The Weapon Master's Transmigration Chapter 33: Maid Meets Trap


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Eva walked up to the door before Felicia had the chance to do so.

'...Oh... I'm too small...'

Eva ended up realizing the harsh reality and froze at the door.

When Felicia came up to the door, she let another smile put and brushed the depressing thoughts away.

Felicia held onto the handle of the door but didn't open it just yet.

Felicia glanced for a bit at Eva and then placed her hand on top of her head.


Her eyes flashed for a moment before Eva was teleported somewhere else.

Felicia then shifted her gaze back to the door and brought out her hidden knife in her skirt.

She fiddled with it a bit before throwing the knife right through the door.

It went through a small portal and then a few seconds, Felicia could hear a slight thud outside the door.

She then slowly opened the door, revealing a man, covered with dark-purple scales. He had two black horns coming out from his head and blue blood leaking out from a knife stabbed at the back of his head.

Felicia pulled out a handkerchief and flipped the unknown man's body over, as if she didn't want to dirty her hands.

Her eyes were extremely cold and unfeeling as she did this. And anyone who stared into them would immediately have sweat running down their backs.

The body was dressed in attire native to the〈Demon Realm〉and the man's face was now stilled forever in shock.

Felicia scanned the body from up to down and noticed a strange crest pinned on the left side of his chest.

It had a hexagonal shaped base that was colored purple with a red coffin decorated with numerous black horns.

'The〈Fantasia Zone〉, huh... What would they want with us...?'

Felicia covered her hand with the handkerchief and searched the Demon's pockets.

Inside one of the pockets was a small, blue sphere.

"Hmm... I feel like I've seen this before..."

She juggled the sphere in her hands and tried inserting some mana in it.

The sphere glowed softly and then displayed various intel about Cole.

Felicia skimmed the contents and noted that it was probably the previous Cole.

'Damn, this boy was a novice. Even bringing your target's details and that even had the mission objective.'

Felicia started causually playing with he sphere as she teleported the corpse and the blood away.

"*Sigh*... Cole probably wouldn't cause a situation like this to happen."

Felicia lied down on the house's porch and looked at the dull sky spreading above her.

"Eva's right. I'm living with my idol so I should I appreciate it more... But..."

Felicia then became a tomato and started rolling uncontrollably on the wooden porch.


As for the Eva that came to her senses and was greeted with the sight of her mother figure flailing on the floor like a toddler...


...She wished for her father to come back and deal with Felicia already.

Eva went down with her favorite stuffed toy to the library to go kill time.



Felicia snapped out mid-roll and clicked on a little notification bell that had appeared in the corner of her eye.

A message then spread out before her and simply said:

『Sender: Cole


Pick me up.』

Felicia sat up and took a deep breath to calm herself down.

She swiped the message away and went to go pick up her idol.














10 minutes later


Felicia had teleported Cole back to their house but she was giving him weird stares.

Well, it wasn't exactly him but the trap that was being carried like a sack with him.

"...Umm... Cole? What is that?"

Cole didn't answer immediately and observed Felicia for a bit.

'She doesn't seem that bothered by what happened last night...'

"This? My spirit. And I got the job."

After having said that, Cole dropped the sack on the ground and went to go take a shower.


It seems that the shock from fallibg woke the trap up.

"...Ouch... Wait, where am I?"

Libra looked at their newfound surroundings with confusion and their pair of eyes ended up meeting with a pair of grey ones.

"...Umm... Hello?"

Felicia waved awkwardly to Libra and tried her best to give a natural smile.

That was the first meetig between the Maid and the Trap.

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