Tower of Dreams Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Princesses and Direct Descendants.....


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"Huh? The number of winners from the First Test.... is only 3?".

The Submerged Fish's eyes widened when he heard Quant's words. The idea that only the bare minimum of Regulars that passed the First Test was baffling. That only 3 people managed to kill every other Regular within the 30 minute time limit was almost unheard of.

"How did you give the Test?! Was it some sort of endless death match or something?"

His redheaded subordinate scratched the back of his head lightly, a wry smile on his face.

"You know me.... I don't like boring stuff.... so I just did a 30 minute survival match for fun.... I didn't think only 3 people would pass".

Yu Han Sung sighed and put down his instant coffee.

"So you're saying, that out of the 200 Regulars from the 3rd Area, only 3 of them managed to survive at the end of the 30 minutes.... is that what you're saying Quant?".

The Ranker nodded frantically.

"Y-Yes! I know that it might sound crazy, but that's the truth!".

There was a tension filled silence in the room of the Door Test and Quant managed to withhold a gulp as he felt his Supervisor's gaze, locked onto his face. Although he didn't feel threatened by the stare, it was a very well known fact that Yu Han Sung could be a little more sadistic than he, or anyone would care to admit.

After all, he didn't want to get stuck on janitor duty for the next 50 years, did he?

"Then who are the 3? Are they the Princesses of Zahard? Or maybe an Irregular? Or a direct descendant of the 10 Families?".

His tone was both wary and curious at the same time.

It wasn't every day you met a Zahard Princess, or a direct member of the 10 Families. To Yu Han Sung, who had meet not one, but two Irregulars in the same Test, although he didn't think there would be another one, he couldn't rule out the possibility.

Quant gave his Boss a sheepish expression and pressed his index fingers together innocently.

"Um.... it's all three?".

"..... what?".

Yu Han Sung blinked. The blonde chuckled a little bit and gave the redhead a smile.

"I must've heard wrong... but did you just say that their is an Irregular, Zahard Princess and a direct descendant of the 10 Families down there?".

Quant nodded once more.

"....WHAT! Why didn't you inform me! And what's worse, why did you carry on with the Test with those monsters involved! Are you crazy!".

".... I forgot to check the-".

A twitch mark formed on the blonde Ranker's head.

"You forgot to check the information on the combatants! Are you retarded or something!? This isn't a small mistake or anything!? This is really serious!".

The sound of a palm smacking a palm echoed throughout the room and a deep sigh could be heard from Yu Han Sung.

"Holy-... What can we do now... How can this happen while Mrs Evankhell's away... If the Administrator finds out... no.... he might already know....".

A shiver was sent down Quant's spine the moment the Ruler of the Second Floor was mentioned. Despite being from the Blitz Family, he could say with absolute certainty that Evankhell's control over fire was better than some of his Family's Elders.

She was a monster in human skin.

"If Mrs Evankhell finds out about this- you and I will be fired!".

The instant coffee addict made a cutthroat expression and Quant instantly went from fearful to timid and he kneeled at his Supervisor's feet, a begging expression, not dissimilar to a dog kneeling at his master, was set on the Ranker's face.

Yet behind Yu Han Sung's worried face, a mischievous smile couldn't help but tug at the corner of his mouth, making his expression look more evil than anxious.

.... I wonder what he'll do. If he has the potential, I don't see FUG turning down an Irregular and from what I can see his abilities are quite fitting for an Irregular, but....

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

.... He might not be the "God" that we are looking for... especially since the "their" son has entered the Tower....




"Hey.... what do you think the next Test will be about?".

Changsoo, Hwa Ryun and I were all sitting down in the massive hall all the Regulars were seen in, before the Crown Game. I picked the furthest corner away from everybody else and was practicing my Shinsoo Control while having a conversation with the other two.

"I don't know.... but for some reason, I don't think it'll be an easy one....".

In the palm of my hand was a single Baang, a green tornado, a size larger than a fist, but smaller than a cantaloupe rotated idly, at speeds faster than 60 miles per hour. Anyone would be amazed that a Regular on the Second Floor could create such a stable Baang, and it wouldn't be so far as to call that person a genius, no matter their age.

But if someone was watching closely, they would be able to see a tiny floating ball of light orbiting the green tornado, no bigger than an infants toes, being dyed a pale green as it circled the larger Baang.

.... Trying to create a second Baang is harder than it looks. I've got to make sure that the new Baang doesn't destabilize, while also keeping the original one from interfering with the new one....

I could feel a bead of sweat form on my forehead.

This is what I was focusing on while waiting for a time to practice Body Enhancement.

I reasoned that after the Make-Up-Test that Lero Ro gave me, all the other Regulars found out about my talent in controlling Shinsoo and were formulating plans to counter me and my single Baang. Changsoo and Hwa Ryun told me that both my Shinsoo Quality and Shape had been revealed, and my "weaknesses" had been brought to light by the other teams.

So until I found a way to counter my physical deficiency and fix my ego, I needed a trump card that I could play in the upcoming Crown Game.

Hence the second Baang.

"Will you be ready by the next Test Bell? Having a hidden ace in the hole is fine, but if you're unable to function to your fullest, you won't be much help".

When I heard the redhead's words, I let out a deep sigh and dropped the Baang in my hands, letting the winds unravel, releasing a cool breeze out into the waiting hall.

"I should be fine. It's just that making a second Baang is more difficult than I thought. Even if the Baang I'm trying to create matches with my Shinsoo Quality, it's definitely harder than making my first one".

I unscrew one of the bottles the Test robots gave me and take a sip from it. The sudden influx of coldness making my overheating body relax slightly, and I lie down on the massive seats, pressing the cold bottle against my face.

I wasn't scared of dying or anything in the Crown Game, but the thought of going up against Androssi or Akryung unnerved me slightly.

Both Regulars were undoubtedly stronger than me and the only thing I had going over them was my superior Shinsoo Control and Shinsoo Resistance.

If it was a one-on-one fight, no holds barred, I would lose. One punch from either of them would best case knock me out, and worst case kill me out right.

"....*sigh*. If the next Test is anything like the previous one, we probably shouldn't have anything to worry about. But if it's a Test that involves combat, I think we should organize ourselves so that we don't get picked off by the other teams".

My words drew nods from Changsoo and Hwa Ryun.

"We should have one front line Fisherman constantly attacking the enemy while the other defends the area around Bell. If Bell can watch our offensive Fisherman's back from afar, we should have no problem in at least surviving the Test".

I rubbed my chin and subconsciously nodded. It was reasonably, even by Changsoo's standards but I turned to the staff wielder who looked as though she had something to say.

"I disagree".

Her words drew a look of anger from the swordsman, but he refrained but crossed his arms and tilted his head back, waiting expectantly for her suggestion.

I could imagine Hwa Ryun rolling her eyes at the man and she just crossed her legs and used hands gestures to complement her words.

"You're words do make sense and is probably the most logical setup for our team, in the event we are fighting other Regulars".

She sent a glance towards Leesoo, Laure and Baam's group.

"All three of their teams are strong, physically and mentally. In the lizard's group, she herself possesses the most strength here, and her swordsman teammate isn't bad either. That one in the tracksuit has a good head on his shoulders and isn't stupid, so he'll be expecting that".

Changsoo nodded, albeit a little unwillingly.

"The other one, the sleepy one? He's a member of the 10 Families, the Eurasia, a Family known for their ability to manipulate Shinsoo. He might be hiding his abilities so we have to be on guard around him. The other two aren't as big of a concern, but we can't ever be too careful. We might get "lucky" and land a hit on one of us".

Hwa Ryun took a deep breath before pointing towards Baam and Rak, the former engaging in a conversation with Ship Leesoo.

"Their group is almost as dangerous as the first. That crocodile has the strength, speed and endurance fitting of someone his size. I also heard he wants to be a Fisherman so he'll fight in close quarters. The blue one, the Koon Family descendant, also has some tricks up his sleeve. His family isn't known for their cunning for no reason after all".

She looked finished, and sat back down normally.

"But what about the last one. The skinny looking guy?".

I internally smirked and nodded as well. I definitely wanted to hear what she had to say about FUG's next Slayer Candidate.

Hwa Ryun placed her index finger on the the part of her mask that covered her face and hummed.

"Hmm.... I don't think he'll be a problem in a fight. His physique isn't bad, but he hasn't received training of any sort from the stance he used in the Make-Up-Test, and he hasn't shown any talent in manipulating Shinsoo yet, but....".

Our entire team's eyes turned to that side of the room, and saw that Koon had returned from the bathroom. Our gazes locked onto the innocent looking brown haired boy.

"I wouldn't count him out of the fight just yet....".

Changsoo's eyes narrowed a little bit, and he nodded slightly at our teammates words. I didn't show any outward change in expression, but looked at Hwa Ryun who was looking back at me intently.

.... If she knows that Baam is the son of Arlen Grace and V and he reason for helping Rachel is so that FUG can get their hands on him, she must think I'm quite the problem child since there is another Irregular in the Testing Area.....

Our gazes are locked for a while until a loud but familiar voice enters our ears.

"Did you have enough rest? Regulars?".

The pikachu Ranker came walking into the large waiting hall, his mouth in the shape of a smile and his eyes closed as a result.

"I came here with good news! I talked with the Top Supervisor before I came here- And he told us to give you a Bonus Game!".

Leesoo stood up and shook his head and waved off the Ranker's words.

"Sorry but- It's not good for us to have more Tests. I don't think we'll participate...".

Lero Ro shrugged his shoulders and tapped the floor twice with his foot.

"I'm sorry to hear that. However the Bonus Game has nothing to do with the Tests. It is completely up to each team to choose whether they want to play the Bonus Game. And you and your team chooses not to participate, there is no penalty given. It is entirely up to you, but-".

He opened his eyes and smirked.

"The winner of the Bonus Game- is allowed to ascend directly to the Third Floor, bypassing all remaining Tests we have for you....".

A wave of murmuring was sent throughout the waiting room. I could see anybody that was anybody on the Second Floor widen their eyes slightly and send small signals to their teammates, already discussing whether or not they should participate".

Koon spoke up first.

"The right to go to the next Floor?! This isn't a joke right?!".

The blonde nodded.

"Yep. I've conferred with Yu Han Sung as well as the Administrator and they've both given the clear on the reward for the Bonus Game. The only thing remaining is whether or not you'll play this Bonus Game of ours.... I'll give you guys five minutes to decide. After that, if you haven't made you decision, I'll take is as a "no" and you will lose the chance to head to the next Floor".

His words sent more and more whispering throughout the Regulars. It was a very tempting offer for most, and even more tempting to the strong, who knew they had a clear chance to reach the next Floor.

".... I don't think we need to give this a second thought right? We're all thinking it".

I drew the attention of my sword and staff wielding teammate, the former smiled in return and the latter nodded.

"Oh? Mr Invidia has decided he wants to participate?".

Lero Ro vanished from his spot in the center of the room and appeared in front of me, the look on his face reminding me of a certain silver haired Shinigami Captain.

"Yes we have. The Bonus Game rewards are too good to pass up".

The Ranker nodded and gestured for our team to follow the other Ranker behind him to a waiting room. Our escort was silent the entire trip to our waiting room, despite Changsoo's constant probes.

"I don't suppose you can tell us what the Test is?....".

"Does it involve fighting?....".

"Are we going to be going outside or will it be indoors?....".

".... Do you have a boy-".

He was cut off when the Ranker narrowed her eyes and sent a fierce glare over to the swordsman, causing him to take several steps back, standing behind Hwa Ryun, who also had a derisive look on her face.

"You might want to work on your pickup lines Chang-".

My sentence was cut short and I instinctively created a wind lance in my hand, and held it while facing forward.

My expression instantly changing from one of amusement, to a battle ready one.

"Haha! So the Regulars from the other Testing Grounds aren't that weak! Androssi, in the Bonus Test, I want to fight that one!".

The hairs on my next raise and my eyes widen when I see the three figures in front of me, all of them wearing cloaks, with only two of them with their heads uncovered.

"Maybe... but I don't really want to fight a Wave Controller. Shinsoo isn't my strongest point, ya know?".

I subconsciously gulp when I look at the group of three in front of me. My brain in overdrive right now.

Two beautiful young women, one short, the other tall, stood roughly twenty meters in front of me. Both looking at me and my Wind Lance with an eager expression.

The tall girl, the one that I was definitely familiar with, had a tiny grin on her face which somehow amplified her beauty. Unblemished skin, full figure and small red and yellow racial marks in the corner of her eyes made the girl give off an exotic feel. Her small horn not doing anything to decrease that.

The second girl, the one that I was stumped on, was probably only slightly taller than myself and had a full blown smile on her face, which allowed me to see her pearly white teeth and beautiful red lips.

She had a petite figure and smooth, straight white hair that fell down her back like like a sheet of ice. Her skin, pale and just as perfect as the other girl, but seemingly glowed under the lack of light in this particular corridor.

Her face was childish, but her ice white pupils made for a perfect contrast between her icy look and her playful expression. The girl's cheeks slightly red, as she laughed at her teammates remark.

"I don't care Androssi~. But anyway-".

The white girl sprinted ahead of her group and passed the Ranker before standing in front of me with her hand extended. I could feel my face heating up a little even though I tried to subdue my blush.

"The name's Astraea! Arie Astraea! And I've decided that I will fight you!".
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