TODAG fanfiction Chapter 14: CHAPTER 13 : ROMANTIC OR WEIRD??


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'Now that father mentioned the test for placement in alchemist association, I should now spread the uses of purple mist grass. I guess about 60 or 65 uses of it should be fine. Telling them all its uses I have found till now is impossible since they wouldn't even understand the things that I will say. I thought they would find some uses of purple mist grass after I corrected lots of information in the library but looks like they are overlooking it. Well all I can say is that its their loss. Now, time to rob-.... I mean collect the purple mist grass.'
'It will take about 3 days maximum to collect all the purple mist grass from glory city. I should do it in separate identity. I should go and tell Shen Hei about it. I will go take the placement test for intermediate master day after tomorrow. Talking about the test, the girl I met that primary master test day was Yang Xin. What a fateful encounter..... I would like to say that but she is a complete alchemy nerd. In manhwa she was such a beautiful and sexy lady and had such mature personality but right now..... urgh, I know she is still young but what can I say. Everytime I meet her, I would be bombarded with ten thousand different questions about alchemy. How in the world does she even find that many of a questions.'
Glory City Orphanage....
There were two girls in a room. One was a young girl with pink hair and oval face and another was she was beautiful..... I can't even describe her. Anyway, she was Yang Xin.
??? : What happened to my dear friend? You always seem to day dream nowadays. Has my nerdy friend finally found a lover? Your big sis is so happy.
Yang Xin : *blush* stop it, Suyin and I am not nerdy.
Suyin : *grins*hmmmm... so, who is it?
Yang Xin : *blush* What do you mean?
Suyin : *giggles* Oh well, if you don't wanna say, I won't ask but it's not good to space out like that you know.
Yang Xin : say suyin. Am I really nerdy?
Suyin : Is my friend getting worried? You are so beautiful, so what's wrong being a little bit.
Yang Xin : So, you mean I really am. When I meet him it's always me asking the question and the only thing that comes into me is about the alchemy. I mean he can also ask me things you know.
Suyin : I bet he does not even get the chance to.
Yang Xin : hmph, what do you mean by that?
Suyin : Whenever the topic is about alchemy, you get too serious. Take a change of pace like you can ask him what he likes or not, or what does he think about you?
Yang Xin : How can I ask him about that, its too direct.
Suyin : Since both of you are alchemist, why don't you ask which herb would suit you most? That may also reveal his feelings for you?
Yang Xin : *nods* ok.
Alchemist Association.....
Yang Xin : Congratulation, you are now intermediate alchemy master.
Shen Fei : You sound like that receptionist. So, when will you take primary master test? You are already more than enough prepared.
Yang Xin : Soon.
Shen Fei : You should or else you will lose the sight of me.
Yang Xin : NEVER!!!!
Shen Fei : Oh...
Yang Xin : *blush*.... Right! What do you like? I mean food.
Shen Fei : Huh?? Are you alright?
Yang Xin : *Tilts her head* I am. Why?
Shen Fei : No its nothing. I like fried rice and fried eggs.
Yang Xin : But that's so normal.
Shen Fei : I like what I like so what if it's normal. What about yours?
Yang Xin : I like dumplings.
Shen Fei : I see.... 'What happened to her today? She is acting weird.' Did anything happen?
Yang Xin : No, nothing happened. By the way, Shen Fei which herb do you think will suit me most?
Shen Fei : Purple Mist Grass. By the way-
Yang Xin : *mutters* purple mist grass.... SO YOU THINK ME SO CHEAP AND EVERYWHERE FOUND *crying* just because you are.... *turns around and runs away*
Shen Fei : ...but when did I say che.....ap. I just stepped on landmine didn't I.
'Wait... wait..... What just happened? Summary right now is, she suddenly asked which herb she is like and I honestly said Purple mist grass. Arrrggghhhh... why did I say that? She is so undervalued but she is a genius, when recognized every masters would like to have her as a disciple just like purple mist grass. But problem is the only one who recognize it's value is me. Damn my reflex actions. Let's take a deep breathe it's fine, it's fine I have already submitted that paper of uses of purple mist grass. Lets hope she will get my meaning.'
'But why would she even ask me that? Did she fall in love with me? Shut up my virgin brain. That's just not possible. I am not like a prince in a white armour, I have not triggered any cliche events and moreover I am a nine years old BABY!!! The only thing I ever did was help her when she was in problems or when some people were getting annoying and listen to her questions and ideas and answer to it. She also had bright ideas so they were refreshing to hear it. But right now, lets just hope she will get my meaning. But what if she doesn't.... damn it, I thought I had already lost this feeling.'
In a room of Glory city orphanage, there was a girl crying on her bed covered by her blanket.
Yang Xin : 'Why... why am I like purple mist grass? Am I that cheap? Because he is from a rich family, he can say that. why...'
Suyin : You have covered yourself in blanket from the time you came from association. Why don't you come out now?
Yang Xin : Leave me alone, Suyin.
Suyin : I would if I could but the thing is I CAN'T. Now come out of there and tell me what happened, big sis will listen to you.
Yang Xin : *pokes her head out of the blanket* but.... but he told purple mist grass.
Suyin : Come out and tell me properly.
Yang Xin : *nods*
After recounting all the events to Suyin,
Suyin : *grits her teeth* How dare him. Maybe he was trying to tell that you are like purple colour of the grass. You know it signifies divinity and immortality. Maybe he was saying you are like goddess.
Yang Xin : He could have said other purple herbs like purple heart rose or others. Besides, it wasn't about colours, it was about herbs.
Suyin : Is he so important?
Yang Xin : When I joined the association for first time, nobody approached me just because I was a kid, nobody listened to me, even now they only approach because of my beauty and nobody listens to me. Only he was there to hear me, everytime I asked him he would answer, everytime I would say new ideas, never outrightly declined it, When I felt-
Suyin : *hugs her and caress her hair* That's alright, you don't have to say anymore. And I am pretty sure, you misunderstood him.
The next day....
Yang Xin was laying down on her bed. Today, she did not even feel to stand up. She had not even eaten her breakfast neither her lunch. It was already starting to get evening. Suddenly the door opened with bang.
Suyin : Xin, hear me out.
Yang Xin : Ahh!! Suyin, don't startle me like that.
Suyin : *excitedly* Seriously, hear me out. The price of purple mist grass has suddenly skyrocketed. Morning, it had increased to 30 demon spirit coins per pound but by afternoon it was already 100 demon spirit coin.
Yang Xin : But how? Why is it purple mist grass?
Suyin : The association has confirmed that they were good for skin. If you bath in it, you will look few years younger and if you grind it and use it on your hair, it will be silky....
But Yang Xin was no more listening to her. She was drowned in her own thoughts.
*flash back*
"What?? You have such great ideas, are they fools for not even trying it. Don't worry, I will tell them right now."
"No, it's okay. It's my dream, one day I will prove them my observations are not child's mistake and make them hear me."
"Well, it's a good dream. You are like gem in sand. Such bright ideas and correct observations just not refined and accepted. Anyway, till you fulfill your dreams I will always be here to hear you."
Suyin : Xin, Yang Xin, are you even listening to me? Xin, why are you crying?
Yang Xin : Huh?? *touches her cheek* tears? *wipes it off* Suyin, Suyin I know now he didn't mean that I was cheap or anything. He just wanted to-
Suyin : Shh... keep it to your heart. And shouldn't you have to apologise him.
Yang Xin : *nods* I will go right now. Where are my hair pins? *After fixing her dress* Alright, I am off.
Suyin : Wait.... is he even there? Hmph, who is it that stole my Xin 'er heart? I have to investigate.
Our MC was walking in alchemist association hallway.
'Why am I here? *sigh* Right now I can't even calm my heart beat. My ability does not work when I am not calm and I did not take any measures against this feeling. I thought I would never be able to feel it. So I did not even cared but *sigh*'
Suddenly someone crashed in him.
Shen Fei : Oi didn't anyone tell not to run... in hallway? Yang Xin??
Yang Xin had hold Shen Fei down. Tears were dripping down from her eyes. It was a weird sight.
Yang Xin : I am sorry. I should not have yelled at you. I am sorry.
Shen Fei : It's okay. It was my fault saying that then but I have no intention to deny it. Even then you were purple mist grass, even now you are purple mist grass.
Yang Xin : Thank you.
Shen Fei : Then can you get off me, we are still in the hallway.
Yang Xin : *blush* I.... I.....
Shen Fei : Come, let's go away from here.
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