The Writer's Romance Chapter 94: Boy's Talk


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The moonlights was so bright that the night doesn't seem that dark. The cold breeze of upcoming December raised the thought to Wyn that they should've brought a coat.

There was a bench beside a flower box in the side of the garden.

As Wyn brush his arms, Clark sits down in the bench.

"Are you cold?" Clark asks.

Wyn shyly sits beside him, "Uh, no. I'll get used to it. I just need to.-- No need, Mr. White!"

Clark started taking off his trench coat, "You're cold. I brought you here which means I am responsible for making you feel comfortable," he said and handed Wyn the coat.

Wyn stared at the coat and was about to decline when a gust of cold wind made him shiver.

He looks at Clark, he's wearing a thick type of suit and he's even caring a scarf with a glove.

"Thank you," Wyn whispered and took the coat.

There was a loud silence that followed between them.

Only the inaudible sound inside the restaurant can be heard.

Both of them are thinking about what they should talk about, where to start, what topic is followed by what, should they share their emotions, should they include Sheen in the topic?

Wyn yawns, due to crying earlier, it made him quite tired.

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"Are you drowsy?" Clark asks while looking inside the restaurant where he can see Sheen looking all serious while talking at the surprised and mortified Luke.

"A little," Wyn replied and looks at where Clark is looking, "What are they talking about?" he asks, wondering how Sheen can make someone feel uncomfortable.

"About Aria," Clark answered with a smirk, feeling proud that the same woman who always apologizes to him during their first meeting is now acting like a tiger, ready to devour her puny prey.

Wyn became silent, feeling as if Clark's poking his guilt, which is not Clark's intention.

"So, how did you find out?" Clark asks Wyn and turned his head to look at his brother.

"Mom. She told me everything before Dad handed me the company."

"I see. What did she say?"

Wyn looks at Clark. Is it alright to talk ill about his father? What if Clark suddenly gets angry at him?

"It's fine. I know it's my father's fault," Clark furrows his brows, "Our father..." he whispered.

Wyn suddenly realized, they are brothers from the same father, he even wonders if it's bad to talk ill about Clark's father which is his father as well.

"Well..." Wyn sits down properly from his slouching position, "Mother did not specify the happenings. All I know is that they had an affair and here I am," Wyn smiles with the ridiculous way of his way of creation.

"I see. That means... father might've lashed his love to your mother when my mom was dying since she can't be used by him anymore."

Clark's voice was cold, rough, sad, angry and Wyn knows that it's not for him to take as hurtful.

"I'll be honest, Clark said and put his elbow above his lap and looks straight, his eyes seem to glittery with the waters forming, "I hated your mother. I hate her. I know he had an affair but I never thought that the same greened eye kid was my brother. I don't know why it never occurred to me that you and Cj had a similarity. He even likes you."

Wyn just stays silent, he knows it's not his time to speak out his thoughts.

"I knew something was off about you. I can feel it. It's not just because you like Sheen, there was something more. Then I learned that we're half-brothers and everything falls down in its place."

Clark buries his face in his hands.

"I don't blame you for my mom's death. I know she knew about you that is why she talks to your mom sometimes. I was just a kid back then but I know, she was worried about you. A kid who has a father who doesn't care about him, she was sad about that."

Wyn gulps, trying to hide that he's sad that a sick woman was worrying for his husband's child from another person's wife.

"Mom was sick before you even came. She's so sick that every time I visit her room, it feels like I'm already visiting her grave. I can't remember her scent, her voice, her eyes, her smile. I was too young to remember her alive. That she can laugh, she can shout or feel." Clark's voice cracked then a drop of tear fell into the ground.

Wyn looks at him with a frown.

"You did nothing wrong. I don't know what Aria said to you, but you're innocent."

Clark inhales deeply and wipes his tears with his hand before looking at Wyn.

"Thank you," Wyn whispered.

"I just... wanted to be a part of a family, Mr. White," he added.

"Clark, call me Clark or bro. I don't know how that feels- to be called bro- since Cj's calling me daddy," Clark chuckles.

"Can I ask why you made Cj your son?"

Clark nodded, knowing that Wyn should know the truth and explain to him since he's a part of his family.

"Since my father's affair with yours, our company's falling to ashes. That news shooed away clients and investors. Who wants to work with someone who has a ruined reputation?"

Clark sighs and leans on the bench, "So, when I found out that my good father had another son after he died, I took him in. I pitied Kirin, she was so young. How could an old man..."

Wyn felt uncomfortable after learning that Cj's mother was young.

"She's just a kid," Cj gritted his teeth, "So, I made it look like that I was Cj's father. No one thought bad of me since I took Kirin in, I paid for her medication since she was quite sick. I took care of her. But nothing worked, she was too weak to give birth."

Clark stands up, "Don't worry, after all this, we'll be a normal family."

Wyn smiles weakly, "I'm sorry. I caused all of this. I just want my father's approval. That he can see me as his son."

"Well, you're not his son," Clark muttered.

"I know. I never imagined that I can do such things just to gain his attention. I never wanted to hurt anyone."

"If that's the case, are you willing to give up everything that you gained?" Clark looks at Wyn's eyes, waiting for his answer.

"Yes, if that's the only way to make everything right."

Clark sighs, "I was planning on filing a case since you were on the move in destroying my company."

"I'm sorry," Wyn said.

"Oh, no. You're not even on level one of destruction, you're still on the move, meaning whatever you did was not a big deal. It caused a ruckus but no big deal."

Wyn's eyes went huge, they almost had everything that can take the company's foundation.

"What? I hide everything about the company well. What you see is just 2%."

"How?" Wyn asks excitedly, amazed by his brother's way of running a company.

"I'll teach you after this," Clark smirks, feeling proud that his little brother is amazed by him.

"Then, why don't you assist Sheen in revealing everything to Aria's husband?"

Wyn stands up, looking all determined.

"I will," he said and started walking towards the restaurant but Clark pulls his shoulder, making him look back.

"Welcome to the family," Clark said and offered his hand.

Wyn looks at Clark with happiness, "Yes, thank you, b-bro," he said shyly.

Clark laughs, "Just know that you are Sheen's future brother-in-law."

Wyn felt shivers run down his spine as soon as he remembered what he did to Sheen the other day.

Clark's voice was deep as if he already dug a grave for Wyn if ever he tries to take Sheen away.

"Yeah," Wyn replied as Clark walks past him to the restaurant.

Even with the threat, he felt happy that he gained Clark's attention, a family's attention, something that he's been longing for.

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