The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 6: Chapter 6


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I was looking at the room, I sat down on the bed. The bed was so comfortable. What is going on here? Are they making me comfortable before they kill me, well if that is so let me get comfortable before I die? I look at an alarm in the wall, I pressed it. What? It didn't do anything. All of a sudden Amanda came in.

" Are you alright?"

" I am fine,"

" Why did you called me?"

" I called you, I didn't call you,"

" Yes you did, did you press that alarm,"

" Yes, that alarm is for calling for an emergency, you can't press it,"

" Ah, I see, thank you for the reminder,"

" Well, if it is nothing I will be leaving,"

" wait, this is my first time being here, why is it so quiet and where is the man I am supposed to be married to,"

" You ask too many questions at once, I will only answer one question, what question do you want to ask?"

What question should I ask? This palace is so quiet and not only that I haven't seen the man I am supposed to marry. Maybe I should ask where is the man. Amanda was waiving her hand on my face

" Excuse me, are you alright?"

" Sorry, I was deep in thought, I want to ask where is the man I married, I haven't seen him since I got here,"

" Oh, don't worry you will soon see him,"

" Ok, thank you and can I write a letter,"

" didn't I say one question?"

" I know you said one question but I want to write a letter to my mom, I promised her once I got here I will write a letter to her, she must be so worried right now,"

" This girl is so pitiful, she will be one of the many wives who will die before seeing the prince," Amanda thought

" Fine, I will help you, write the letter and I will give it to a messenger, he will send it to your mom,"

" thank you very much, you don't know what you have done for me right now, I really appreciate it,"

" Why is she thanking me, I am only doing this small thing, yet she is thanking me?" she thought

" What is your name?"

" My name is Nadia?"

" Nadia, what does it mean?"

" It means Hope,"

"That is a nice name and it has a good meaning on it,"

" Thank you, you are the first person other than my family tells me I have a nice name,"

" Really,"

" Yes,"

" I am leaving, make sure you write down your letter and let me warn you, don't move around too much or else whatever comes your way is nobody fault but yours. Remember this is a vampire world, not a human, if you listen to these my warning, you will stay alive and you will be able to meet the prince,"

" What do you mean by that?"

She left. What does she mean by that, I don't understand. I wrote the letter and I am not even sure whether they send the letter or not but what can I do, I have to wait here.

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