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'It's been a year from that incident. Mother is lively with aunt Shiyun right now. After the incident looks like they have now stronger sister bond. She comes here more lately. She also brings Zhiyun sometimes. Both my brother Shen Yue and Zhiyun is 3 years old and they are already able to speak. What kind of genius are they?'

[No, it's just you are stupid.]

'Auntie was proposing the engagement with Zhiyun and me. Good thing, I was there and I instantly declined. I AM NOT A PEDO!!! Mother then proposed Zhiyun engagement with my brother Shen Yue which aunt agreed rather reluctantly.'
'I had told the father about the incident, he was enraged but we need to keep our head cool. Being hot headed will only make the situation worse. After finding out that she is safe, he returned to increase his cultivation. He said he was this close to be fifth star gold rank. After six months from then he broke into fifth black gold rank.'
'I also met with city lord. I had met with him before too but that was when I could only understand some words. Collaborating with him, we were able to find the spies. The servant that poisoned my mother had already ran away after giving pendant to the aunt. There were lots of those spies in glory city, especially our sacred family was heavily infiltrated but most of them were goon levels though some had considerable strength. I knew about them. So to counter them, I had made Black Ops from commoners with the equivalent deal. They are the group of twenty one people. 17 are ranked 1 black gold rank demon spiritualist, 3 are ranked 5 black gold rank demon spiritualist and 1 is legend ranked.'
'He wanted to arrest them immediately but I stopped him. He was puzzled but I told him it was necessary to wipe them slowly and silently. He agreed to me. So, we were making slow movements. Now, now being an oriole, I don't want to loose these precious mantis now do I. There is also the matter of reputation of sacred family. Rumors that sacred family has some connection with dark guild might spread even if that is not the case. And rumors are very dangerous. They can change your reputation within a snap. If this happens, my plans will take considerable blow.'
'I made an inscription scroll that could extract the information from their soul force or more exactly soul force of soul sea. In my research, I found out that the soul force in soul sea contained memories of the consciousness. So, I used this information to make the scroll that could extract information from their soul force. This was a secret not city lord, not even father or mother knew of this scroll. In the name of experimenting new scroll which is technically true, I took their soul from their soul sea.'
'From the information I gained, I was right about that girl being from dark guild. She was of deacon level just like that asshole from the story. I know where their base is and I want to storm in their base right away to kill that bitch but I am not yet strong enough. At the very least, I need to be strong enough to tank at least 5 extremely powerful hits from demigod ranks. I can only take normal hits from them not their hits powered by secret techniques. If I am able to build my momentum I can bring anyone down. The problem is your enemies will not let you. Most of the time, they try to one shot you down unlike some saiyan fellow who builds up from small. And Demon lord is not such fellow.'
Servant : Young master, your father Patriarch calls you.
Shen Fei : What's the reason?
Servant : This one doesn't know.
Shen Fei : Alright, you can go and do your work.
In a room there was a man, woman and a 9 or 10 year old child. The child seemed to hold some sort of crystal. It had orange glow in it.
Shen Hong : His soul sea has orange glow. Lesser average talent. *sigh* Atmost you can reach gold rank. Black gold rank is almost impossible.
Shen Fei : Oh really. I don't think so though.
Shen Hong : Hmm.... Good. That's what I expect from my son. Headstrong and unyielding.
Shen Yueji : Alright husband. I need to ask him questions. I had always wanted to ask since then. Fei, what are you hiding from us? Is it something that you absolutely cannot say? If it is, then you can forget but never forget Fei that we will always be your parents. I will aways be your mother.
Shen Hong : and I will always be your father.
Shen Fei : .... *shivers and tears flows out from his unblinking eyes* *in a hoarse voice* Thank you Mother. Thank you Father.
Shen Hong : *Hugs his son* You are a strong boy. A man cannot let his tears fall no matter what. So, don't cry.
Shen Fei : *wipes his tears* I am just..... I am just happy. *coughs* I am alright now, father. Father, mother I did not wanted to hide but I also did not wanted you to see me as a freak of a child. So, I did everything in secret. I wanted to tell you after I grow up a little bit, gradually. I will explain you everything but first let go somewhere else. But before we go father, mother, after I have shown you everything I will have to erase the memory of everything I have shown you. So, it will all be pretty meaningless-
Shen Yueji : It won't be. I want you to.
In the study room of Shen Fei mansion,
Shen Fei : Ok mother. It will be a long story.This is the barrier that stops any people from entering the basement room except both of you and me.
In the basement room,
The basement room which was underground was large. It was again divided into many rooms. One room had lots of paper that contained drawing of many things beasts, humans, inscription patterns and writings that they couldnot understand. Another room had many different equipments and liquids. Another had different equipments, demon spirit stones and demonic beasts cut up opened. The parents were shocked to see such things.
Shen Hong : I thought I could handle anything I saw but what are all these? Why are those beasts cut up open?
Shen Fei : Have you ever thought why are beasts stronger than humans in the same rank? How does beasts cultivate? Why the demon spiritualist merge with demon spirits? It's all called research father.
Shen Hong was shocked to hear his son. Even though sometimes those thoughts would come, it would have been dismissed thinking 'cause they are beasts, they are strong. To think his son would research so deeply in it. But his son is only nine years old, knowing a little child could cut these beast open like this, he was in dilemma whether he should be happy that his child was enthusiastic for his knowledge or angry at his such acts. Maybe that is why he said he did not wanted to be seen as freak of a child. Shen Yueji thoughts were no different from her husband. Now that he has shown this side to us, that also means he trusts us very deeply.
Shen Hong : Do anyone else knows?
Shen Fei : Nobody. Both of you were the first whom I brought here. No one else knows about it.
They were quite satisfied to hear that.
Shen Fei : Father, mother let's go up now.
In the study room,

Shen Fei : Father, mother now I will erase your memory. It will feel weird but please do not resist.
Shen Yueji : But you still haven't explained us other things.
Shen Fei : Oh! Those things are not a problem. You are my parents so it's alright for you to know a little bits about my secrets.
They were very glad to hear that. Now they could understand their son more properly.
After sometime, both Shen Hong and Shen Yueji were asleep. It was the next day that they woke up. After they woke up and saw themselves in their son's room, they understood it quickly. It was already noon. After coming down to the guest room which was basically the ground floor, they saw him sitting with Shen Yue on sofa and doing paperworks.
Shen Yueji : What are you doing and where are all the servants?
Shen Fei : It's their holiday. Business paperworks.
Shen Yueji : Ah! That thing about no work day, I think they are nonsense but you are their master, anyway. But I am happy that you got my talents unlike some musclehead.
Shen Hong : *twitch*. So, what about other things?
Shen Fei : *Putting aside the business papers* Shen Yue, Why don't you go play with your aunt Shen Xiu.
Shen Yue : I want to stay with you big brother.
Shen Fei : Right now, mother, father and I have to talk about something. After this I will teach you about the training.
Shen Yue : Promise?
Shen Fei : Promise.
Shen Yue : *nods* ok.
Shen Yueji : Why is he so attached to you?
Shen Fei : I don't know. Father do you know what is the peak of cultivation?
Shen Hong : It's legend rank. Only that old Ye Mo has reached it. Why do you ask?
Shen Fei : It's actually not. There is above that and it is demigod. Theoretically, there is no end point of cultivation. Truth is dark guild leader Demon lord is actually more powerful than Ye Mo. He just doesn't have enough manpower to go against glory city. Father, you do know how important a soul force control is but the amount of control you have over your soul force is just some 20 to 25 percent. If you want to break through the legend rank, you should increase it to above 40 percent. I will give proper technique that will allow you to have above 90 percent soul force control. With that both of you can reach the peak of legend rank in no time. I will also give you the fighting techniques that will allow you to fight with stronger opponents. I will also give you cultivation technique I have researched. I have also made some better elixirs and pills. With all these both of you will be able to reach peak of legend rank in less than a year. Beyond that you have to understand the laws, which I will say it later.
Shen Yueji : I see, that explains why you have a legend rank expert by your side.
Shen Fei : Oh! He is just a butler by my side.
Shen Yueji : Butler? you mean your master.
Shen Fei : No. Shen Hei is my servant. His son was killed by dark guild. So, in return for avenging him he gave me his life. He is a rank 1 legend rank.
Shen Yueji : I see... but a legend ranked expert by your side, it's unbelievable.
Shen Fei : You are also going to be legend ranks so it's not. I will now inscribe all the techniques right in your memories. Father your dream of winning against your rival, your son will help to fulfill it.
Shen Hong : *blush* Hmph.... He is not my rival or anything.
Shen Yueji : *giggle*
Shen Hong : After all this, I think you should increase your position in alchemist position.
Shen Fei : I will.
Shen Fei POV :
'It felt like a long day. I have already inscribed all the techniques. I have told them to keep everything secret, even told them to conceal their cultivation. Otherwise, it will only cause unecessary events.'
'My cultivation technique is incomplete. Only upto peak legend rank. After this, they will have to use their own understandings to improve their cultivation. That's why I was putting my cultivation to hold but looks I have no choice but to cultivate and improve it on the way. My cultivation technique is special unlike Nie Li's technique which has the perk of fusion with many beasts, my technique can be practised by anyone and still it brings their fullest potential.'
'You say it's inferor to that of Nie Li. Who needs to integrate with beasts when you have the strength to outmatch them and still use the technique of them without fusing with them. That's what my cultivation technique can do.'
'By the way, Shen Hei is the legend rank of Black Ops. Only he walks in public, other members are shadows. Also no one in there has my version of cultivation. They follow their own previous cultivation technique but improved version.'
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