Time season 1 Chapter 3: chapter 3


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I wrap the belt around his leg as tight as possible to stop the bleeding, the ambulance came 5 minutes later picking up the bleeding boy from the ground to a stretcher. School ended quickly everyone flooded out I stayed behind so I can clean up the mess that was left behind from that boy .. Zen decided to helped me

Zen: hey I'll help you clean

You: I mean if you don't want to, zero, you don't need to its fine I could do it on my own

Zen: no, I prefer to help you because I feel like I shoul, you know, I want to help you, here take this and fill it up with water and bleach. It will take off the blood from the boy I'll keep scrubbing until you come back

You: oh-ok thanks * grabs bucket walks away*

few moments later...

You: were done, thank you for helping me Zen

Zen: my pleasure
You: let's go
Zen takes me home...

the next morning

I do my same morning routine again get my clothes eat food brush my teeth do my hair and leave something feels odd again it feels like something's wrong like something bad is going to happen again worse than yesterday though I keep walking and Walking, Crossing the street I see a girl looking about my age Crossing a car was coming it was speeding fast the girl was walking and I knew what was wrong I yeld out "WAIT" but... I was too late she got hit by a car and blood splatter everywhere specially on me it was a hit and run, the car sped off. But I quickly took a picture of his license plate I went to the girl and called an ambulance I went home I didn't come to school and I washed up all the blood that was on me I stayed home. Zen was worried about me so he came to my house checking up on me to see if I was all right but I wasn't so sure if I was all there. I think a part of me was just still there in the car accident place, that hurt me a lot since it reminded me of my parents car accident I couldn't believe what I saw it was so dark there was a black Spirit around her hovering around waiting for her so she got hit by that car I can see ghosts I can see dead people I can see things that no human naked eye can. heck I'm not even human either most of the population isn't human there are fire white dragons, demons, angels, elves, fairies, cat people, Wolf People, dog people, and last but not least at the bottom humans...
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