The Writer“s Romance Chapter 10: I love you


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"Mom! Why do you have to do that?"

Sheen took her Mom inside her room while the three guys were quarreling themselves.

"Because I am tired of you sulking every time I mention Kady. Whatever happened in the past, let it stay in the past. Darling, you're already 28. You have Gerwyn, why not let Kady be your friend again."

Her Mom may have hated Kady in the past, she hated him like Sheen but it's been years.

Her Mom brushes Sheen's hair while looking at her sweetly. Sheen took her hand then rests her face on it for a second, feeling her warmth and love.

"Okay, for you. I'd try my best but I can't promise you that we'll be like before."

She smiles sweetly at her mother who hugs her before they went out.

Sheen arrived in a very shocking scene, Kady, Blue, and Wyn were laughing about a vine they saw in MeTube.

They were facing opposite from Sheen so they didn't recognize her.

She stood there for a while, 'I hope we can be like this forever but..'

Kady looked behind him, making eye contact with Sheen who was smiling.

'...I hate you for making me a fool.' she thought.

"Sheen," Kady said.

He stands up walking towards her when Wyn and Blue stopped him by grabbing his hand.

"Hey! We're still watching!" Blue exclaimed.

He then saw Sheen standing, he waved his hand.

"Hey! Ready to celebrate?" He asks.

Wyn stands up, walking to Sheen who smiled at him.

"Happy birthday to you~" He started singing.

'Damn that voice,' Sheen noted.

Her Mom and Blue then joined the singing.

They were all singing joyfully when Sheen saw Kady standing behind, he was looking at them with smiling face but sad eyes.

'This is it, I'll make up with him,' she thought when she went to him with open arms.

"Hey, where's my song?" She said while holding his arms.

'It still aches but I may get over you if I let myself feel that we can never be together.' she thought while unconsciously caressing his hand.

They both didn't recognize the gesture but the three behind can see it, and Blue with Wyn can't help but feel that they somewhat lost.

Sheen's Mom saw Wyn's reaction, making her feel scared for a moment so she pulled Sheen to the table while still singing happy birthday.

"Happy birttttthday toooooo youuuuuuuuu~"

All of them sang in unison. They all looked so happy, especially Kady because he felt that the heavy load in his heart and mind disappeared.

"Blow the candle!" Blue said while holding Sheen's shoulder behind her.

She then blew it while wishing, 'I hope everything will fall in their proper places.'

"It's too late, can you stay for the night? It's dangerous to travel at this time." Sheen's Mom worriedly said while looking at Kady, Blue, and Wyn preparing to go.

They spent almost 4 hours, Sheen had a karaoke room and they all know how to sing which became a mini-contest to win Sheen's favor but as always, she liked Wyn the most.

"We can stay?" Blue and Wyn said in unison with sparkling eyes.

"Thank you, Mrs. Verrez. We will accept your offer." Kady said then smiled charmingly at Sheen's mother making her swoon.

Blue and Wyn mimick him funnily.

"THaNk YoU, MrS. VeRreZ. WE WiLl AcCepT YOurOFfEr. BLAhhahahahahah Thank you, Ma'am."

They were showed which room they can take.

"Here's Sheen's room. You can either call me or her *wink* if you need anything, we have clothes inside the rooms. If YOU NEED ANYTHING you can always call her... or me."

She then left with her i-want-my-daughter-get-laid look.

Blue and Wyn looked at each other with that weird expression after knowing where Sheen's room is.

Kady went inside his room.

Blue and Wyn went to knock at Sheen's room.

They both fixed their hair and clothes when they heard her coming.

When the door opened, they got shocked to see Sheen's no make up look.

'Damn girl, you're prettier that way.' they both thought.

She looks more young and innocent with her natural look.

"What are you staring at? I like onesies so get out."

She was about to close the door when they notice she really was wearing a rabbit onesie.

Blue stopped her from closing the door, 'She's so cute,' he thought.

Wyn was starstruck by her onesie, 'I want one too, so we can have a couple onesie.' he thought.

Blue noticed that he was too focused with Sheen so he cleared his throat to return his consciousness.

"Ah, we, uh." Wyn was looking for an excuse to see Sheen a bit longer and he knows Blue also thinks the same so he whispered, "What excuse?"

Blue looked at him angrily, 'Stupid.'

"Uh, we need clothes." He said.

Wyn then nodded extremely.

"It's in your room. In the cabinet. We have different sizes. What else?"

She looked annoyed and tired,

"Uh, nothing else." Blue got scared with her look so he took his leave.

"And you, Wyn? What else?" She smiled at him.

"Nothing, I just want to see you. Have a good night, happy birthday once again. Sleep well." He whispered then kissed her forehead.

She smiled then said her good nights to Wyn.

They didn't notice that Kady was watching them from his room, 'Tch.'

"Yes, Cha. I want them down! Also, can you ask your sister, Elgeen to have a date with Blue? I know that she has a crush on him since we were kids."

"Aw, you just want everyone out of your way. Just like before."

"Yes. Just like before."

"So you don't want me to play as your first love anymore?"

"No need. I just want them to stay away from her."

"You sound so threating. They might see you as an enemy now, she might get angry at you again. Are you not afraid?"

"No, I will make sure that I will not hurt her again."


Kady finished showering and is already wearing pajamas, Cha called him after receiving his emails. Cha has been his best partners in crime, she helped him do things that can manipulate people and she even played as his first love just to make Sheen's relative arrange a marriage for him and Sheen but unexpectedly they just want the money without another kind of connection other than business to avoid problems.

Cha is already engaged to the most popular actor in their whole country, she also owns the famous restaurant in their city.

He can't destroy her public image so he asked her to do the private ones.

He looked outside the window, seeing the most familiar scene he had when he was just a kid. The park can be seen, where they played all day before. The swing Sheen's father made was still hanging by the tree in their backyard.

He smiled while remembering their memories.

Suddenly he heard a sound outside, everyone should be sound asleep now.

It's past 2 A.M.

He went out to check, going down the living room, he saw the light was turned on.

Sheen was drinking a glass of water in the kitchen and got chocked by it when she saw him standing like a ghost.

"Hey *ahem ahem* why *ahem* are you still awake?" She asks trying to speak clearly.

He went to her, caressing her back.

They used to do that when they were young, saying that water will go down if they did that.

"There, there. I heard something. I check. You know that." He said.

After feeling better she went to sit in the living room.

"I have pass 20 chapters next week right? I have to write." She said while holding her pen and paper.

"I can't think of anything for the next chapters." She added while looking at him.

She was like begging him to say that she needs to rests and he did get that.

"Rest for now. You can sleep for now, as if there's time left to have a good sleep but at least rest. It's your birthday."

He folded his arms to his chest, looking at her almost-crying-happily face.

"Thank you, President! Don't blame me if I passed less than 20 next week." She said while smiling, her panda eyes made her look so stressful for him.

"Okay, I need 18 then." He said while laughing.

"Okay! Good night, Kady." She said.

She stands up but she suddenly got dizzy, falling down on her knees.

"Gosh, I feel bad." She said while massaging her head.

Kady rushed to her, "What's wrong? What is it?" He looked so worried that Sheen pinched his nose, "I'm sleepy."

He sighed heavily, pinching her cheeks, "Okay, I'll carry you."

Sheen wasn't able to reply because she already asleep in his arms.

He carried her properly in his arms in a bridal way.

"You still smell like lavender." He whispered while sniffing her hair that is resting in his chest.

'Someday, I'll be able to do this every night.' He chuckled then kissed her forehead.

In Sheen's dream she was being carried by her husband after their wedding, she smiled then muttered " I love you," which stopped Kady in his tracks.

"I love you too."
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