The Writer's Romance Chapter 96: Traitor


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"No worries. As long as you guys don't hurt me, we're good," Sheen said as she tries to move her body to widen the rope tied to her.

The dusty air with the stench of mold suffocates her.

The last thing she remembers was the hospital room. After blacking out in the car while they were on their way, she knows Clark was with her. Then she woke up with Bea's and Wyn's voice but with her headache and tiredness, she went back to sleep and now she's here, kidnapped and tied.

"You know you can find other jobs than working with Aria, right?" Sheen gave up from widening the tied rope, it'll only take her energy and will leave wounds and marks on her skin.

She's still wearing a hospital gown which made her groan.

"You think we will be working with things like this if we can land a proper job?"

A guy with a wide stomach spoke with a loud voice, angry and offended, "You're talking like that because you have a job!"


"Major's right!"

"You're cocky, Miss!"

The men around her shouted in unison, all of them looked pissed.

"There are companies that look for people to work for them," Sheen blew the hair on her mouth, "The company I'm working for always hires people like gardeners and janitors," she said and tries to sit properly since her back's beginning to ache.

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The men around her started laughing, "What? Janitor? Gardener?"

The guy with a wide stomach called Major went in front of Sheen and crouches to see her face, "That won't pay us lots, Missy."

He smirked and held Sheen's chin and pushed it hard, making Sheen hit the back of the chair.

"Yeah! We don't want coins!"

"We need real money!"

"We need a lot!"

They all shouted and laughed together.

Some of them are seated while drinking liquors, some were smoking, some were sleeping on a used couch placed in the room.

It looks like an abandoned room in an abandoned building. It's wide and dark and dirty.

Sheen sighs, "You NEED money? Then why do you need lots? It seems to me that all or most of you don't have any family," Sheen raised her head and looks around, "If you have a family, you won't have the guts to laugh, drink, and lay around while working for some dangerous person."

Everyone looks at her quietly, some are listening, some just wants her to speak and shut up.

"You don't want to work for a clean job because it won't pay as much as working for something illegal? Then that reason is not that you need lots of money, it's because you want it!"

Major stands up and looks down on Sheen, "What do you know? You've never been in our shoes."

"Never been in your shoes? How can you say that? You only know me by my name and face," Sheen said and stared daggers at Major, "Why don't you explain to me, why you're here, who you are and what are you doing with your life, huh?"

Two men stood up beside Major, the guy on the left has a wide scar on his left cheek which looks like someone slashed it, the guy on the left looks like a normal person except that his hands both have scars on his knuckles and his middle finger was cut.

"Fiancee of the Star Company's President, one of the billionaires, Clark Zeid White. Sierra Haley Eureka Ellaine Neomi Verrez, what a long name," Major said and laughs with the other after saying Sheen's full name.

"It'll be rude if we don't introduce ourselves, right? She can use as for the next book she'll write..." the guy on the right said while looking at his friends with a devilish look, "If she can even write after this," his eyes laid on Sheen's hands that are tied on the armchair.

The guy on the left took out a pocket knife from his back and walks towards Sheen with a smirk while playing the knife on his hands.

"H-hey..." Sheen's voice shakes while staring at the knife, "What are you going to do?"

"You're right... You can be in our shoes..." he said and showed his finger that was cut in front of Sheen.

A block of hard and heavy air was stuck on Sheen's throat as she feels her whole body trembling, her heart's beginning to throb, her face's turning cold, her sweat's dripping on her face.

"We found her," Mr. Rogers reported in Wyn's room, "They're hiding in the building near Aria's office."

Wyn stands up with a determined face, "Then, let's go!" He said and was about to walk past Mr. Rogers when the old man stopped him by his arms.

"Miss Sheen can get hurt if we just pop up," Mr. Rogers lets go of Wyn and took a deep breath as his eyes lay on his boss who looks like he wasn't able to take care of himself for ten years.

Clark's hair was a mess, his suit's a mess, and his face's a mess. It was swelling due to crying and brushing his hand over his face rigorously.

"Sir..." Mr. Rogers walks toward Clark.

Clark who's sitting like he's carrying the weight of the world over his shoulder continues to star at the lamp beside the bed.

"Can I go with you?" His voice was begging like a kid, "I need to be sure she's safe."

"Sir, it is our job to keep you safe and we will keep Miss Sheen safe," Mr. Rogers assures his boss.

Wyn frowned, how can anyone sit around while the love of his life is in danger? Even if he knows his safety's the priority, his own number one concern over himself is Sheen.

Clark stands up and went to Sheen's room where Bea's still sleeping and saw Sheen's phone ringing inside her bag.

It's Kady.

Mr. Rogers and Wyn followed him and saw him staring at the phone.

Clark took the call, "Yes?"

"Shee-- Mr. white?" Kady's voice was worried.

"Yes. What is it?"

Wyn peeks at the screen and saw Kady's name.

He's going back tomorrow, and if he knew about what happened, he'll stay behind.

"Where's Sheen? I need to talk to her," Kady said, sounding annoyed.

Clark sighs and cleared his throat, "She's asleep."

There was a long silence between them until Clark decided to end the call.

"I'll tell her you called," Clark said and was about to put the phone down, Kady spoke.

"Wait! Alright, this is about Aria. I know where she's hiding. I saw her earlier."

"What do you mean?" Clark asked and turned the speaker up.

"Blue and I are working with Sheen, I saw Aria get out of this shady building near her office as I was passing by just now. She has these guys with her and I think something's happening."

"Mr. Lanson, can you lend me your men?"

Clark's voice was commanding as if he's not asking Kady anymore.

"E-excuse me? Why? What is happening? You knew?"

Clark didn't bother to answer, he's determined to see Sheen personally. He can't wait in this room for news. He can't wait until he sees Sheen.

"Send them in the exact place where you saw Aria in 5 minutes. I don't care if you come or not. It's better if you won't. I'll return them without any scratch."

"Sir!" Mr. Rogers was about to intervene but Clark just walks past him.

"Wyn," Clark stops and turned around, looking straight into Wyn's eyes, "Stay here. Make sure Bea's safe."

With that, Wyn steps back and nodded, he knows he can't be of use now. All he can do is make sure everyone is safe.

"Check on Cj, I sent some men over to guard them. Tell him I won't be going home," Clark said and left.

Mr. Rogers looks at Wyn, "Make sure Mr. Cj's fine. His nanny will be staying with him."

He pats Wyn's shoulder and smiled before following Clark.

Wyn watches Mr. Roger and Clark's back slowly vanish. No one has ever left him with such responsibility. Taking care of everyone and making sure they're safe, it's a heavy job. And he failed for the first time.

"Secretary Paul," Wyn called over his phone, "Can you come over? Please guard over Mr. Louis."

"Yes, Sir. I'm on my way. Wait for a few minutes."

Sheen, who's losing her mind with the thought that she's on her way to losing her fingers, started crying.

"No..." she cried, her tears started streaming down, "Please. You can cut my hair or my nails but please leave my fingers alone."

There was a great silence, making Sheen squint her eyes to see what is happening due to the tears in her eyes.

Major, who's in front of Sheen, wiped her tears with a handkerchief, "Shush, you'll wake up those guys," he said and pointed to the guys sleeping on the couch.

Sheen wrinkled her brows, "What?"

Earlier, she was on the verge of fainting from fear and now Major's wiping her tears.

"You're right. We don't have any family. We're poor and single. We want to have a lot of money to meet women and have a family, you know?" The guy with a scar on the face said and went behind Sheen and started untying the rope.

"Yeah, we didn't want to do any of this. She said we'll be delivering things for her, not a girl," the guy with a knife cuts the rope on her arms, "I didn't mean to scare you."

Sheen, who's still on the tip of confusion, nodded and sniffs.

"Okay, we'll make a deal," Major said and held Sheen's shoulders for her to focus on him.

'Why am I not shouting? If I'm in a movie, I'll be shouting and running now,' Sheen thought while staring at Major.

"If we help you escape, you'll give us the job. All of us," Major looked at the other guys behind them.

"Yeah, you're right. We'll rather cut plants than kidnapping people," the knife guy said.

Major shook Sheen since she looks like she's lost in her thoughts, "Listen, Sierra. We want to help you, help us too."

Sheen nodded, "Alright. I promise. But I don't want you guys to get hurt," she frowns, she doesn't want to harm ANYONE. Not even Aria.

"Okay. Do you think Mr. White's on his way?" Major asks while looking over the sleeping guys, making sure they're not waking up.

Sheen paused, 'Is he?' she asks herself. 'Does he even know I'm gone? He's busy.'

With an uncertain expression, Major gestures the guys behind him to go out to check if anyone's outside.

"Don't worry. I know he will come to get you," Major said and smiled.

Now, Sheen's more lost.

She was kidnapped by someone she never thought could.

Had a fight with the kidnappers.

Was about to get her hands cut.

Then all of a sudden, she's free.

The kidnappers are helping to have a job.

She shakes her head and took a deep breath, 'Nothing can go weirder!'

"Major! A man arrived!"

Sheen looks at the door with a smile, 'Clark!' she called but it's not Clark.

"I have to tie this back, okay? Bring your arms to your back," the guy who untied her said and Sheen just follows since she knows that if he found out they're helping her, they're dead and she doesn't want that.

While Major's blocking Sheen, they hurriedly acted as if nothing happened.

"Never thought that things could turn out this way, didn't you?" His voice was mocking Sheen and everyone. As if he knows he won.

'What? How? Why?' Sheen's questions keep flooding her mind.

Her breathing went fast due to anger, she made a fist and bit her lips.

"Traitor," Sheen said, "She's was not going back, you're making her go back and you even brainwashed her and used her! You bastard!"

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