The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 60: Chapter 60


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[The next day]

I went to the living room and I saw Viola. Why is she here?

" The kiss with Kevin was good, don't be angry he must have felt something with me that's why he kissed me,"

" Why will I be angry?"

" So you don't care whether Kevin will fall in love with me,"

" Kevin will never fall in love with you,"

" How do you know, do you know his mind?"

" Viola, I pity you a lot,"

" Why will you pity me?"

" You are trying to get Kevin attention but Kevin isn't giving you the attention you need and he did not fall in love with you,"

" You,"

" Who told you that my son will not fall in love with her?"

" Mother,"

" My queen,"

" I don't need your respect,"

I have had it with this woman.

" I don't know why you hate me but you should know all humans are not the same,"

" Are you talking back at me?"

" I am not talking back at you, I am just telling you something,"

" What are you doing, your age group is working to find the cure, are you not ashamed of yourself?"

Why is she talking about me? Viola is the same age group has me yet she didn't complain about her. My head was hurting me and my mouth was forced to open.

" Give me a week, I will find a cure,"

" What kind of nonsense are you talking about?"

" Give me a week,"

" Fine, we will give you that," the king said

" She can't possibly find a cure in a week,"

" Allow her,"

" Fine, if you did not get the cure in a week as you said, you will agree to leave my son,"

" Okay, if I find the cure, promise me you will treat me equal,"

"I promise you,"

" Then, it is a deal,"

I left.

" Wow, that means Ndia will soon leave here in a week, and Kevin will be all mine," she thought. She has a wicked smile on.

After I left, I couldn't guess why I said such a thing. There is no way, you can get a cure in a week in scientifically. This is really bad. What have I put myself into now? There was a woman who appeared to me.

" Am I dreaming, I always see you in a dream,"

" You are not dreaming, I am here to tell you something,"

" Tell me what,"

" Your past, of course, you won't remember it because your memory was locked,"

" what are you talking about?"

" I won't tell you all your past, I will tell you the one that is pertaining to the vampire,"

" What is it?"

" You are the daughter of the divine doctor,"

" What, I heard Kevin tell me about the divine doctor,"

" You are the only one the vampire can count on to save them from the disease that is killing them,"

" What?"

" I was the one who opened your mouth and tell them that you will find a cure in a week,"

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