The Woman in My Dream Chapter 1: Who are you?


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"Hey you crazy trash!"
"Are you stupid or something?"
"I will kill you!"

I shouted in the middle of the crowd but no one even notice it. "I really am dead" I whispered to myself, feeling stupid for trying to prove that this is a dream. "what a disgrace" I sigh.

"Hey" a soft voice said. I look at the direction of the voice and saw a woman wearing a floral black dress with a red hat.

"Are you talking to me?"

"Huh? who else would I talk to!?" she answerrd sarcastically.

"You can see me?" I was more suprise that she can see me so I wasn't able to feel pissed when she talk that way.

"Like duh? Who wont notice a man that keeps on shouting in the middle of the street?"

"..." I'm starting to feel mad. "But others can't see me."

"Hmm. Really?"


"Do you want to meet me?"

I frowned because I'm getting confused. "We are talking ro each other right now, doesn't this count as meeting you, lady?

"I guess I ran out of time"

"Huh? what are you...

"you have to return now"

"Wait! whaaaaaa..." "..." "Ouch!!! ... Huh? my room?" My back is in pain caused by falling off my bed. I touched my butt as I look around and saw my whole room. "It's just a dream? thanks God!" I said in gratitude. I lay back to my bed and rest for a while.
"Curt!!! Wake up or you'll be late!" a horrodious voice had said and I was startled that I fell again.
"Hey! Curt, are going to wake up or you want me to beat you up?" the voice is getting near as I hear the foot steps coming from the stairs. I was about to stand up when the owner of the voice arrived.
"Curt!!! Wake up its already past 7:30" I was about to stand up but I was shocked to see her face.
"What the? you should have told me that your already awake."
"The... The... woman..."
"Hmm? woman? what woman?"
"The woman from my dream!"
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