There goes my Dream Chapter 1: Introduction


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It's almost time for class and surely I will be late 'Again' for my morning class.
Rushing and not minding of the stares I got from the passersby... I swiftly ran through the main gate of their campus... I'm a Business Administration student from one of the top Universities in India.
"Miss Rathod, would you care to share the reason of you being late 'Again' to the whole class?" asked Professor Singh
Caught red handed...I have no choice but to just stare at the Professor... a tiny guy with white head, button up shirt and high waisted smart pants. He's probably one of those who earns a BMW every month but would prefer to ride a bicycle and works a dozen different jobs.
"Miss Rathod?" repeated the Professor.
"Sorry .. Sir ...there was traffic", I lied... half smiled... internally begging the Professor to let me go today.... Not a good start of the Week Zoe...Not good.
Hi...My name's Zoe Rathod, 21 years old, born on May 3rd, an only child an heiress of one of the biggest Conglomerate company in India.
I own an apartment near their campus...a fifteeen minutes walk! Yes! you're right...I lied about the whole Traffic thing... I'm not a morning person and for other things... follow me on my journey and you'll come to know me better... or more.... you'll probably never ever will turn your back on me

"That was close, Glasses",commented one of the naughtiest guy in the class.

I just snort.

The Professor resume his lecture while I was away in my own Personal World.
The class ends after a rough 30 minutes that means I was late for an hour... we have 2 classes a day with 1 and half hour each.

I'm one of those rare species who doesn't have a bunch of's not like I'm introverted or's just... I don't like too many fake friends... it's hard to accommodate only a few fake friends too you's so much pressure and stress.

"Hey Glasses, wanna have fun tonight?" it's that Jerk again... oh BTW... I'm wearing a glasses...the big round get the picture...Okay...So this Jerk dude here is one of the rare species who have the nerve to piss me off every time he got a chance.

Not answering to his statement I just glared at him.

"Go out with me" That Jerk said while looking through my eyes with that damed brown orbs and lushful thick brows and lashes. Stunned.

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