The Writer“s Romance Chapter 11: Frenemy


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Sheen stretched her body.

She woke up like she had a complete sleep even though it's only 6 hours.

"I thought that if you get older, you will feel more tired? Seems like my first day as a 28-year-old lady is not so bad."

Her mother said that the guys left early so she won't have any problems with facing Kady.

She took a shower and puts on a peach pencil skirt with a cream colored blouse.

For some reason she felt so beautiful, she puts on light makeup and curled her hair.

"Hm, perfect!"

She took a trench coat then left.

"Oh la la~ What's with you? You're blooming! What happened last night?"

Lucy was reading an article when she arrived.

"Nothing, I think because I already let him go?"

'Really? Did I?' she asks herself after saying that she did.

"Oh, so Sir Kady is no longer your honey bear? It's already your fiance? Lee Mar's Heir, right?"

She took her seat, "Yeah, maybe. I still don't know. I'm not sure."

"What? You're not sure that you have moved on or you're not sure about your fiance?"

Lucy was typing something that was similar to the article she was just reading that caught her eyes,


She leaned towards Lucy's laptop.

"Cha Vie. One Of 'The Successful Woman' Nominee For This Year. "

She read it again and again until it sinks in, 'She'll always be better than me,' she thought.

Her face got sad which is noticeable because she was full of happiness the moment she entered the room.

"Oh, what? I smell something fishy. I also noticed, she was the former lover of Sir Kady during their college-- I mean, your college years."

Lucy's eyebrows raises like she's waiting for something.

"Nothing, past is past. I'm happy for her, that's all."

She remembered how Cha and Kady slap on her face that she's out of her first love's league.

Cha was very pretty, she's very sophisticated and smart. She's a classic lady. Everyone loves her. Even though they had some arguments before, Sheen knows that Cha is really lovable. She never hated her. She's just... jealous.

"Okayyyy. If that's what your face says... I want to know!"

Lucy closed her laptop, she turns to Sheen and made her look at her.

"Tell me." She whispers.

Sheen sighed, rolling her eyes.

Lucy is a very good listener and she is really good with making people spill beans with her eyes.

"Okay, she... Cha, she's Kady's first love. She was our classmate since we were in high school. Even though she took a field that was too different from ours, they always had time to meet. We, Blue and I, we're always with them. Haha, id you would see us before. We look like we're having double dates all the time. I, ugh, I'm so rude because I confessed to Kady when they were still together. Maybe that's why my relatives got angry and called me names, maybe that is why they cut their connection with us, maybe that is why they broke up."

She sniffs, she feels as if she'll have a running nose, her eyes also warmed up, her throat ached, her chest tightened, her heart broke.

'I need to internalize this to be able to forget him,' she thought while feeling every muscle in her body ache.

"Oh, I see." After seeing Sheen with her broken heart, she knew that she will never get over Kady. If someone would just pull her out of her misery, if someone will be brave enough to help her mend her broken pieces, if someone will let her grieve for her past self, she'll be fine.

"See? I told you it's nothing. Let's go back to work."

She turned to her desk and started typing.

Lucy was watching her tears fall down her cheek.

Sheen didn't even realize she's crying.

'Aw, honey. I know you'll be fine someday with someone like---'

Lucy suddenly saw Blue.

She rushed to him who was talking to their co-worker but she pulled him.

"I need to borrow," she said to their co-worker.

She checked Sheen who was busy with typing before she pulled Blue outside their office.

"What is it, Lucy? I need to do something."

Blue said he looked like as if he wasn't able to sleep.

"Hm? You look tired?" She asks while making circles on her eyes, showing that Blue has dark circles.

"Oh, I just saw my beloved last night mutters I love you to the person I thought she hates while she sleeps peacefully on his arms."

He said fast but Lucy did understand.

"Wow, what movie? I like that."

Lucy knows that Blue's hopeless in love with Sheen and he loves to imagine himself in movies with Sheen because they always end up together in the end.

"Shut up. What?"

He looks really irritated, he was pushing Lucy softly.

"Wait, You were courting Sheen, right? She said yes to you," she said.

"No. I was just joking. She's pranked. No, I am not courting an engaged woman." Blue looked away, his expression shows he's hurt but Lucy just continued on bugging him.

"No, you need to stay with her. I think she's not really in love with that fiance, and she's moving on from Kady so you need to move! This is the perfect time to be her best friend."

Lucy excitedly said.

Blue looked at her confused,

"What do you really want? Be her best friend or woo her?"

Lucy smirked.

"Both. Come here."

She pulled Blue's ears near to her, he's a bit tall so he needs to lean.

"Be her best friend while she's on her way out of Kady's love and before she can even let her fiance enter her heart, win her!"

Lucy's the ultimate shipper of them.

The moment she found out that Sheen's best friend is in love with her, she already prayed to the gods to let them end up together.

She once told Sheen that a best friend is the best lover you can have because she did marry her best friend and she wants Sheen to do the same.

Something lighted in Blue's brain. A light bulb lighted a way for Sheen's heart but he can't afford to risk their friendship

"I... don't know. I don't want to hurt her or lose her."

He held his own arms, trying to protect himself from getting hurt.

"You gotta try..." She teased.

But Sheen suddenly appeared,

"Try what?"

Blue and Lucy got surprised, they looked at her weirdly.

"What?"Sheen asked.

She was about to throw a bunch of paper to the trash that was behind them.


They both made a way for her.

She just looked at her with suspicion but she suddenly remembered something when she laid her eyes on Blue.

"You have to say something to me, right?"

She threw the papers.

Lucy signaled Blue to do it before entering the office.

"Yeah. I-- can we talk later. Lunch? I am really in a hurry."

Sheen looked at his hands fidgeting.

He does that when he's stressed or in a very uncomfortable situation.

He holds a very thick folder.

"Okay, seems like you're really busy. Lunch. I'll message you where."

She sighed.


Blue said and was about to leave when he looked back at Sheen,

"Thanks, Sheen."

He smiled at her then left.

"What was that?"

That was the first time that Blue smiled at her that way.

'Why did he looked so sparkly?' she blushed.

She slapped her face, "Stupid!"

It was already lunch time, she told Lucy that she need to talk to someone so she can leave her.

She went to their regular restaurant then messaged Blue that she's already there.

The seat beside the window got her attention, that's where she confessed to Kady before.

She smiled then took another table.

After ordering, a familiar face surprised her.


She took the menu from the waitress' hand,

"Go, I'll order again," she said.

The waitress looked at her weirdly while leaving.

'Gosh, why is she here?'

After a while, Blue messaged her.

"Do you see Cha? We will talk about what you heard so choose a seat that is near her so you can listen to our conversation."

'What? Are you crazy? What if she see me? But, I'm curious,' she smirked.

She looked for Cha who already choose a table. She slowly walks to the table next to her while trying to avoid her.

"Okay, I'm here. Where are you?" She replied to Blue.

She's already on her seat.

She took glances of Cha who still looks beautiful as always.

Suddenly Blue appeared.

He saw her then winked before seating with Cha.

'What the! He's really crazy!' she thought while covering her face, 'What if she noticed?'

"You look nice." Cha greeted.

"You look pregnant." Blue answered.

Sheen's eyes widened, 'Pregnant?'

"Of course, I am pregnant. Have you received the wedding invitation?"

Cha's voice was as soft as ever.

"Not yet, is Sierra invited?" Blue asks, they were holding their menu while the waiter stands beside them.

"Of course, I was thinking about making her as one of my bride's maid but I know she'll decline."

Blue looked at Cha then he looked at Sheen who's looking at Cha.

"Try asking her. It's been years."

Blue still looks at Sheen who felt down after hearing about the invitation.

"Uhm, then ask her. If she'll say yes, then good but if not, then she's still invited. I wished she'd call me even once I feel like she still hates me."

Cha finished giving her orders, Blue took his favorites.

"Well, she did hate you because of your plays."

Blue took a sip of water.

"If you'll explain what happened, she'll get angry but she'll understand especially if Kady will explain with you."

Blue looked at Sheen, she's already eating her favorite.

'Are you listening?' Blue texts.

Sheen looked at her phone beside her plate then she looked at Blue and nods.

Cha can't help but notice that he's been looking behind her with weird expressions,

'Who's that? Elgeen?'

She took her phone and opened the front camera.

She moved it to see who's behind her.

'Sheen?' she got surprised.

Sheen and Blue were busy with eating their food so they didn't notice what Cha did.

'Then I'll let everything spill out. So she'll not hate me anymore!' she thought then smiles while her food was being served which Blue sees as her excitement for her food.

'Let the game begin, Kady!' Cha starts to dig in.


"Hachoo!" Kady suddenly sneezed while eating his lunch then he got shivers down on his spine.
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