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The gunshots and falling cartridge cases are the noises that can be heard in the exclusive shooting range in Seoul. It's around eight in the evening when Baek Hyeon and Jeong Suk decided to play in the shooting range owned by Baek Hyeon's family after their business meeting with Jeong Suk's company's family's investors—and one of those investors is Baek Hyeon himself.
After filling his Caliber 45's box magazine with bullets, he cocked the slide to lock it and aimed the target board then shot multiple bullets at it.
"Nice," Jeong Suk low-key commented as he clicked his tongue and smiled after they simultaneously shot their target boards. "I thought you'll gonna practice for Airsoft. Why here?"
"I'm lazy to practice outside with the staff and it's already night. I couldn't stand the autumn wind's cold breeze," Baek Hyeon answered after filling the box magazine with bullets once again and shot his new target board three times.
"As always," Jeong Suk shook his head and aimed his gun too, and shot his new target board. "I've been itching to ask this to you earlier."
Baek Hyeon shot the target board multiple times before answering. "What?"
He played with his lower lip before asking the latter. "Why did you do that to her?"
"Who's 'her'?"
"You know who I mean, Yoon Baek Hyeon. That girl, the transferee, our class' appointed president. That girl who doesn't have big tits and butt but still pretty as fuck—"
"Go straight to the point and stop beating around the bush, Kim Jeong Suk."
"I mean, that girl named Song Jin Hee."
"What about her?" he asked as he pulled his ear protection down and chose for another good pistol to use.
"Dude, we know you since 7th Grade. You're not interested in conversing with other people in public because you don't give two flying fucks and you just gonna ignore them, you even ignore your admirers or even ditched those girls whom your dad is setting you to a date. How much more in displaying affection in public? So tell me, why did you kiss her like that?" Jeong Suk's eyebrows creased.
He shrugged while keeping himself busy with the gun. "She's annoying and noisy that's why. I just want her to shut up."
"That's why you kissed her in front of many people, in front of your fans and admirers, in front of us?" Jeong Suk almost cackled. "I don't know you have that side, Yoon. It took us a decade to see that side of you, Untouchable King."
"I just want them to know and remember," Baek Hyeon returned his ear protection and aimed the gun on the new target board. "Where she belongs."
Jeong Suk frowned, puzzled about what the latter is talking about. Baek Hyeon just gave him a smirk before shooting multiple bullets on the target board.


"Wow, your watch! Bvlgari?"
"Oh, wow. Your shoes!"
"Yep, shoes from Roger Vivier."
"Isn't this bag a new release from Chanel?"
"Wow! Personalized bag from Gucci!"
"Ugh, shut up," Jin Hee felt so groggy as she walked in the not-so-silent hallway. She slid her both hands in her vest's pocket, feeling the cold autumn morning starts to kick in. She rolled her eyes as she kept on hearing her schoolmates boasting their acquired designer items that they bought or personalized themselves. "Darn rotten rich kids."
She barely got her sleep last night because of what happened yesterday. The jerk kissing—she meant, pissing her kept on haunting her dreams last night.
Her first kiss that she preserved for a long time for her future lover… got stolen from that devil named Yoon Baek Hyeon.
She mentally sulks. I can still feel his lips on mine and it really pisses me off.
Jin Hee couldn't help but sigh as she kept on walking in the hallway. But compared last time that she used to walk in a silent surrounding, she felt everyone's attention on her right now. They kept on whispering to each other when Jin Hee walked pass them. Some of them were looking at her curiously and some of them were throwing daggers at her as if anytime they'll going to drag her or pull her hair or skin her alive.
She internally sulks. Can they just act like they didn't know me just like the first time I entered here?
Why did he do that to me?
"Ah! That girl…" she heard from the girl few meters behind her.
"The one who got kissed by Yoon Baek Hyeon in front of everyone!" she cringed when she heard another girl's voice a just few meters behind her too. "What's her name again? Song Ji Woo? Song Ji Hyun? Song Jin Yi? Is she related to the Song family who owns a real estate company in Gangnam?"
"Is she related to Song Mino? You know, that member of a boy group WINNER."
"Ah, right. I saw it too. Gosh, she's just a transferee here! Are they dating?" another voice joined the conversation.
"Impossible! The Prince of South Korea's huge empire of companies will never gonna date that Plain Jane!" one of the girls protested that even Jin Hee mentally agreed—except that the girl called her names.
She doesn't know this guy named Yoon Baek Hyeon so it's really impossible that she's dating him!
I want to go home so bad. She sulks.
"Whoa, you really become quite famous…" she looked the girl just beside her, joining her in walking towards the floor where her classroom is located.
Who is she?
She frowned as she kept on thinking twice whether she'll be going ask her name or not. "Umm…"
The girl giggled that made Jin Hee stare at her in awe. "Ah, right. Am I rude? I haven't introduced myself properly to you. I'm Da Hyun. Bae Da Hyun," she, then, outstretched her hand to the former.
Jin Hee, because of shyness, bowed to her before accepting her hand. "I-I'm…"
"Song Jin Hee, right?" she cut the former off with a smile. "I know you. After the incident between you and Baek Hyeon-ssi yesterday, you became the talk of the town in the whole Empire Academy."
Jin Hee could help but felt embarrassed as she couldn't help but wish that the earth will swallow her whole and vanish because of embarrassment.
When she felt that everyone is staring at whispering behind her back, she scooted closer towards Da Hyun. "C-Can I walk with you until we reach our classroom?"
The latter smiled at her widely. "Sure!"


Talking to Da Hyun felt so nice for Jin Hee. Even if they just had a few and short conversation together, that helped her not to notice the attention, whispers and glares everyone is giving to her and she find the girl nice to talk to. Da Hyun was the first one to reach her classroom since she's in Class 12-2. Her classroom is the last one to reach even if it's the first class in the 12th Grade.
She stopped in front of their classroom's door. She closed her eyes tight, took a deep breath and prayed to the heavens that she will not experience what she experienced in the hallway. She, then, opened her eyes as she clutched on the strap of her backpack. She encouraged herself to be brave and calm before entering their classroom.
She paused and mentally cursed when her classmates' eyes were on her. Others started to murmur and whisper on each other, looking at her with amusement while others were glaring towards her direction, just bitching around and rolling their eyes.
Why do I feel like they're accusing me like I'm the one who have the fault here? She slightly gritted her teeth. That's entirely that jerk's fault!
She just ignored them and silently walked towards her seat. But it seems like the universe is playing tricks on her that she couldn't help but internally groaned when she saw the jerk who's the reason that her journey here a torture.
What a life!
She mentally cursed as she covered her face using her bag to avoid herself from getting the attention of the lad. It's quite an advantage and a relief for her because the latter's attention seemed to be indulged on the window, on the clear blue sky. She managed to walk and sit on her chair silently without getting the lad's attention. She almost threw a fistpump in the air when she successfully made it. But her internally celebration was cut off when she felt a kick just under her chair.
"Yah," she heard the guy's husky but full of authority voice.
She mentally cursed as she closed her eyes tight. Don't look at her, Jin Hee! Don't look at him!
She could hear him click his tongue as he kicked her chair again. "Tsk. Yah, babo."
At this moment, all she want to do is to transfer to another chair—or maybe to another school.
"Don't ignore me, class president," he smirked as he slightly touched the strand of her hair in front of him. "Hana, dul, set."
Jin Hee almost threw her table in front of her before turning his head to the latter. "What do you want?!"
Baek Hyeon put his chin on his palm as he stared at Jin Hee's fuming face. "Nothing. Just checking my dog."
Her eyes widen in annoyance. She was called by a freaking pet name again. "Dog?! Me?! Do I look like a freaking animal to you?!"
"Yeah, babo," he answered curtly as he transferred his gaze on the whiteboard.
"What the—yah, are you high or something? Don't involve me on your crazy gimmicks and stop messing around with me!" she bickered.
He chuckled quickly, making her slightly stared at him in awe. "You sounded like a commoner. Stop whining and just listen to me," he settled his gaze at her again. "And stop wagging your tail to anyone except me."
Jin Hee blinked twice. Feeling the nervousness creeping in her system, she cleared her throat before turning her head in front, ignoring the latter's presence behind her.
She couldn't help but feel anxious after hearing what he said earlier. Does he know something?
She's not aware on the angry eyes watching her while bickering with Yoon Baek Hyeon.
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