" Ship whispered the last part to himself.

"You were chosen, why're you questioning it?" Koon shouted, feeling flabbergasted by Ship's question. He couldn't help but agree with the decision on who got the "Best Seed" for the most part, but the ones he disagreed with probably got the title by doing well on the less physically challenging tests.

"Haha, the "Best Seed" tag is given after a fair and thorough evaluation." Lero Ro laughed, before his demeanor changed to a more threatening one as he levels a harsh glare on the uppity Regulars, "I've got a lot to do, so stop asking idiotic questions, Ok?" which shut them up good.

Nothing like a little bit of malicious intent to silence rowdy Regulars.

"Hey Mr. Ro, how are the injured Regulars going to take the test?" Koon asked, mostly to know whether or not Baam would make it to take the test. He had cashed in a favor that could've been useful later, so he doesn't want to find out that it was all for naught.

And the way he got Shinsoo to bend to his will would more than make up for the favor.

"They will participate when they are more or less healed. But the teachers keep attendance score, so it's a disadvantage if you miss class." Lero Ro answered, letting everyone know the consequences of being reckless during this test.

"I think that's unfair, as the injured will obviously miss some of the lessons." Koon noted.

"Naturally, but it is his own fault for getting injured. It's obvious that people should pay for their mistakes, isn't it?" Lero Ro shrugged, knowing exactly who Koon is referring to when he said "injured".

"Well, that's it for today. The position teachers will the detailed schedule later, so please follow the directions loaded to your Pockets and go where the your position teachers are." Lero ro continued, not letting Koon interrupt him. Edward, along with many other Regulars heard their Pockets beeb, which meant that they had received the directions.

"Oh, and for those of you assigned to Wave Controller, your teacher has a bit of a problem, so he'll be starting class 3 days late." Lero Ro added, deciding to throw the Koon kid a bone. And to be honest, he himself was also glad that young Baam would be able to participate in the test properly.

[Second Floor, Fisherman Classroom]

"Hi everybody, I'm Hax, and I'm the one who's in charge of making you into splendid Fishermen!" A woman, wearing a light blue blouse top over a white-striped pink dress announced. And although her face was covered by a silver tinted mask that set her long dark hair in twin pigtails, her voice was more than enough to tell that she was excited and pumped for the lesson.

Whether or not that was a good thing for any of the Regulars was unclear, as Edward remembered that she put the fishermen candidates to a dangerous test that risked failing those who fell from pillars.


Hax LV: ?

HP: ?
MP: ?

The regulars stared at the oddly cheery Ranker, wondering what sort of a nutjob was assigned to be their teacher, while Edward, Anak and Androssi just looked at her with expressions of anxiety, disinterest and boredom respectively.

"Anyway, first things first, we'll be forming a contract with the Floor's Guardian." Hax stated, causing varying degrees of confusion among the Regulars, those who don't know anything about the Tower wondering what she means by making a contract, while those with some knowledge are wondering why would the Fisherman class need to form a contract with the Floor Guardian.

"U-Um, Ma'am, why do we need to form a contract with the guardian?" One of the Regulars asked, whom Edward recognized as the weakling with silver hair that Androssi beat up during the B-Team's test, although he considers calling that bunch the B-Trayal team.

"You really have to ask that?" Edward remarked, only for the silverette to turn to him with a questioning look.

"Oh what, you know why we need to form a contract, then by all means, enlighten us." he said with a mocking tone, expecting Edward to have no answer and shut up.

Thinking that he might as well try to earn a few extra points early on while at the same time showing off in a rather harmless manner, Edward retorted "You know what, I think I will.", turning to Hax, who's looking at the scene in silence, her mask hiding any emotional response.

"Miss Hax, you mind if I explain why all Positions need to make a contract with the Guardians?" he asked politely, not wanting to incur the wrath of the Ranker. He knew that the most he could do in a fight against her was stain her clothes with his own blood while she proceeded to beat him to death with his own skull, regardless of the physical paradoxes and impossibilities of that happening.

"By all means." She said, smiling under her mask. She had read the file Lero Ro had compiled about Edward, and although she was a bit miffed that she couldn't that Koon cutie as her student, she was quite satisfied with the specimen she got. Sure, he wasn't exactly a poster-boy, but he wasn't ugly either.

And most importantly, from what the previous tests showed, he was either a guide, very smart or both. Managing to figure out the meaning of the Director's test in practically no time was quite impressive, but then again, that test could've been solved even by a complete idiot who didn't stop to consider the consequences of their actions.

[In another world...]

"Achoo!" a bald man with a blue arrow tattoo sneezed as he sat next to his pregnant wife with dark skin.

"Bless you." The woman said as they watch the sunset, wondering what to name their child.

[Back in the Tower...]

But he also made a point to make acquaintances out of the other Regulars who would no doubt go far when they passed this floor, including two princesses of Zahard, showing that he wasn't arrogant enough to rely on his own power.

'I'm going to have some fun with this one.' Hax thought to herself, licking her lips under her mask. She would enjoy bringing this one down to his knees.

"Thank you." Edward felt a cold shiver run through his spine, but ignored it as he moved in front of the class to begin his explanation. He should probably keep his info to basics, avoiding the touchy information, such as the prize awaits for those capable of taking a Guardian's test at Floor 100.

"Shinsoo is, simply put the energy around us, and as Mr. Ro explained during his "presentation"," Some of the Regulars winced at the memory. "it can help one to accomplish many things and to attain many abilities, including the ability to produce flames from one's body and control it, using it for propulsion or simply to burn their enemies to ashes." To make a point, Edward started a continuous chain of explosions from his hand, emulating a fire.

Hax furrowed her brow as she saw Edward use his ability, recognizing that while it wasn't a Hwayeomsa skill, it was close to one.

"But it can also serve to enhance ones physical strength and endurance." At the mention of that the Regulars started paying more attention."For example, a feet tall man with let's say 1 unit, or Bang of Shinsoo could take on a 3 feet tall body-builder in arm-wrestling and win. I won't bore you with the details about Bangs." Some of the Regulars shot Edward a skeptical look, struggling to believe that a midget could take on a giant and win, while Hax smiled underneath her mask.

"But, even though Shinsoo can be a useful commodity, it can also be used for hellish things." Edward continued, his tone taking a grimmer turn. "For example, some people can use it to control parasites that completely take over the host body." he explained, remembering the green blob from the Floor 20 test. The Regulars blanched at the description of the parasite.

"But thankfully, all you need to is make the host body vomit, then pull it out the parasite and burn it." Edward contemplated whether or not to mention the dreaded Bloodmadder family curse as a rumor, but decided against talking about it in front of a Ranker. Especially a Ranker that can and probably will set up an exam where he can "disappear" for good.

"Anyway, that's a basic explanation of Shinsoo, but I hope that you can see the benefits of making a contract with the Guardians." Edward shrugged, walking back to his seat.

"Good job Eddie! If this were the Wave Controller class, you would've earned lots of points! Sadly, this is the Fisherman class, but A+ for effort." Hax gave Edward a thumbs-up, making a note to tell the director about this after the lesson is done.

She had expected the kid to be fishing for extra points, but that explanation was a pretty good one, and she could see that some of the Regulars who were clearly confused about making a contract were now excited at the prospect of getting super-human abilities.

Maybe the director and little Ro-Ro made a mistake when they assigned the guy to the Fisherman position. But she could also see that Edward knew more than what he told. He clearly knew about the Mule family, if his example of a Shinsoo-using midget was anything to go by, but that could've also been a coincidence. She hadn't expected him to know about the parasitic sludge Shinheuh that some weaker Animas with a less than stellar reputation used.

"Heh, it looks like teacher didn't give her pet any treats." Androssi sniped at Edward as he reclaimed his seat.

"Well, I suppose I'll have to settle for the extra points that "Best Seed" students get." he shot back, noticing that Androssi frowned at the retort, feeling her pride wounded at not getting the title while him and Anak did.

The corners of Anak's lips turned up at Edward's retort, glad to see one of her "aunts"(1) get frustrated.

"Laugh while you can, I'll catch up to you and that faker in no time." She cockily stated. There was no way that a genuine Princess of Zahard would be second or third-best to a common Regular and a fake princess, even if they had two of the Thirteen month series and a sentient Ignition Weapon.

Edward simply gave a lopsided grin as Hax started instructing how to make a Contract. Obviously, the two princesses didn't need to make one, thanks to their heritage(2).

"Pocket: Visible mode, On." Edward said, causing his Pocket to appear. He might as well get this done, although he already has Shinsoo, it'll be for the best that he go and pay respect to the Physical Gods in this Tower that can technically choke with a mere thought. Plus, it'll be a chance to fish for some information.

"Form Contract with the Guardian." he said, as his vision blurring to black.


'Wow, this is way creepier in first-person perspective.' Edward thought to himself as the gargantuan Guardian of the second Floor stared at him with those big grey eyes as they both floated in a black void with no obvious source of light. It's like the serpentine Guardian was staring right into his soul.

Edward cleared his throat before he spoke. "I take it that you're the Guardian of this Floor?" he asked with a nervous face, hoping that the gigantic being won't decide to crush or eat him on the spot. Even if he couldn't see the Guardian's stats, he had no delusions of being able to take on the being, especially with the amount of power that merely emanated from the being.

"I am." The Guardian nodded as it stared at the small Irregular in front of it. It was somewhat surprised by the Irregular's behavior, as most of the Regulars and a few of the Irregulars that came to It immediately demand to make a contract with It.

"Well, my name is Edward Smith, if I may ask, what is yours, as I doubt that it's merely the guardian?" Edward asked, deciding to start off with something that he doubted anyone who had come before the Guardian had asked before, it's name. And his assumption was correct as the Guardian blinked at the question, confused that a person climbing the Tower would ask any of them their names instead of their permission to use Shinsoo.

"You're an odd one, aren't you?" The Guardian gave a hearty chuckle "Very well Irregular, my name is Levia." The now-named Levia introduced itself with a short bow, to which Edward bowed back in kind.

"Well, Levia-nim, let's get down to business, if you don't mind." Edward said, catching Levia off-guard. It saw that Edward knew that he was an Irregular, so why would he be so quick to make a contract with them?

"You do realize that the contract will shackle your ability to kill Zahard?" Levia asked, wanting to see if he knew about the side-effect that the contract put on Irregulars. Sure, most of the Irregulars that had climbed this Tower didn't seem to care about slaying Zahard, and those who could potentially want to do so were a special case or sealed away.

"Yeah, about that, I want to make an...little "loophole" to it," Edward said, catching Levia once again, off-guard. "nothing that I can abuse whenever I want, just something that'll even the odds." Edward explained, sweating profusely, as he noticed the look of suspicion Levia was giving him.

"What kind of a "loophole" are you talking about?" Levia asked, deciding to hear put the Irregular's proposition. It hadn't faced a situation where a Irregular or a Regular would attempt to negotiate about the Shinsoo contract. Most merely took the deal that was offered and then excused themselves.

"Well, simply put, I won't be able to kill Zahard, unless he attacks me first. And if I were to strike at him first, I wouldn't be able to kill him." Levia contemplated the loophole that the Irregular was suggesting. It wouldn't violate the rules of the Tower, and the Irregular didn't seem to carry any hatred for Zahard, so this loophole seemed reasonable enough.

"The terms of this clause are... acceptable." Levia nodded, accepting the suggestion, and Edward released the breath he had been holding for quite some time. He had honestly been afraid that Levia would've been outraged by his suggestion. Thankfully, the Guardian had accepted it, seemingly not realizing the loophole within the loophole.

"Thank you for your time, Levia-nim, and I hope you have a good day." Edward bowed as the black void faded away in a school of white fishes.

[Inner Tower, Evankhell's mothership]

As the world faded back to normal, Edward saw that all the Regulars had apparently finished their contracts. The only ones who are still around were Androssi and Anak, and both of them were as far away from each other as possible while maintaining a glaring contest. Edward proceeded to ignore them while he read the windows that appeared in front of him.

[Shinsoo contract with [Levia] has been formed!]

[Making changes to Stats, please wait...]

Edward furrowed his brow when he spots the second window. What kind of changes would be implemented? Would his stats be cut in half until the restraints caused by the contract would be broken?

[Myun Points [MP] have been reconfigured to Mana Points[MP] and Bang Points[BP]!]

Oh, so that kind, Edward nodded in understanding as he realized what this meant. Up until this point, he had apparently been using a mixture of Shinsoo and Mana. Now this might not seem like that big of a deal, but to Edward, it was quite surprising, as that meant that Shinsoo could be combined with Magic!

Edward was broken out of his thoughts when a hand is laid on his shoulder. "Well, look who finally finished making their contract, slowpoke~." Androssi said with a teasing tone as she practically sang the last word, looking at Edward with a look of superiority.

"Yeah, well I felt like chatting with the Guardian." he shot back, intending to keep the contents of his chat to himself. Despite Androssi's apparent wild-child tendencies, Edward wasn't going to risk getting a special talk with Zahard's special forces.

Both Anak and Androssi looked at Edward owlishly, as if he had grown a second head or whatever the Tower's equivalent of that was. Edward actually regretted not having a camera to immortalize the looks on their faces, since as far as he remembered, neither of them would make such a face ever again.

"What?" They both asked, wanting to make sure that they had heard Edward properly, because it sounded like he said that he made small talk with one of the beings that were the closest thing to a god. Admittedly, a low-level god, but a god none the less.

"As I said, I talked with the Guardian, since I was interested in what he or it knew." Edward clarified, his thoughts momentarily straying to whether or not Guardians even had a gender, since they haven't exactly been mentioned to reproduce. Or really even shown, aside from Headon and Levia.

"You know what, it's probably better if I don't ask." Androssi sighed, deciding to just accept that Edward would be insane enough to actually talk with a Guardian beyond making a contract. There had been cases where Regulars were stuck in a coma after taking too long making a contract with a Guardian, so it became standard procedure to just ask for their permission as soon as you got there, and leave.

"Yeah, probably the best idea." Edward nods. "So, did teach say anything?" he asksed, noticing the absence of said teacher.

"She told us to keep an eye on you." Anak answered, walking towards the door, now that she knew that Edward was awake. Since he was the only one who Black March even talked to, she would need to keep him around to negotiate with the Ignition weapon.

"Yeah, and she said that the schedules have been uploaded to our Pockets. See ya." Androssi waved, leaving as well now that she was sure that she would have a chance to show that she wasn't a third rate Fisherman. She didn't want to earn her place by some freak accident, at least not one that she didn't have a hand in causing.

Edward nods, deciding to head to his own room as well, but unlike the other two, he had some skills to craft.

All he could hope for was that [Gamer's body] and [Gamer's mind] nulled any side-effects of sleep deprivation. Otherwise, tomorrow would be a bitch to deal with.


AN: That's all folks! I hope you liked the chapter. Now, some of you might be a bit confused/angry as to why I have decided to split Shinsoo and Mana, well, that's because they are two different things. Mana is magic, and Tower of God has shown that Magic and Shinsoo are two different things, just look at Hoaqin/White.

And yes, I had Edward negotiate with the second Floor Guardian, and some of you might be saying that Levia accepted the deal way too easily. Well, all I have to say is, what makes you think that Levia didn't tell Edward something about their little deal?

Also, for those of you who have read the announcement about the rewrite of my GX story, the votes are in! So, I'm going with a S-I, and a original archetype, which I've been designing for a while now. And all I'm going to reveal to you fine folks is that I'll be putting some Fusion Dimension characters introduced in Arc-V, as the fusion dimension is GX without Yugi and Jaden.

Numbered explanations:

1: Technically speaking, all Princesses of Zahard are "sisters" as they're Zahards adopted daughters, and his power/blood is running through their veins.

2: The 10 Great Families have "family" contract with the guardians, so anyone who's born into them, automatically gets access to Shinsoo.

Current Stats for Edward.

Edward Smith LV: 19

Exp: 350/1900

HP: 450
Mana/MP: 110
BP: 148

STR: 29{+210}
INT: 29
VIT: 24{+160}
WIS: 30
DEX: 20
AGI: 16{+30}

Points: 39

High Shinsoo Resistance LV1: the ability to resist Shinsoo.{-62.3% from MP attacks. Ignore AGI Debuffs in areas with High or lower lower amounts of Shinsoo.}

Guest reviews answered:

Overlord Susanoo(13.5.2016): Yeah, Androssi is a bit mean, but she'll mellow out...eventually. And no, Edward won't be stealing Deidara's catchphrase, but he might/probably will use it in the future. And I'm honestly not sure about Hachi and Bolt, but I think I can come up with something.

Guest(9.5.2016): Thanks, I hope you'll like this chapter as well!

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This Borrowed power usually manifests in one of two distinct ways:

Weapon Reinforcement, which simply increases the capabilities of your weapon.

and Summoning, which causes the Charyeok as a distinct entity or object which the user can control. These entities/objects can also be 'equipped' to the user, altering their appearance and increasing their natural skills. These Charyeok may be invisible to all but the user, unless they choose to reveal it.
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