Titan in tragedy Chapter 2: 2 look in the story


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At this point in the story our mc is now on the boat with eren, misaka and Armin from the story. When they get to the other wall instead of Armin sebastain offers them his food. Now the only reason he did this is because his body can't take in food. Then Armin comes looking for them with a look that is like the story: Hey grandpa asked for more and...


(A/N): Alright this is my time to shine over the MC this time don't mess this up.


Sebastain/my creation: Like hell you old ass man!!

(A/N): Hey I am only 24 years old you damn hentai lover.

Sebastain/my creation: Yeah I love hentai so what you gonna do about it?

(A/N): Hey you forget I can make you bald since I created you.

Sebastain/my creation: Oh you wouldn't dare to touch my nice and beautiful hair.

(A/N): Oh you of all people should know my temper as you are the same way as me.

Tittle: So we should argue?

Sebastain: oh well let's just go back to the story.


Then Armin is surprised with him seeing sebastain help misaka stuff eren with food. Armin tries to help eren get free from sebastain and misaka grasp. Although Armin tries with all his strength he is no match for misaka and sebastain. While misaka is still stuffing eren with bread he walks face to face with eren. He then looks in eren eyes and then says: you suicidal bastard listen to them then when strong enough fight with me.

Sebastain then walks away from eren and to a spot to sleep since his parents most likely were all dead. Now although our mc left a powerful impression on eren he is letting his fanboy side show a little.He then turns around the corner and faints and misaka hair is the last thing he sees. Seven hours has passed and he slowly gains consciousness and then this happens. *DING*

{System}Hello my new host and the Titan Prince successor. Sebastain then in his mind ask the system for its name and is surprised it's called ruined chaos system.He then told the system told the system show his stats or status. Then what surprised him the most was that the window had red writing and then had the grey screen. Then he was shocked at his status and abilities shown to him.


Name: Sebastain white

Bloodline: (Royal Titan) (Fire emperor)

Ability: (Fire domain) (Titan herder) (Hardening) (Health regeneration) (Appearance alteration) (Strong jaw) (Pressure maker) (Strength creator) (Marked) (Once bitten)

Allies: N/A

Lovers: N/A

Current Condition: Corrupted blood


Sebastain: Ok my new system and pal mind telling me your other functions?

System: Oh stupid master stop talking out loud or the ordinary population will think your crazy.

Eren: Do you need a doctor sebastain?

Sebastain thoughts: Damn system couldn't have been nice enough to warn me who the hell made it? Whoever did I curse you and your whole family.

Unknown being: Achoo who the hell is talking about me now?

Time skip


Commander: Now my job is to mold you Titan food into some people capable of dying for humanity mission.

Commander: What is your name and goal maggot!

Sebastain: My name is sebastain white and my goal is to contribute to humanity!

Commander: That's right maggot and always will be and others should follow his example!


Crowd mutters: Who the hell is eating they must really wanna die today.

Commander: Are u eating during my speech maggot?

Windy: Yes I saw a boiled potato in the eating Hall and I wanted to eat it.

Commander: Maggot I really still don't understand why you are eating it now...

Windy: Sir are you asking me why people eat potatoes... oh here eat half. *Smile*

Commander: Run laps until night and no dinner for you.

Commander: Next ODM gear practice that will be what keep you alive outside these walls!

Eren: Why am I having trouble with this ODM gear test?

Commander: Switch belts with eren Jaeger.

Random solider: Ok.

Now just like in the anime eren has the moment of victory with a cry.

Sebastain: So the suicidal bastard is now hearing my advice
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