The Writer“s Romance Chapter 16: The Rush


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"Sheen?" He said.

She's still wiping her leg and Kady's as well when he called her name.

'Crap, better run.'

Sheen looks at Bea who's watching her with a smirk in her face while looking at her position, she almost looks like she's about to do something to Kady while almost kneeling in front of him.

'Help me,' she eyes Bea who's raising her eyebrows back and forth.

'God, I can't get anything from you,' Sheen sighs.

'Yeah, if you're gonna run, stand up and run, I'll follow you,' Bea eyes Sheen.

With just a simple eye movement and expression, they were able to understand each other.

Sheen stands up, "I don't know who that is," but her hoddie fell off and Kady, as well as Blue can see her face.

She blushed and took Bea's hand who's laughing like a maniac and ran.

"Sheen!" Kady called out and followed them with Blue but people started to throw popcorns at them which made them stop for a while.

Bea and Sheen were able to run outside before Kady and Blue sees them and rushed to a shop.

"Why are we here?" Bea tries to catch her breath.

Sheen hides behind a mannequin and takes glances of the cinema.

"Change...clothes," Sheen was also out of breath but she started taking a shirt and a new pair of jeans.

"Really? Your treat?" Bea immediately took the latest trend of the sweatshirt and ragged pants.

"Yeah, oh gosh, they're out! Come on, let's change."

Sheen rushed to the fitting room.

"Aren't you overreacting?" Bea went to the other fitting room but Blue noticed her and told Kady to go to that shop.

It took them a while to change and it was Sheen who got out first but after seeing Kady looking around, she went back to the fitting room, without even noticing the line of other girls who are going to fit their clothes.

She texted Bea that she will go out first and pay for their clothes.

"I'll meet you at coffeetea."

She left her clothes and ran to the cashier.

Kady and Blue weren't able to see her leave and they just keep on finding her.

Bea, on the other hand, did not saw the message since her phone was in her used jeans.

She took it after receiving Sheen's message and was not able to notice the notification and walked out showing off her fashion sense to the girls waiting in line for their turn for the fitting room.

Blue noticed her and immediately went to her, and as she watches Blue running towards her, she ran like crazy.


One of the sales lady stops her.

She still jogs while watching Blue follow her.

"I will just take the tags, Ma'am. Your friend already paid for this... okay, thank you for shopping!"

The sales lady smiles at her as she dashes off the shop.


Sheen called Bea after a while, she's ordering two coffeetea jelly at the place and saw Bea being chased by Blue.

"Answer!" Sheen watches as Bea runs while having fun like a kid but she suddenly noticed that her phone is ringing so she stop running.

"Stupid!" Sheen whispered while biting her nails.

Good thing there were a lot of people passing by between her and Kady and Blue. They weren't able to see her.

"Hello, where are you? You left me! I thought I was about to be a thief earlier."

"Stop that, run as fast as you can here at the coffeetea shop, I'm here. C'mon! There are still a lot of people covering you!"

Beas started running like a maniac with a huge smile on her face.

'Free~~' Bea thought.

"You're crazy."

"No, you're crazy. How can you laugh while those guys are following you?"

"Because, I don't know why are they following me. As if when they catch me, you will forgive them."

Sheen was not able to answer to what Bea said.

"Hmm, this is the best coffeetea!"

Bea sips her drink while Sheen checks multiple missed calls from Blue and Kady.

"Wait, is that them?"

Bea pointed behind Sheen.

Sheen then slowly looks behind her and adjusted to not be noticed.

"What the..."

Kady and Blue were searching around the shop while drinking their own coffeeteas.

"They look ridiculous," Sheen whispers as she take her drink and signals Bea to move out like a soldier.

Bea nods seriously since she's beginning to take this as play tag and they really need to avoid the two.

Sheen's waiting for Bea to move but she suddenly made a noise when she moved the chair too much and it fell.

"Bea!" Sheen shouted.

Bea run but unfortunately she slipped.

Her coffeetea jelly came flying and everyone watch as it falls down.


Bea shouted.

She reached her hand to catch it but someone caught it.

"Here," He was laughing while handing the drink to Bea while assisting her as well to stand up.

It's Blue who caught her drink.

"Don't run away again," he smirks.

Internally he was laughing while replaying what happened.

"Bea!" Sheen shouted and signaled her to stand up and ran.

She did but before she can leave the shop, she took another glance of Blue while blushing.

"Traitor!" Blue exclaimed before trying to catch them but Kady stops him.

"Stop, if Sheen doesn't want to talk to us, we don't have to chase her around. We look pathetic."

Kady looks around, people were laughing and talking about them.

"You'll let other people stop you from getting her again?" Blue walks towards the exit.

"That's why you don't deserve her."

Blue noticed that Sheen was standing still while talking to a guy.

"Who's that?" Blue tried to walk nearer and realize who she is talking to.

"Wyn." He clenched his fist.

"See, that pet of mine can get her." Blue walks opposite from Sheen.

Kady watches at Wyn holds Sheen in his arm while she has a painful expression.

"Can I never have her?" Kady whispers before following Blue without noticing that Sheen saw him leave.

'You don't love me, and you never will,' she thought before passing out.
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