The Weapon Master's Transmigration Chapter 35: Libra's Abilities Pt. 2


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Eva froze when she saw the random stranger in their house and unconsciously clutched her bunny tighter.

She scanned the room and felt relieved when she saw her Papa looking at her from across his seat.

She breathed in and out and then sprinted like crazy to her father and clung to his thigh as if her life depended on it.

To the observers, it was really funny and comedic because she resmebled a little penguin wobbling.

"D-Dad... As much as I love on how you're back so soon... W-Who is that person?"

Cole didn't know what face to put on when he was looking at his 5 year old daughter's face.

It looked like she was about to cry with tears ready to spill out of her big eyes.

'Is Papa goin to replace me? Is that why he was nice to me for the past 2 months? No... No...'

Cole had a feeling that Eva was thinking of some absurd thoughts and that's when he noticed something.

As he stared into Eva's eyes, he could see a small, silver scale slowly tilting to the right and as it did so, starting from the right scale, it was slowly turning to black.

When Cole saw his, he lifted up Eva and put her on his lap and hugged her as he slowly patted her back.

"Hai...hai... Don't cry you crybaby. If you think I'm going to replace you with that prick over there, I won't."

Eva stopped holding back her tears and stared at her Papa.

"Y-You really won't?"

"Of course I won't. Now be agood girl and go back to your room for a bit."

Cole wiped Eva's tears away and put her back on the ground. Eva then wiped the remainig traces of her tears off the face of not Earth and ran back to her room upstairs.

'...Taking care of a kid is tiring.'


Cole let out a sigh as he watched Eva go up the stairs and leaned his head on the table.


Cole said in a voice that was barely audible to the people around him.

'That's why mom said it was worth it, right?'


And then, the cause of making Eva cry in the first place had a devious grin on their androgynous face.


"It's nothing, I was just thinking that the apathetic bastard I saw only a few hours actually wasn't such a person at all!"

Libra sneaked over to Cole and taunted him as xe crept near hus shoulder.

A vein appeared on Cole's head and he did not look happy.

"It depends on who I'm with. So that means that if I were be forced to choose to show my beloved the horrible sight of a body of an annoying dual haired idiot ruining my day, I would rather console her later than risking both of our own sanity."

Libra's grin froze and they went back to the kitchen counter in a heartbeat because xe had a feeling that if they didn't, something would be taken away and thrown into the trash, and it wouldn't be a lollipop this time.

"Y-You know what? I'll just tell you more of my abilities. I-I'll summarize it so you can go back to your kid."

Felicia went to go get some refreshments while Cole relaxed his sitting position to show he was listening.

'Maybe I shouldn't have made a contract with this dude.'

Libra breathed in and out and did their best to convince themselves that they did not regret their decision.

"I already told you about my〈Passive Ability〉, I only have one skill and it's pretty broken. Oh, thank you."

Felicia had given Libra a glass of orange juice and went to Cole again.

Cole was given a simple glass of ice water and a peanut butter sandwich.



There was this small moment of silence before Libra went back to talking.

"Pwah! That was some nice juice. Anyway, the skill's name is called〈Influence〉"


Cole thought of what kind of effects the skill could have as he munched on his peanut butter sandwich.

'Aah... Peanut Butter is the best... Except for those that have an allergy.'

But he was more focused on the sandwich.

"...Basically it allows you to "influence" the balance of certain things. Like gravity, altitude. It can make a person trip and... Why? What is it, Cole?"

Libra was about to continue explaining more about the skill when Cole raised a hand to stop Libra from going any further.

Felica was shaking in fear when she heard Libra talk about the skill.

'Influencing the balance of things... Isn't that too broken...?!'

Cole also realized this and decided to question Libra more about the skill.

"Umm... Isn't this really broken?"

"The skill itself has its limits. You can just check it yourself in your〈Status〉"

"Oh yeah, that's right."

Cole completely forgot about the fact that he could see his own〈Status〉

It was mostly due to it being not that much of an important factor in his life living in the〈Neutral Zone〉

If he was in the〈Fantasia Zone〉, he would probably use it a lot due to the large presence of monsters in the place.

Cole recited out〈Status〉and he then skipped the basic info on him and went straight to the details of his new skills.


〈Influence〉: SS

▶ Allows the user to influence the balance of any object or factor in the environment. The amount of influence exerted is wholly reliant on how much mana is poured into the skill.

▶ You cannot affect factors such as

〈Affection〉,〈Bad Intent〉and others.

▶ Because of the skill's reliance on mana, it has been rates as only an SS-classed skill.


After reading this, Cole put on a devilish smirk and it seemed he would up to no good with his new skill.

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