The Writer“s Romance Chapter 1: Chapter 1:


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Early February, the temperature is still cold and the weather is a color Sheen would describe, pale blue. It's a color that makes you feel the coldness and the warmth that the sky will make you feel.

Light clouds surround the vast sky which mixes with the sun's Ray's during sunset and sunrise.

Sheen covers her eyes while looking up, covered in a fluffy cream-colored jacket, she is on her way to pass an initial plot for her new novel this coming December.

Before her college graduation, she had two national awards for writers: Best Teen Novel Writer and Influencer of the Year, from a single book that she was writing during her college days.

Her books are like new series shown on the television, it catches everyone's attention.

It becomes a talk in the street and a trending hashtag, it is something that everyone knows.

But not everyone knows the author's real name since she only publishes with her pen name: Sheen. Only her co-workers, family and friends know who she is, Sierra Haley Eureka Ellaine Neomi Verrez or Sheen.

With her not-very-long-name, not only she chooses Sheen as her public identity, but it is also to keep her own world on her hands and her writing world to the outside.

As she walks to her office, she stumbles upon a familiar face.

Someone she would not want to see but is dying to see.

The irony and the contradiction, makes her heart beat thousands faster than normal, her face burns a higher degree, her whole body stuck at the last movement.

The person who made her that way saw her pathetic state but for some reason, didn't react and made his way out of her sight, as if she was not there, as if there was nothing to give attention to.

After some time, Sheen had collected herself and continued walking, but her mind got stuck to the pair of eyes she saw and missed so badly which made her forget where her office is and found herself in front of the mirror while tears are flowing from her eyes. "I still..." was the only words that she uttered, incomplete yet full of the feeling she keeps.

Pain, love, and longing.

She wiped her tears with some tissue she has and retouched her makeup to hide the redness around her eyes. She then went to her office.

"Sheen, a lady whose heart was broken by a man who she loved the most, is a famous national author. The books she writes are about romance yet she never really did experience romance itself. We made a call with the author of Leaving on a public plane to answer some questions."

The television echoed around the office when she arrived, the interview she had yesterday is now on air.

Since she is an unknown writer, they have decided to just have a call interview instead of going to the show.

She silently seats down as her co-workers watch the show.

"So, how come you have never been in a romance? You told us in your last interview that you have been in love before yet here you are, an untouched romance novelist."

She remembered how that question made her feel yesterday, it questioned her view of herself about her relationship with her first love.

Many didn't understand what she said in her last interview. "Let me clarify that, yes, I fell in love. But I was the only one in love.

You see, romance is something that is created from two individuals who shares and feels the same.

You can't have a romantic relationship with someone who doesn't feel what you feel." As the words penetrate her ears, she smiled.

Those were something that she would write in her novels. The pain of unrequited love from a romance writer.
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