The Vampire Project Chapter 47: I Can See Her Every Smile


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Tyler went to their most favorite place when Ara's still alive. In a cliff where they can have a great view of the forest underneath them. The moments they shared together, the hugs and the kisses now's impossible to do. He can't bare the pain in his heart. He shouted out every sorrow and pain that he felt at that time. With just one night, all of a sudden his beloved disappeared. He cried his heart out and scream at the top of his lungs begging for her to come back into his arms.

"ARA!! AAAARRRRRAAAAA!" All he can do is cry. The skies felt his pain and unites with his feelings. The rain the suddenly pours comforts him in a way. He stayed there even though he's soaking wet.

Slacovich and Ania took the fastest flight they can get. Even on the plane Ania refuses to talk with anyone. Slacovich would just stay with her side and feed her when it's time to eat. Once in a while she will just burst into tears without letting out a single sound. Sofie and the others heard about them taking the fastest flight home. They prepared another room for Ania in the Demonfire mansion and locked up Ara's room. Just to keep the new family member from getting depress. As soon as the plane landed, Ania grabs Slacovich's shirt and gestured for him to carry her down. The crowd's giving her a fright and making her remember those moments when she was kidnapped with the rest of the kids. How Blu sucked out their bloods in front of her. Sofie and Li waved to them and Slacovich waved back. Ania just looked at them without blinking at all. She turns to Slacovich like waiting for him to say anything.

"Dear Ania, we are going to be your new family. This is Sofie and Li, they can be your new big sisters." Ania studied their faces and just nodded. Li carried her and then she burst into tears again.

"Hey Ania sweetie what's the matter?" Li worries whether she suddenly feel pain or sick from the long flight.

"Ania are you feeling unwell?" Sofie asked her this time but she just cried. They then took their car and hurried back to the mansion so that Ania can rest well also she can meet the other family members shese going to have.
By the door they can see Diego and Harry waiting for their arrival. Slacovich gets out first then helps Li step out of the car as Ania fell asleep as she carries her. Sofie's the last one to get out and in her arms is a golden urn. The feeling of lost struck them again. Before as soon as Ara steps out of the car they can hear her sweet voice greeting them one bye one. But now, there's no sign of that sweet voice. Harry breaks the silence and tries to cheer up everyone.

"Hey, she's still with us. In our hearts. She'll remain always and always inside our hearts. Her laughter, her clumsiness and her innocence, they are all carved in our hearts. And now, having another family member here will help us all. Before that, we should be strong in front of her in that way we can lift her up again." Harry pats Diego's shoulder and gestured for them to come inside the mansion. Li puts Ania down on the sofa as Diego covers her up with a blanket. Even in her sleep she still screams for help and calls for Ara.

"Poor girl. She's just seven and yet she's been into something traumatic." Sofie said as she fixes Ania's hair our of her face.

"You're right. We should do whatever we can to protect her. She's the only family Ara left for us." Li kisses Ania's cheek as she carried her again towards her new room. They all leave Ania's room to give her a good rest. As they head down the stairs they saw Tyler opening the door.

"Tyler good thing your back. If you wanna see her she's in her room. As for Ania she's asleep." Sofie gives him a pat on the shoulder before walking towards the kitchen with Li. He runs towards Ara's room and find the golden urn on the bed. His heart melts and his tears rushes down again. He cried embracing the urn in his arms hugging them tightly. He forgot to lock the door and tiny steps makes its way inside the room. He can feel warm caressr on his back comforting him to the very soul.

"It's gonna be okay." The voice seems so familiar. It's like how Ara assures him whenever his in doubt.

"Ara!" He turns around and finds the startled little girl take a few steps back. "Oh, I'm sorry. You must be Ania?" He wipes off his tears and puts the urn safely on the shelf. He gestured for Ania to come to him. Little Ania walks closer to him and then wipes off the remaining tears on his cheek.

"You must be big sis Ara's boyfriend."

"Hah, such a gossiper at a very young age." He fixes her hair and pin it behind her ears.

"I love big sis Ara. She--s so kind and considerate. But now she's gone. She's with my brothers now isn't she?" Ania's tears flows down.

"Hush now, from now on we are your new family. Big sis Sofie and big sis Li will always make you pretty and us your big brothers we will protect you. Your big sis will be very happy in heaven if she knows your living your life to the fullest."

"I maybe just a litte girl. But I know big sis will be very happy to know that everyone she loves are happy." Ania smiled again for the first time even though her tears still runs down her cheeks. Tyler wipes them off and carries her in his arms.

"We should let big sis Ara sleep in peace don't you think?"

"Okay. Big brother Tyler I'm hungry."

"Then let's ask them for food. We're not gonna let our princess starve." From the kitchen Sofie and Li can hear giggles coming towards them. Eveb Harry, Diego and Slacovich are glad to see that both helped one another in overcoming the pain. Ania's existence now serves as a reminder that they should keep living.
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