Tower of Dreams Chapter 7: Chapter 7 Gods and Kings.....


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The image of a small boy comes to my mind. His face lowered and covered by his long bangs, but the trickling of tears could be seen every so often.

The random passerby's give pitiful glances to the young child, yet no-one stops for him.

"*sniff*. *sniff*. Why does it hurt so much?! Why me?!".

His words go ignored and his cries unanswered.

"Why is everything so unfair!? Why has God done this to me!?".

A small crucifix could be seen in the child's fist. His hand clenched so tightly that his skin appears whiter, and paler than it normally does.

He looks up at the sky, questioning his fate, his tears visible to everyone and pulls at the heartstrings of many.

".... why father? Why did you leave me?".

The boy's words have a hypnotizing effect on his audience. There are more than a few that forget his cries and pleas and film the "spectacle" in front of them.

".... is it because I'm a demon? Is that why God has abandoned me?".

The boy pulls out a photo and looks at the faces of all the smiling kids. His memories at the orphanage, are some of the best he's ever had.... and the worst.

..... Luke, George, Louise, Holly, Sam, Samantha, Flay.....

His sad expression changes to that of a sombre one, but the instant he turns the photo over, his face contorts into one of rage and anger.

"Why did you give me this name!? The name of a demon!".

He rips up the photo without a single sign of hesitation. The fallen pieces landing in the puddle in front of him, but some how coming back together to form the completed list of names on the back.

..... Luke, George, Louise, Holly, Sam, Samantha, Flay... Beelzebub... Amber, Lucas, Thomas, Finn....

It was a cruel trick of fate. All the names had joined together to make a complete sentence, yet the boy's name was the only one left floating.

Completely isolated.

He was about to kick the puddle, but was interrupted when a pair of feet entered his view, causing the young boy to stiffen.

"I'm not going back. There's nothing left for me there".

"Who says that I'm going to take you back?".

The young boy looks up, his face impassive at the beautiful woman in front of him. His tears slowly mixing with the rain that had started to drop.

".... you're an adult. It's your responsibility to abide by the law. In exchange you'll be protected by it".

The beautiful woman gave a thoughtful expression and placed her index finger on the corner of her mouth.

"Maybe. Maybe not. In the end, it's what laws you chose to follow and to not. I certainly don't follow all the rules".

The boy tried to stifle a chuckle, but failed and moved his gaze away from the woman.

"I see you haven't lost all sense of humor left.... may I know your name, little boy?".

"Aren't you not supposed to give your name to strangers? Isn't that like the first thing every child is taught?".

The woman gave her own melodic laughter before extending her hand towards the young boy, her dainty fingers in a loose grip so not to appear more threatening.

He looked at the hand carefully before feeling his stomach growl and his face redden slightly.

".... It's Bell. It's not my real name, but it's what I like to be called....".

Taking the hand with his own, the beautiful woman smiled happily at the amount of caution and trust he was showing.

"My name's Arty. It's very nice to meet you Bell!".




.... Damn, why did I have to go and remember that now of all times....

I wiped my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt, trying to hide my wet eyes and my leaky nose.

"Hey, Bell..... Bell! Are you alright? You kinda spaced out a little there....".

Tilting my head back a little I see Changsoo waving his hand in front of me and I give him a nod which he returns with his own.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about the next Test. I was wondering what it might be".

The dual swordsman gives me a look of understanding and was about to say something before Hwa Ryun spoke up.

"You surprised me there Bell. When you said your talents lie in Wave Controlling I thought you'd be relying on your wand to help you. Didn't think you'd be able to use Shinsoo already".

Her tone was rather flat and disappointed. It made me feel a little guilty, but I remembered her true identity and I stared back at her with my own resolute gaze.

"And why didn't you stand up for me when the Ranker made me compete in that Make-Up-Test? Koon stood up for Baam and they hardly even know each other. Makes me wonder if your here as our teammate or not".

Ever since I won the Make-Up-Test, I had been getting strange and evaluating looks from the other Regulars, and Yung Changsoo's arrogant personality was toned down a bit, and he was a little more cordial when talking to Hwa Ryun or myself.

I figured it was because the man respected strength more so than anything else.

And since I was the number one danger to all the other Regulars right now, I was "stronger" than everyone else.

At least until Anak and Androssi get here. Hell, most of the Regulars here have physical abilities better than my own.

.... Which is why I need to learn Body Reinforcement as soon as possible....

"Next team please!".

Our thoughts were interrupted as the blonde, headphone wearing Test Administrator called out our group as the massive doors to the "Door" Test opened up and the three of us walked inside.

I gave Hwa Ryun one last glare before walking through the doors, followed by Changsoo, then by the redhead.

Inside, was a completely black room, with the sole exception of the 12 red doors and the androgynous man sitting in front of them.

"Nice to meet you, Regulars. My name is Yu Han Sung, your next Test Administrator".

The gave us all a nod and a polite smile, before taking a single sip of instant coffee and placing the cup back on the table.

"Usually I am just a Test Supervisor on Evankhell's Floor, but this time I will be in charge of this Test. This time, just the previous two Tests, it is relatively simple. Do each of you see the doors behind me?".

We nod.

"Within 10 minutes- find the real door and open it. Here are 12 Doors in total. Among them, find the "real" door that will take you to the next Test. If you find the "real" door and open it- you will pass this Test. However, if you don't find the door in 10 minutes and give up, you'll fail. And if you open the wrong door within 10 minutes, you will all-


His words sent a shiver down my spine.

Changsoo wasn't any better, but Hwa Ryun remained unperturbed.

.... I wonder if she's already informed FUG about me....

The look in Yu Han Sung's eyes told me everything I needed to know.

"Hwa Ryun, you pick the door".

My words raised an eyebrow from everybody in the room, and Changsoo looked at me as if I was crazy.

"Bell! You can't trust this woman! Why are you letting her choose the Door! If she chooses wrong then we'll all-".

"It's fine Mr Changsoo. Miss Ryun guided the two of us to find you during the Second Test. I'll leave it up to her discretion during this Test as well".

I looked straight at Yu Han Sung while ignoring Changsoo's words and the strange look Hwa Ryun was giving me and waited for the FUG Guide to choose a Door.

Since no matter what Door we choose we will inevitably pass, I took this moment to sit down in front of Yu Han Sung, crossing my legs at the foot of this tiny table.

"Hmm? Is there something you need Mr Invidia? Perhaps you need another re-run over the rules?".

I shook my head and gestured to the spare cup in front of the Test Administrator. The blonde haired man raised an eyebrow, but gave a simple nod and I took the cup and started preparing my own instant coffee.

"Can't say I've met many who share my affinity for coffee. What do you like about it, Mr Invidia?".

"To be honest, I like how bitter it is. Don't know why, but its always been my preferred hot drink".

Stirring the the coffee powder with the empty bag, I could hear Changsoo shouting at Hwa Ryun, who was just standing in her original position, turning her head every so often as to look at a specific Door.

Rolling my eyes internally at the beautiful redhead, my attention is directed back at Yu Han Sung when he passes a small piece of paper over to me.

"What's this?".

I look down at the piece of paper and cover it with one of my hands so that neither Yung Changsoo nor Hwa Ryun could see it.

Taking the piece of paper and unfolding it, my eyes scanned quickly over the written words and although there was no visible change in my expression, internally I was a little shaken.

.... "I know what you really are. "We" know what you really are". Is that right?....

"So? What am I?".

The Test Supervisor took a long sip of his instant coffee and breathed a sigh of satisfaction before placing his cup down and staring me in the eyes.

To say that I wasn't even the slightest bit scared would be foolish of me. Here I was, sitting in front of one of the most accomplished Rankers in the Tower, forcibly demanding answers while only a Regular.

I learnt my lesson from Headon. And I didn't intend on making that mistake again.

"You're not a Regular. Does that answer your question?".

I shrug my shoulders in response.

"Is "we" the organization you're apart of.... FUG? Was it?".

If the one eyed stare that Yu Han Sung was giving me anything to say about it, I knew I was dead on the mark.

Not that I didn't doubt my knowledge anyway.

"I see you know about us. May I know how you came about this information?".

I smirked and shrugged my shoulders again.

"I can't tell you. Purely because "you" can't reach this place. In fact, anyone who enters the Tower can't reach it".

The Ranker furrowed his brows for a moment before widening his eyes slightly and nodding.

.... Good. I thought he wouldn't understand what I was saying for a second. That makes things easier....

It was my plan to use "my world" as an excuse for where all my information came from. So long as I blamed the outside world, no-one, not even Zahard himself could find out the truth. It was the single thing I could count on in this world.

The fact that no-one could leave the Tower once they entered.

.... Although I have no idea how Baam "left" the Tower after he was given to the "God outside the Tower", that was due to an external force. As far as I am aware, nothing inside the Tower can leave of their own volition..... even I don't know how I left and came back.....

That was something that puzzled me.

How is it, that after I completed the First Floor Test I returned back to "my world"? How did I get back to the Second Floor after being knocked out by that scarred man? Why? How? For what reason?

I had to many questions and not enough answers.... but for now.... I didn't need to worry about them. The only thing I needed to focus on, was not dying.

A interrupting cough snapped me out of my stupor and I noticed Yu Han Sung gesturing upwards with his eyes towards the clock.

"You have thirty seconds Mr Invidia. And your teammate has yet to choose a Door".

I blink a couple times and sigh. My attention turning towards Hwa Ryun who hadn't moved from her starting position and was drawing the ire of Yung Changsoo.

"Damn woman! Just pick one already! If not, we'll fucking fail!".

The two of them had already drawing their weapons but were yet to attack each other, obviously scared of what might happen if they do so in front of the Test Supervisor.

"Guys, c'mon. If you can't play nice-".

I created a single Baang above my head, and a strong green gust of wind, in the shape of a lance was formed above my head. It was probably less than a meter in length, but the piercing power of the wind was not to be underestimated.

"-then don't bother playing at all".

Despite my voice sounding immature, it was in a tone that demanded respect.

And it worked too, if they two of them dropping their offensive posturing was anything to go by.

"Anyway, I think we'll be continuing this chat latter, Mr Yu Han Sung. Can I trust in your discretion for now?".

The instant coffee addict nodded and took one more sip of his favorite drink. I turned my attention to my two teammates and pointed at the closest Door.

"Let's go through that one. If I'm wrong, I'll take responsibility".

This seemed to placate the two and they stood behind me with fated breath, watching intently as I pushed open the extremely large Door.


"Congratulations! You passed the Test! I won't go into details seeing as you already knew the contents of the Test, but you have passed nonetheless! Regulars Yung Changsoo, Hwa Ryun and Beelzebub Invidia, you all have passed!".

I couldn't help but reveal a smile when I felt Changsoo swing his arm around my shoulder and thank me profusely as well as the slight nod the beautiful redhead gave me.

It felt nice. To be valued.

"Nice going Bell! I knew you should've picked from the start instead of her, if she chose wrongly, then we might've all died!".

A subconsciously nodded at the swordsman's words, knowing full well that Hwa Ryun wouldn't take it the wrong way.

It was times like these that having a teammate that could see the future was handy.

"... Oh! One more thing before you leave!".

The three of us turned and faced the Ranker who has covering his mouth with the fabric of his sleeve. His expression happy and smiling.

"Whatever you do decide Mr Invidia.... I just want to let you know, that absolute power corrupts absolutely.... and what is more powerful than a King?".

There was a slight hitch in my step and I smirked, but didn't turn around. I could feel my companions stares on my back, slightly eager at my response.

I took a deep breath and stepped through the Door.

".... A God".
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