The War of Gods Chapter 3: Reincarnation [3]


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Nova sat down on his uncomfortable straw mattress. It was covered with some coarse cotton, but some straws pricked his back through the material. Nova wouldn't be concerned with such simple objects normally, but that was because he had been an Archmage - even if his bed wasn't expensive, it was still comfortable enough for him to have sufficient rest after a bout of experimentation.

However, in the extreme North where resources were scarce, this was the treatment for a Beginner Noviciate. Nova disrobed himself, which wasn't difficult because he wasn't wearing much. There was one overwashed tunic that exposed half his calves and a simple Noviciate Robe that had a Senate of Magic Badge on it.

[Samuel von Persia - Beginner Noviciate]

Samuel seemed somewhat shorter than the perfect height, but there was room to grow. Nova didn't care much about appearances, but even he could tell that Samuel was handsome. Tousled hair that was as dark as night and prominent, sharp features that would make women swoon. Alas, the Magician Society did not put many points towards looks.

Some female Magicians might fancy him and turn him into one of their servants to vent their desires on, but nothing good would ever come out of handsomeness without the power to back it up. Nova remembered a Master Magician who was known as Yang-Snatching Fiend. It was somewhat disgusting to a straight person such as him, but thousands had passed through his doorway at night in exchange for a favour or backers.

Nova put on his tunic and sat on his bed to scan through his new memories. The Chariot of Amun-Ra, even forsaken and neglected, continued to make its rounds across the sky, and soon it was morning again.


Nova had gone through the memories of Noviciate Samuel, but it seemed that Samuel hadn't been a good person. Frederick von Persia, Samuel's Father, was the Duke of the East Kingdom. Samuel had been pampered since birth and grew up to become arrogant and overconfident. Samuel would visit the Snow Spring Brothel each night, drinking himself drunk before spending the night inside the Brothel doing some... inappropriate actions.

However, the previous Samuel had mistaken the adolescent Ninth Prince for a girl, kidnapping and forcing himself upon him even upon discovering his true gender. The Emperor was furious and the Duke sent him away to the extreme North of the East Kingdom, hoping that hardship would temper his son.

Samuel had spent four months here and had become a Beginner Noviciate. It wasn't a notable achievement, but Samuel had boasted about it and somehow offended the Intermediate Noviciate Edwin. The North didn't have much vegetation, and those that could sustain themselves here would have their own defensive measures but Edwin had several homegrown and self-concocted poisons and even if they couldn't affect Official Magicians, it was an impressive feat.

Edwin had become one of the subordinates of one of the four Psuedo-Magicians that resided in North Cardinal Castle and with his backer keeping him safe from consequences, poisoned Samuel. The Black Finger Poison could give him a stroke and had the added effect of weakening his Soul. It was this poison that had made it much easier for Nova to fuse with Samuel.

Nova exited his room, descending towards the Marketplace.

North Cardinal Castle was rather deceiving. Outside, it seemed to be a desolate and neglected fortress, but inside had about eight hundred Noviciates and one Official Magician. The Marketplace was bustling even in the morning. Nova squeezed his way through the crowd, listening to the exclamations, arguments and discussion that was occurring.

"Snow Orchid at 7 Gold!"

"Anti-Hex Charm for 20 Orbs!"

The East Kingdom Currency had 10 Copper Coins to 1 Silver Coin, and 10 Silver Coins to 1 Gold. Spirit Orbs didn't have a stable or fixed cost but would cost around 100 Gold for 1 Orb. Most Magical Herbs would have their costs counted in Gold, and some in Spirit Orbs.

Nova opened his pouch, seeing about seventy Spirit Orbs and two hundred Gold Coins inside. Duke Ferdinand wasn't poor and could provide for several resident Master Magicians in their Noble House, so paying for the expenses of one Noviciate wasn't taxing for them. Samuel would get around 100 Spirit Orbs each month, which was more than enough for even a Pseudo-Magician. Nova checked his memories, wondering how Samuel could have splurged so many Spirit Orbs in one month that he wouldn't have savings at all.
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