The Writer“s Romance Chapter 14: She Found Out


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Two weeks have passed. Sheen took one month leave saying that she needs to focus on writing her book. She just stayed in her room for the past days since she took her leave and she's not lying with her excuse, she really is focusing on her book but it's also her excuse to forget what happened.

The window in her room's open. The wind blows inside while Sheen's writing another chapter for her book. Her room's a bit messy with papers scattered around. The trash bin's full and she's almost out of paper for her outlines.

Her hair's quite greasy after a few days without a bath.

"Gosh, it's so hot!"

She fans herself using the paper.

Summer's beginning to great her. The light outside is too bright for her eyes.

Her phone's been turned off since day one she took her leave. Gerwyn's been visiting her but she seldom sees him. She just let her mother say excuses for her and shoo him away.

After a few more minutes, she decided to take a bath and go out to buy papers.

While bathing in the tub, she decided to sort her feelings out about the past.

"He's stupid. Why did he do that? He said he wanted to save me from my relatives but he just left me after messing with my life," she sighed.

She knew that Kady was worried about her. Everyone was worried for her because they know her relatives, they hurt her with every mistake she does. They just want to use her to be able to attain higher positions, money, and fame.

It's also the same for her, she uses them for her family to leave a bit comfortable. With them, her father has a job, her mother can enjoy her life and she can get connections such as Kady and Blue.

"I just can't understand why can't he take responsibility for the mess he made. He just left, and... how am I supposed to believe that I was his first love if he rejected me," she laughs while thinking that it was impossible.

Time had passed, his feelings might have also changed and "Why do I care?"

She sank her face down the water and made bubbles from her mouth.

After getting dressed, she took her leave.

Her mother was asleep so she left without having to explain why she doesn't want any human interaction for a while. She noticed that she has gotten thinner because she's been skipping her meals for a while now.

Her dress was breathable because of her losing weight. She's wearing sandals and she had only brought her purse with her.

The wind as well is hot and it made her feel like burning. She forgot to bring an umbrella so she walked skipping the sun. She followed shadows of buildings to avoid the sunray.

When she arrived at the school supply store, the aircon suddenly made her feel chills due to its low temperature.

"God, I regret wearing this," she crossed her arms to feel her own warmth.

She immediately went to get the papers she needed but the lane in the cashier was a bit long so she needs to stay in the cold store.

Her lips were shaking and she continues to brush her arms with her hands. She was not the only one who's in the dilemma. There were girls who wear shorts, guys who wear sleeveless shirts.

She giggled from looking at them shiver as well. Suddenly someone put a jacket on her. She looked behind her and saw Gerwyn.

"Hey, you don't seem to be cold," he said sarcastically while laughing.

Sheen felt happy and guilty as well. Gerwyn has nothing to do with what happened but she closed her attention from him as well.

"Sorry," she said.

"Sorry because--"

"It's your turn," Wyn pointed at the cashier.

Sheen's the next one to pay. Gerwyn gave the cashier the payment which surprised Sheen.

"Hey, I will pay you later."

Sheen took the paper bag with her papers in it.

They immediately went outside and Sheen let the sun's heat touch her skin while giving back Wyn's jacket. The wind helped her regain her warmth as well.

"No need to pay, I just checked out the book I was planning to buy but it went out of stock so..."

Sheen just stands up under the sun while Wyn stands under the shadows.

He's been thinking about telling Sheen the truth. At least she can think about it while she's also having problems about Kady and Blue about the past but he's afraid that she will also turn to hate him.

Ever since they got engaged, they've been going out. They hang anytime of the day anywhere. They talk about things which usual concerns their job. Now Wyn regrets not asking questions about Sheen, about her life or who she is. He was not able to know the Sheen he needs to know to be able to understand and comfort her.

"Where will you go? I think I'll head back home," she said, still under the sun.

Now that he looked at her carefully, she looks cute in a summer dress. She's always using formal clothing since the first day he saw her. It's a new sight for him.

"Uh, I will..." he hasn't thought of going anywhere other than the school supplies especially that he's with Sheen now, he thought that he might grab the opportunity.

"Wait, did you loss weight?" He took her hand and looked at it.

"I think, yeah, since you notice I might've."

She looked at Wyn's hand. It was large and warm.

"Then, let's eat!"

They walked towards the nearest restaurant and sat on the table outside since the temperature inside establishments during this season are quite cold for her outfit. Wyn ordered heavy meals for them.

"So, care to tell me what happened to you?" Wyn rests his chin on his hand while smiling at Sheen.

"You know, you look like the Wyn I know before, carefree and cheerful. There's a part of me that says the first Wyn I saw is the real Wyn," she took a sip of her iced tea.

"Oh? Really?" He nervously laughed.

How can he be real if his identity is even fake. Sheen looks at him like he's also hiding something. It made her look paranoid to herself. After Cha told her what happened before, everyone looks suspicious to her.

It was not after a minute, Blue suddenly arrived. Sheen stood up the moment she saw him but Wyn holds her arm, "Let me talk to him," he said.

"Did you call him?" She points at Blue who looks pitiful.

"No, I don't know why he's here so let me talk to him," he went to Blue and drags him bit farther from Sheen who drinks her iced tea.

"Why are you here?" He grabbed Blue's arm because he was about to go to Sheen who then stands up at the sight of him.

"Stop! Why are you here?" Wyn signaled Sheen to sit.

"I just want to talk to her," his eyes are begging Wyn to let him go.

Since that day, Blue can't sleep from guilt and anger. He really should've told Sheen what was happening. She could've forgave him or even play with them. It was really for her good if Kady just accepted her confession.

"No, you see her? She's angry at you!" Wyn pointed Sheen who looks at him like an angry bird who's about to peck him the moment he will go near her.

"But I want to explain. I know I did wrong but I just thought it was for her," Blue scratched his arm.

"You know, I am her best friend. Whatever Kady is planning, I don't want to join him anymore," they were talking close to each other that they didn't noticed Sheen walking inside the restaurant and went out the other door which they were both standing.

"So, you stop pretending as her fiance. Let Kady ask her for marriage. Let her know she's originally engaged to him," Wyn looked at Blue while he was holding his chin.

He was about to decline when Sheen suddenly popped up from behind them.

"What did you say? I am not engaged to you, Wyn? I am not your fiance? And what?! I am orginally engaged to Kady?" She said with her hands clenched.

"Let me explain," Wyn held her arms while she tries to push him.

"Let us explain," Blue also started to hold her hand.

"No! Don't touch me! Both of you, stop! I hate you! You're liars! You played me, you made me look like a fool! And it's Kady, again! How much does he pay to do those things? I hate you!"

Her tears started to flow. Her anger made her quite strong and slapped Wyn which startled her.

"Sorry, no... I hate you!" She mumbles before running away.

Wyn was left with the pain in his cheeks. His hands were clenched and he suddenly punched Blue that made him fall down.

"Hey! What was that for?" Blue holds his cheeks angrily.

"She didn't slapped you, it should be you! I like her, do you know that? I like her so much! But now, you're telling me to stop? Are you crazy? I won't back down even if it's Kady.. even if it's you. I will claim what's mine and I'll get her. If she's with me, she'll never be played around or be hurt."
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