The Weapon Master's Transmigration Chapter 34: Libra's Abilities


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While the meeting between a Trap and a Maid was taking place, Cole was busy cooling his head off in the shower.



The water coming out from the showerhead constantly left Cole's hair dripping wet and highlighted his manly features.

His-- You know what, f*ck it. I'm not gonna take the time and effort to describe how a dude looked handsome while taking a f*cking shower.


Cole leaned his head on the cold surface of the bathroom walls and pondered to himself.

'*sigh*... It looks like Felicia got over her issue already. I was expecting that I would have to make those melodramatic scenes that would allow us to gain intimacy, but looks like I didn't have to do that.'

Cole was actually happy about that fact because he himself knows that it's not easy to face things head on.

Despite how small or trivial those things may be.

Cole turned off the showerhead and got a towel to dry his hair and put on a fluffy and warm bathrobe.

He looked into a nearby mirror and decided to inspect himself for a bit.

The metal frames on his face were as shiny as ever and his headphones didn't have any problems.

Another thing that he had noticed before in the past 2 months was the black exoskeleton that was connected to the metal frame around his face.

'I guess this is where, Altair? I think her name was connected the jack.'

The exoskeleton only covered his spine and that was it. Cole hadn't done any experimenting with his body yet since he decided to put it off for later due to the risks it carried.

After all, It wasn't as if he was just a simple blob of slime or a humanoid form with animal ears and a tail.

He decided he would go ask the other Mechanicas in〈S.T.E.L.L.A〉when he got the chance tomorrow.

"I should go explore the〈Fantasia Zone〉some time. I can visit Val when I do so to."

After he was done, "checking himself out" Cole exited out of the bathroom and saw Libra doing some kind of test on Felicia on the dining table.


He felt like asking what they were doing but figured that Libra nor Felicia would be stupid enough to do something dangerous.

On second thought, maybe Libra would be stupid enough to do so.

Cole went to his bedroom to go put on some clothes and when he came back out again, he could see a gray set of balance scales floating on top of Felicia.

The scales seemed to be perfectly balanced but they were tilted slightly to the right.

The difference was so small that you wouldn't notice it at first glance.

"Ooh! You're pretty balanced in your life!"

"Um... Thank you?"

"What are you doing?"

Libra and Felicia switched their gzes to the approaching Cole.

"Nothing much. I was only checking her


Libra nonchalantly answered while Felicia's eyes were fixated on Cole.

"...Is something wrong?"

With Cole's question, Felicia snapped back to reality and answered...

"No, it's just that I thought you looked good in your clothes."

Cole was simply wearing a dark blue that was nearly black sweater that slightly covered his hands and a normal pair of home pants.

She said the compliment without any kind of embarrassment and it wasn't like the kind of praise you would give out to your bias or stan due to your sheer admiration for them.

It was more like that for a close friend.

Wholehearted and filled with goodwull, with no shame due to you being proud of it.

Cole gave a soft smile to her compliment and said thanks.

He then pulked out a chair and sat next to her and began to interrogate Libra.

"Libra, what do you exactly mean by checking her balance. I saw a pair of scales floating on top of her head while you did that.

Cole looked again to Felicia's head and he could still see it.

"Oh, that's just a〈Passive Skill〉you get from me. I just reactivated it now. It allows you to see the〈Balance〉of a person's life."

Cole looked at Libra and said with some confusion.

"〈Balance〉? What do you mean?"

'Is it karma-based balance, healthy living balance? Social life?'

As Cole sank into his thoughts on how something like that could be turned into a weapon, Libra began to ransack the kitchen for any sweet stuff.

"Umm, Libra... When you said that I had

a pretty balanced life, what did you mean?"

Libra grabbed a lollipop she found and leaned on the kitchen counter as xe unwrapped the plastic wrapper.

They then popped it into their mouth and said...

"As in you have a balanced level of doing good things and bad things. It impossible to only do good things in your entire lifespan. So this is the second best thing. As for the stud next to you..."

Libra removed the lollipop from their mouth and used it to point at Cole.

"...Let's say he has a few problems..."

Libra was about to pop the lollipop back in their mouth before realizing that it had been snatched away and dumped into the nearby trash can by some metal strings.

They then faced the obvious culprit who had a disgusted face directed to


"...Don't point your saliva covered, chocolate flavored lollipop at me. It's better to keep food in your mouth."






"... Felicia!! Is there still ice cream..."

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