The Vampire Project Chapter 46: The Saddest News


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Sofie called Slacovich immediately the moment Volton's man was captured. He was taken to the black knight's custody and will be interrogated there. Sofie can sense the sadness on Slacovich's voice the moment she heard of it.

"Slacovich, the master hypnotist was finally captured. I'd let the black knights handle him. We can't afford to let him go and harm innocent people again."

"That's great." Sofie can hear Slacovich's sighs every now and then.

"Did something happen? By the way how did everything go?"

"Well, we managed to rescue Ania. But his brothers sadly, we were too late when we got there."

"Ara must be so heartbroken. How's she's doing?" Sofie can't even hear a single breath from Slacovich. The question about Ara puts him in sorrow again. "Tell me what's happening?"

"A--ara----- she's ..." Slacovich's trembling voice says it all.

"No w-way! Can you just tell it straight Slacovich." Sofie's starting to feel hopeless on Ara's condition.

"Ara sacrificed her life in order to save us." Vera snatches the phone when she saw Slacovich having a hard time telling what happened."

"Who's this?!" Vera can sense the sudden change of Sofie's voice.

"My Queen, sorry for intervening with your conversation. But Mr. Demonfire can't even utter a single word on what happened to Ms. Ara. I am Vera, head of the black knights here in India. It's an honor to be at your bidding my queen."

"Tell me exactly what happened?"

"Ara Khalil is gone."

"What do you mean by gone? She can't be gone!" Sofie's voice raises making everyone in the office hear her. The news about overhearing Sofie's voice about Ara reaches Tyler and the others. They all hurried to her side to confirm the news.

"My Queen. I wasn't at the scene when it happened but the shadow guards can tell you what exactly happened." Five shadow guards appeared inside the office.

"Let me get back to you I'm hanging up."

"Sofie what happened there?" Tyler can see Sofie's teary eyes. He knew something bad happened. He can't get a hold of Ara's whereabouts from her necklace that he gave her. Sofie faces the shadow guards and asked them every details instead of talking, each of the shadow guards held leans their forehead against each of them. Making them have a visual on what happened to Ara from her fight to her death. Their hearts were torn into pieces as they witness Ara's sacrifice. Even heard her last words. They felt like the world suddenly pours cold water into them. Can't help but cry their hearts out. Ara who's been such a sweet girl suddenly dies a terrible death. The shadow guards slowly moves back and disappears leaving the Demonfire bursting into tears.

"This can't be true." Harry breaks the silence trying to comfort the others.

"We've seen everything Harry. Every single bit of it. I can feel her pain and struggle." Li hugs Diego who's beside her.

"Volton's doing such inhuman experiments. If Blu's information is reliable then there are four who possesses the same ability. We must be very careful this time." Diego pats Li's back.

"Slacovich must be very angry of himself. I can't bare the pain just by watching it. How much more Slacovich was there the entire time." Sofie burst into tears. All of them were startled by Tyler's action. He breaks the table with just one punch. He's very angry and depressed at the same time.

"I can't believe you Sofie! I'm mourning for Ara's death yet all you can think about is how Slacovich is doing. Can't you be more sensitive?!" He raged into his vampire form. Harry then calms him down.

"Tyler please calm down. You can't blame Sofie for what she's feeling right now. Everyone's pretty sad for our lose. It's not just you who valued Ara so much so don't vent your anger on Sofie."

"Harry's right. You should calm yourself down." Li hugs him tightly as she cries even louder. She exactly knew how much Tyler loves Ara. She wtinessed how well he prepares everything for Ara. Every gift he gave her was all well thought. Her heart mourn for Ara's death and also feel pain for Tyler's lost.

"You're exactlt right. If there's someone who needs to pay for her death it's Volton Hellgazer!!" Tyler changed into his ultimate vampire form and is about to rampage there on his own but Li, Diego and Harry stop him from going out the window.

"Tyler! Going there alone is like entering a lion's den. Do you want Ar's death to be a laughing stock for them? She sacrificed her life to save a lot and your go there risking your life for revenge?!" Sofie stands up facing Tyler.

"Who wouldn't want revenge? Sofie's right. You'll only make it worst. We will all get the revenge we seek together. For Ara's sake Tyler you must control yourself. You will only make Volton happy and Ara's death in vain. Is this what you want?" Harry pats Tyler's shoulder and looks at all of them. He then takes a deep breath and turns back into his human form. Still he jumps out the window flying away in a rush.

"Tyler where are you going?" Li screamed.

"Li let him be. This time he knows where his going. He needs to sobber up." Sofie hugs Li who's still crying. She also burst into tears again. At this crucial moment, they must stand tall. The enemy just took one of their loved one's life. This time, they will make sure that it won't happen again.

Back in India, Slacovich prepares to leave. He came to India with Ara in flesh but this time all he can bring home is her ashes inside the golden urn. Aside from that, he'll be taking Ania with him. This 7-years old kid has been suffering so much already. Three of her family died. He doesn't know what the child is thinking for she doesn't even utter a single word since she knew about Ara's death. How Ania will move forward is still a puzzle.
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