The Writer“s Romance Chapter 8: 1:3


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When they arrived at Sheen's house, her mother was nowhere to be found.

'Maybe she went outside,' Sheen thought while taking her shoes off then puts her slippers on. Wyn was doing the same, acting like he's in his own home. Sheen just smiles, "I'll get something to eat. Mom will be home anytime."

Wyn went in their living room and sat, he did not have a good look around when he first went there so he decided to roam around.

"Aw, she's so cute," he whispers while looking at her photo as a kid that hangs in the wall.

There's also a photo of her and Kady with Blue, they were on a playground playing in the sandbox. They look so happy, but Sheen was looking at Kady who is blushing while holding a toy shovel while Blue is looking at Sheen while making a sand mountain.

"Hah, this describes how they feel," he laughs.

Sheen arrived holding a tray with orange juice and cookies.

'She looks so cute,' Wyn thought while looking at her. He imagines her as his wife serving him food after he got home from work. He suddenly blushed then smiled which Sheen noticed.

"Hey, what's in your mind?" She asks, putting down the tray and giving the juice to Wyn who just sits comfortably on their sofa.

"Nothing, I just thought you were cute back then," he took a sip then licked his lips which made Sheen unconsciously lick her lips too.

This made Wyn smirk and was about to say that he can see her cleavage while she's leaning and this makes her seductive but her mother suddenly show up.

After discussing the engagement, Sheen's mother can't hide her excitement and happiness that she invited Wyn for tomorrow's dinner which he did not decline.

"I'm sorry about that fuss, she just wants me to get married as soon as possible," Sheen said while scratching her arm, she was sending Wyn off.

"Yeah, that's fine. We can get married tomorrow if you like," he jokingly said while leaning on the gate.

The wind suddenly got colder, and Wyn is just wearing a plain thin shirt and he seems like he doesn't have any jacket with him. Sheen noticed that he was shivering from the cold that she was not able to reply to what Wyn said,

"Hey, I think you need something to warm you up." Before he can even answer, Sheen went inside and after a minute she got back carrying a red jacket that looks too large to be hers.

"Here, I brought it on sale without realizing it was too big for me. My dad doesn't like jackets so... you can have it." She handed the jacket to him while smiling.

Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum

Wyn's heart was uncontrollable, the beat was too strong it feels like it will get out of his rib. The heat of his body went all in his face making it red, for a moment, while Sheen was handing her jacket, she looks like an angel with the white light from her house behind her.

"You okay?" Sheen thought while poking his cheeks.

He panicked internally but he just nods and took the jacket.

"Thank you for this," he said, "See you tomorrow, and also..." he took a step towards her then lean to her height.


He kissed her forehead then rest his head on hers for a second. Sheen just blinks fast, trying to wake up from the sweet and warm dream.

"Bye." He waves his hand then rode his car, "I don't really need this, I'm in my car," but he puts it on anyway.

Sheen was left at the gate, watching Wyn drive away then she touched her forehead and a smile was formed from her lips.

"It's so warm." She whispers before entering the house.

The morning was unimaginably perfect for her for no reason, Sheen woke up peacefully and excitedly. She suddenly remembers the forehead kiss making her touch her forehead and smile before rushing to prepare.

She hops to her office but before entering, "Why was he here yesterday?" she asks her self and her sudden stop making her stumble someone behind her, "Hey! Sheen, look where you're going."

She looked behind her and she saw Blue with Kady behind him, she suddenly took a few steps backward which made the two guys move forward, entering the building.

"What?" Blue asks.

Sheen was eyeing them for some time. She's shocked to see them together since they both hate each other.

"Nothing," she whispers.

Kady was looking like his time was being wasted so she herself bid goodbye.

"See you!" She shouted before entering the elevator.

Kady looked at her and smiled before the elevator closes, for a second, Sheen wanted to go out and look at Kady.

"Was that an illusion?" She brushed her nose while blushing.

"Okay, so now what? That's the plot?" Lucy, her friend who took maternity leave, read the plot she made with the help of Wyn.

"Yeah, more or less. I think I'll change or add some twist. I kinda hate the girl tbh." Sheen balances her pen on her fingers.

"This is nice enough, but you can change it. Surprise us!" Lucy got a bit of chubby, but her pretty face never changes. She now had the mother aura and she got more caring.

"You need to eat, Sheen! You're so thin!" Lucy gave her a box of lunch. She has her own lunch and drink.

"I don't want to. I'm not hungry," she slowly said.

Her co-workers have their own stories to tell about their relationship, Lucy has her daughter but Sheen, she has her expectation needed to do.

Since her relatives got the news about the nomination, they butt their selves in. Asking her if she already had something to write and to do her best to win, telling her that if she will win, her father can have a share with their company.

"I hate them!" She shouted, everyone then looked at her.

"Hehe, sorry." She said then sighed.

"See, you need to eat. You're not you when you're hungry."

"Blue, I'm telling you, if you take her away, we'll cut our connection with your family." Kady was sitting in his office while Blue stands beside the door.

The office was not very bright, the glass windows let the light in from the outside. The air was a bit cold and heavy with their stare with each other.

"Oh?" Blue clears his throat,

"From what I know, it's not your decision to whether cut connections with other families. Ever since you asked your father with Sheen's relatives, you were not allowed to decide on that matter anymore because her relatives was a large help with your family's company. You were acting on your impulse then, just because they hurt Sheen, you already want to punish them. It was so fun--"

"Shut up!" Kady hit his desk with the papers he was reading, it made such a large sound that Blue got shocked.

"Shut up, you don't know anything. I did not ask them to cut the connection forever. I just want to warn them." Kady leans on his desk while looking at the city through the glass.

"Whatever, I don't care. You made them hate her, you broke her heart. You messed her up. Now, you want to go back to her? Are you nuts? Do you think you control her?" Blue steps forward, his anger made his veins almost pop out of his head and neck.

He remembered how Sheen cried all night about Kady and her relatives. She was like begging to the gods to kill her. Her eyes were very red and puffy, she looked miserable but she never asked Blue for help. She never shared her pain with him, she just let him see her. While Kady, he knows how to perfectly carry her. He knows her buttons, he knows how to make her feel better.

After a minute, Kady did not answer. Blue was too angry to talk anymore so he decided to go out but to his surprise, Sheen was standing outside while crying.

"Sheen, you- did you hear.." Blue's face was surprised and concerned at the same time.

He was going to hold her but she just ran away.

She ran away from him again, just like the way she did when she got her heart broken.

He watches as her silhouette get smaller then disappeared.

The hallway never looked so sad and alone, the light never looked dim, the air never suffocated him but now it does.
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