Tom's love Chapter 1: Just the beginning


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"Let's start a new chapter and make new potions together students. A new day can be a very good beginning to do something new. Agree students? "

"yes professor Slughorn "

The classroom sounds heavy with the voices of the students. The students are going to start a new chapter when a singular unique voice comes in :
"Sorry for being late professor. I'm extremely sorry. A first year student had lost his way and I was the one to help him. I'm begging pardon again professor.

Professor Slughorn : No Tom you don't need to say sorry. It's the headboy's duty and you've followed it well, I'm proud to see you as a responsible headboy. Now go and take your seat my boy.
Students take a look at Tom. Boys of the class feel jealous of him for seeing him as a responsible headboy. Some of them want to replace him and want to take his place. Girls are always astonished by Tom's handsome face. Most of them want to be his girlfriend. His(Tom's) dark brown hair his dark chocolaty eyes and the smirk of his face becomes the attraction of many girls in Hogwarts.
But all girls are not like that. One girl is different from others. Not only by her looks, she is different by her nature too. One can think that she may be an ugly girl. But that's not true for her. Her brown hair, her bright skin, her beautiful face with dazzling eyes attract so many guys. But she is not attracted neither in Tom nor in other men. Her name Carolina matches with her as her voice comes in a musical tune.

Tom: no place is there professor

Professor Slughorn : you can go and sits beside Miss Carolina Lovegood.

Tom" okay professor.

Tom goes and sits beside Carolina with a mere hate in his heart. Being a student of Slytherin house, he hate Gryffindors and Carolina belongs to that house. Sitting beside a Gryffindor girl for Tom is not accepted. He doesn't have any other choice, so he has to sit there. So Tom gives Carolina an angry look, she understands that but doesn't make any response. She just ignored him simply. This ignorance of hers make Tom angry again and plans to teach her a lesson.

To the readers
if you like my story please let me know this in comments .What lesson Tom will teach? What will happen to Carolina? if you want to know, then please wait for my next chapter.
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