The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 9: Chapter 9


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" Sit down," Jillian said

" Thank you,"

I sat down, I was very uncomfortable. They were all looking at me.

" Are you a shy person?" Cedric said

" I don't know how to talk to new people,"

" I see,"

Melody stands up and went to me and linked hands with me.

" you boys should stay here and enjoy your drink while we the girls talk about girls thing,"

The girls stand up.

" Where on earth, are you girls going?"

" you don't need to know,"

They took me with them, I was just following them, not knowing where they are taking me. They took me to the living room

" Nadia, you know you are the first person to wait for Kevin and not die,"

" What are you talking about?"

" What Sophia is saying is that you are the first person who got married to Kevin and still stay alive,"

" Didn't he killed them?"

" Where do you hear a thing like that?"

" It has been going around in the human world saying that he killed all his wives,"

" That is a freaking lie, Kevin hasn't set his eyes on those wives, you are the first person Kevin has ever seen,"

" If it is not Kevin that killed those girls then who?"

" If you say it humanly, you could say they committed suicide,"

I gasped

" Why would they commit suicide?"

" How will I know, maybe they are scared that we are going to kill them because they are the only humans in here,"

" Don't call them wives, in the human world they are married but in the vampire world, they are not,"

" So right now I am not married?"

" Yes, you are not married, if you want to marry in the vampire way there are some test you have to follow to prove that you can be a good princess,"

" That is why when you first came, nobody calls you princess because you are not married in the vampire way," Jilian said

I sighed in a form of relief. I am glad that I am not married.

" Have you girls finished taking?" Damian asked

" yes, we have,"

" Kevin, we need to leave, we will see you later," They do a handshake

" Nadia, it was nice talking to you, I hope we talk next time,"

" Ok, bye,"

They all left. It is now me and Kevin. What are we going to talk about?

" I am going inside,"

" Why don't we sit here and talk a little bit more?"

I could take the chance and ask why the girls committed suicide. Kevin draws me close to him.

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