The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 58: Chapter 58


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" What are you talking about?"

" Even if her power is not with her right now, I can tell,"

" If she is the one, why can't she remember?"

" I think her memory was locked,"

" Dad, did you expect me to believe you?"

" Your mother should have noticed it.... it is just hatred that made her not to know who she is,"

" If she is the one, how did she managed to get away from the scene that day and how did she end up on Earth?"

" That... we won't know unless she remembers what happened,"

" I heard what happened from the girls,"

" it is Viola that caused everything..... Kevin, why don't you talk to Viola and tell her about your feelings instead of giving her hope,"

" She knows I don't like her and I even made it clear yesterday to her,"

" Kevin, that's not a way to reject girl, you don't reject girl in front of everybody, you will call her out and tell her your feelings, that way she will take it very seriously,"

" Okay, dad, whatever you say, I am going inside,"

" Okay, I will leave you right now,"

The king left and Kevin went back to the room. I was already awake.

" Did you just come in?"

" I came here when you were sleeping,"

" Why didn't you wake me up?"

" Why will I wake a sleeping beauty?"

" You,"

" I heard what happened today, I can't believe Viola will be like this,"

" It is not Viola fault besides if people see the book, they will think the same thing,"

" Nadia, at what age did your mother adopt you?"

" If I remember correctly, it is 9 years old, that is what my mother said,"

" Did you remember anything before you were 9?"

" No, I don't remember, no matter how much I try to remember, I can't remember instead I will feel a very big headache,"

" So you don't remember anything?"

" Seems like what my father says is true, that girl was 8 years old before the murder scene," he thought

" Kevin, why are you asking about my past?"

" It is nothing, just curious,"

" Did you remember any small detail at all, anything,"

" That night when I had a dream, I told you about it,"

" You only told me you didn't see the man and the woman face and you are calling them mom, so I want to know what happened in that dream,"

" It sounds confusing, the man was telling me to leave with the woman, their voices were panicking, that was all I see,"

" So you call them mom and dad in that dream?"

" Yes... Kevin why are you being so strange today by asking me about my past?"

" Can't I be curious?"

" It is not your type to be curious,"

" Nadia, you are so cute,"

" Where does that come from?"

" I need to do something downstairs, I am coming,"

" Okay,"

[With Kevin]

Kevin went to meet Viola.

" Viola, can I see you?"

" I am so surprised, you want to talk to me,"

" Don't be like this,"

" What is it?"

" You have always been a good childhood friend to me, I won't compromise anything with that,"

" What are you going with?"

" I don't have any feelings for you, I have always treated you as a friend, I hope you find a guy who will love you and take care of you,"

" Kevin, I am sorry,"

Viola kissed Kevin.

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