The Writer's Romance Chapter 95: She's fine, right?


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"So," Clark clears his throat as he sees Sheen holding Luke's hand, "What happened here?"

His voice was deep and cold, it sounds like sandpaper scrapping Luke's skin.

But the doctor didn't let go of Sheen's hand, "Do you know about this?" Luke asks with worry in his eyes.

Sheen's shoulder is shifting up and down, her other hand that holds her phone's shaking.

"Sheen!" Wyn called her name and crouches beside her, "Breathe," he said while looking straight in her and doing an inhale-exhale exercise.

"She's having a panic attack," Luke said as Sheen's grip tightens.

Clark immediately leans to look at Sheen, "Come on, Sheen. You're fine," he says softly and taps her back.

Waitresses came running to them, "Shall we call an ambulance?"

Luke looks at Sheen, "We have to get her to the hospital, okay?"

Sheen shakes her head, she doesn't want to cause commotion but Clark carries her and ran towards the exit.

Wyn frowns, "No, we can go there. Thank you," he said to the waitress.

"Okay, so what happened? Why did she have an attacked?" Wyn asks Luke as they enter Clark's car.

Sheen was sitting on the passenger seat, clinging to the dashboard with her hand on her chest.

"We were just talking about Aria. She told me everything and when she got to the point where Aria might've planned to kill someone, she started shaking..." Luke worriedly looks at Sheen.

"I'll call Bea, she knows what's happening with Sheen," Wyn said and dialed Bea's number.

From what Wyn knows, she's only taking an antidepressant, not that she has a mental illness.

"Hey, Sheen's having a panic attack," Wyn said.

Clark drives fast, not thinking that he might've broken a law, he wants to be sure that Sheen'll be fine or else he might blame Aria on what's happening.

"Okay... On the way to the hospital, see you," Wyn turned off the call and took Sheen's bag searching for medicines, "You're not taking any medication? Bea said this might be withdrawal symptoms."

Luke nods his head, "I see. Then this is a side-effect of not taking her medication for a while... Wait," Luke taps Clark's shoulder, "Is that Mr. Rogers?"

Clark didn't stop since they are already in the hospitals parking lot, "You go check what that is, I'll take Sheen inside," he said and went out of the car and took Sheen.

Wyn and Luke went to where Mr. Rogers was frantically walking back and forth behind the car while trying to call Clark.

"Mr. Rogers!" Luke called, "Why are you here?" he asks.

Wyn saw some blood stain on his suit, "Who..." a sudden fear crawl up to his face, "What happened?" his voice shakes, fearing the answer that he will hear.

"Louis..." Mr. Rogers's voice was dry, scared and worried, "He got off work earlier but someone shot him," he said.

Luke and Wyn looks at each other, their hearts start to pound like crazy, blocking their thoughts.

"Why are you two here?" Mr. Rogers asks while putting his phone down, he already sent a message to Clark and surely he'll read it after a few minutes, "Mr. White's supposed to be with you, Doctor."

"Yes," Luke buries his face in his hands and brushed it on his hair, "I'll call Aria," he said and took his phone.

Mr. Rogers stares daggers at Wyn, "Mr. Lee, what are you doing with the Doctor?" his voice was interogating Wyn.

"We talked. Sheen had a panic attack, Clark brought her in," Wyn replied and leans on the car beside him, "I am sorry," suddenly tears streams down his face, "This is all my fault," he said and kicked the car's wheel.

Mr. Rogers takes a deep breath and pats Wyn's arm, "Don't worry, Louis is fine. He was shot on his arm, it only touched his skin."

Clark went out of the hospital as soon as he received the message and ran towards Mr. Rogers, "I saw him, don't worry," he sighs and turns to Wyn, "Stay by Sheen's side. I'll put an end to this."

Luke was busy calling Aria who won't pick up her phone, "Luke!" Clark called.

"I can't reach her. She's supposed to be at home," he worriedly looks at his phone. He's been calling Aria for hundred times this day but she won't even text him.

"Alright, let's do this my way," Clark said and took his phone.

Because of what Aria's been doing, Sheen had an attack, he can't let someone run free worrying the hell of everyone and even trying to shot someone.

"Find Aria and bring her to me," Clark ordered his men.

Mr. Rogers fixed his necktie, it's time to work for his men and he has to be with them when they catch Aria.

"Is Bea coming over here?" Clark asks.

Wyn replied with a nod, "Yes, she is."

"Then, stay by them. Take care of Sheen. I'll borrow Dan from her," Clark said and was on his way to his car when Wyn stops him.

"Be careful," he said with tears still streaming down from his face, "I don't want anything to happen to you, bro. Sheen needs you, I need you, Cj needs you."

Clark smiles, "Don't worry. I'll come back and teach you how to run a company."

Luke pats Wyn's back and follows Clark.

"Take care of the two," Mr. Rogers nods and went inside his car and follows Clark.

Wyn entered the hospital and saw Sheen sleeping peacefully beside her room was Louis, his hand was bandaged and even though he's sleeping, he looks like he's in pain.

He heard a familiar voice while staring at Louis.

"Wyn!" Bea screamed when she saw him, "What the hell? You're not accepting my calls!"

She looks funny running around with her belly swelling.

Wyn can't help but smile, "Sorry, empty battery. Sheen's in here," he said while opening the door for Bea.

"Gosh, she looks like a mess," she whispered and entered the room.

"Can you stay by her? I'll check someone for a sec," Wyn tries to smile at Bea but failed.

His red puffy eyes caught him off guard, "Are you okay?" Bea asks and ran to Wyn and held his arms, "You know... Sheen will be sad to see you like this."

Wyn nodded, "I know. That's why you stay with her."

"Really? You'll let a pregnant woman alone in a hospital room?" Bea looks at him with disbelief.

Wyn nods, "Yeah, you're not just a prenant woman, you know," he chuckles, "Do you think everyone will forgive me?"

"If Sheen forgives you, they will too. Sheen don't easily forgives, you know."

Bea went to sit beside Sheen and brushes her hair, "Dan said they'll capture Aria..." worry drags Bea's voice, "She shot someone."

"Yeah, he's in the next room," Wyn brushes his hair upward, "Louis."

"Yeah, Louis, I'll check on him. You stay with panic girl," Bea softly punches Wyn's stomach as she pass by him.

"Hey," Bea greets Louis who just woke up.

Dan saw him got shot and followed the suspect. Mr. Rogers was the one who brought him at the hospital.

"What happened to Dan?" Louis' voice was weak and low, due to the pain in his arm, it's as if all of his body was shot.

"He's fine. He lost the guy. But Boss' after him, no worries," Bea smiles and sits down on the arm chair beside the bed.

"I just want to live peacefully, Bea. I'm done working for that woman. She's up to no good. No good." Louis used his other hand and massages his temples, "She's dying to have the company. Always telling me that Clark is as bad as his father."

"He's not. He loves his family. He loves his job. He loves his employees. He loves Sheen." Be closes her eyes and carress her tummy.

It's past 11 P.M. She should be asleep now.

A few weeks and she'll meet her baby.

Hoping that everything will be fine by then, she hums a song.

Louis just stares at the ceiling, he deserves this for helping Aria destroy the company that accepted him even with his bad background. He betrayed everyone.

"Sheen... how is she? You know with what is happening, Sheen is the biggest target," Louis mumbles.

Bea scoffs, "How?"

"Fiancee? Biggest weakness? The key to having the company forcefully?" Louis said with a tone as if he's expecting Bea to know that.

Bea, who was leaning peacefully on the chair, straigtens up in surprise, "What!? How can you..."

"It's common sense, Bea. If I was Aria, I might've kidnapped Sheen long ago. Aria won't harm a kid, so Cj's not an option but Sheen... she dislikes her so a big check to kidnap."

Wyn suddenly appears at the door, "Can I talk to---"

"Where's Sheen!?" Bea screamed and ran to Sheen's room in panic.

Louis was even shock to see that Wyn left Sheen.

"Are you nuts? What if they take her?" Louis yelled while groaning from sitting up.

"What?" Wyn raised his eyebrow, he saw Louis a couple of times with Aria before so he's not new.

"Aria might take Sheen, you know? Use her against Boss?" Louis rolls his eyes, why doesn't anyone think of that possibility?

"Are you serious?" Wyn's eyes went wide, he ran to Sheen's room, leaving Louis alone.

It's been years since he was last admitted to a hospital.

It was before he met Aria and enter Star Company.

He was beaten by his own family due to failing in delivering the drugs they bought from someone in a gang.

He almost died if Luke didn't helped him.

Aria was the one who asked her husband to do it for free.

She was kind back then.

Just like a sister.

She was warm and loving.

Until just a couple of years ago.

She changed.

Everything irritated her especially Clark and the company.

"If only you stayed that way," Louis sighs and slides down to the bed until he heard a commotion and saw Wyn at the door standing.

He looks lost.

And afraid.

And sad.

"What happened?" Louis got up and didn't felt the pain, there are a lot of people outside.

"You're right... they took her," Wyn whispered and collapsed on the floor.

Louis got up and yelled at the nurses outside, "Help!"

A nurse came running in, calling other people.

"What happened?" Louis asks.

"Miss Sierra went missing. Her cousin, chloroform was used to knock her out," the nurse said and put Wyn on a wheelchair.

There are a lot of policemen coming in.

Louis, who can only watch, thought of something that can make Aria come out.

If Clark will put the company on sale, Aria will definetly buy that-- not buy, take the oppurtunity and take the company.

She's been digging for things that will destroy Star Company but nothing comes up.

It's clean.

Clark works well and tries his best to keep the company off the law-breaking options.

After a few minutes, Clark appears at the door.

His eyes were red. He cried.

His eyes were set on Louis. It was full of grimace and anger.

If the devil turns human, the Clark before him is the perfect look for the devil.

"Louis..." Clark walks towards him, "Where is Aria?"

"I don't know. I only meet her at her office," Louis' voice was low and shaking, he never saw Clark lose his composure.

He's always calm.

But now... he looks like he's about to kill someone.

Like the faces Louis met before.

Someone who's anger run through their head and let them do things that will make them lose their head.

Clark didn't leave a word after that, he just walks away and went to the direction where they put Wyn.

He was only able to have a quick talk with his men on finding Aria and the next thing he knew was standing in Sheen's room in the hospital.

Bea's on the bed sleeping.

No sign of his fiancee.

It's as if she wasn't there in the first place.

Only her used clothes were on the chair.

"Wyn," he calls his little brother's name, "What happened?"

Clark's sitting on the arm chair beside the bed.

His elbow's on his lap while he clasps his hands tightly, his head's leaning on them.

"I left her with you. I knew she will be safe. I know you will take care of her," Clark's whispers and sobs were mixing.

"I should've seen it coming. Why didn't I? I never thought Aria would shot and take someone just because she wants the godd*mned company!" Clark stopms his feet, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Mr. Rogers took over everything after they heard that Sheen was taken.

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He knew Clark will not go easy on Aria if they found her.

Wyn groans from the pain on his head, due to shock, he fainted and bumped his head on the gold floor.

He turns his head and saw Clark sitting on the armchair.

Tears started streaming down his face, "I'm sorry," he whispered and his lips started trembling, "I'm sorry, Clark..."

With his painful apology, Clark can't help but pity his brother, "Wyn... Sheen wouldn't blame anything to anyone."

"But I was supposed to look after her..."

Both of them went quiet.

Clark wants to look for Sheen but Mr. Rogers took his car to be sure he won't be doing anything.

His safety's the top priority right now.

If Aria catches him, no one will be able to save Sheen.

"She's fine, right?" Clark asks Wyn.

He's clinging to the slightest assurance that Sheen's fine.

"Yeah, she's fine," Wyn just spit out what Clark needs to say.

But they know how Sheen thinks sometimes.

She's full of worry and fear.

But she changed... right?

She became stronger now.

Though there are times where she can't help but shiver.

"WHAT THE F*CKING HELL, ARIA!?" Sheen screams while Aria stands in front of her.

Sheen's tied on a chair, her arms, foot and body are tightly tied, as if they're trying to cut her body with rope.


She woke up, dazed and confuse, in a dark wide place.

She saw Aria standing in front of her wearing a smirk.

"Now they'll give me what I want," Aria whispered.

"No, they won't. They are not stupid like you," Sheen said and laughs, "But this is a smart move, I applaud you for that."

Even with fear that Aria will go psycho and cut her neck, Sheen tries her hardest not to shiver and have another panic attack.

"No one thought you can shot Louis and kidnap me," Sheen never thought about that. None of them did.

They all thought she's just a woman who's dying to have the company.

"This is fun! I want to see how you scream my brother's name while crying!" Aria threw her bag and took a baseball bat from the men standing behind her.

"Your pretty mouth will scream pretty begs!" Aria's eyes turned dark, she looks so thristy.

"H-hey..." Sheen's voice trembles, "Stop. That's not funny. Clark wouldn't work with you if you hurt me."

"Hiding behind the lion now? How pathetic," Aria drops the baseball bat and walks away, "See you tomorrow, sister-in-law."

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" Sheen screams.

"Sorry, Ma'am. We just need money," the men, who looks tired and sad, apologizes.

Sheen smiles at them, of course, not everyone wants to hurt someone like Aria.

"No worries. As long as you guys don't hurt me, we're good."

Is what she said but deep inside, Sheen wants to strangle everyone here for tying her to tight and for choosing to work for a psycho.

'Now, what?' Sheen asks herself, 'I know Clark knows I'm missing. I bet they're looking for me.'

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