The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 57: Chapter 57


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Viola left the room.

" Nadia, are you alright?"

" Yes,"

Melody looked at me and saw a mark on me.

" That mark, where did you get it?"

" It is a birthmark,"

" A birthmark?"

" Yes,"

The 3 girls all looked at each other.

" Nadia, we will leave you alone for now,"

They all left.

Today is a tough day, I was accused of stealing. I am so tired. Viola wants to see me at my lowest point. I won't allow her. I looked at the book. What is so important in this book, all I could see are medicine, I can't comprehend.

[With Kevin]

" How are things going on?"

" It is going worse,"

The girls come in.

" What are you girls doing here?"

" There is something we have to tell you,"

" What is so important that you would disregard your life,"

" It is about Nadia,"

" What happens?"

" Kevin, did you know that she was adopted?"

" Yes, her earth mother told me about it, why are you asking about it?"

" Kevin, aren't you a bit curious who she is?"

" What are you talking about?"

" If you are going to talk, make it clear,"

Melody told them what happened.

" What, the same kind of book?"

" Yes, it is,"

" You must be joking,"

" I think she is the girl who everybody thought she is dead,"

" Don't make an assumption, if she is the one why did she not remember Kevin, the both of them are so close,"

" I don't know about that but In her arm, there is a mark that she has in her hand, it is the same mark as the girl and even the same position, you know we were pretty close with her too,"

" If she is the one that means her memory was erased and she did not have the same power of the divine doctor, if she has it we could have sensed it on her,"

" Kevin, why aren't you saying anything?"

" Let's keep this among ourselves, let's not tell the elders,"

" yes, we should figure this ourselves,"

" If she is the girl, we have to know why she lose her memory and why we couldn't sense the power of the divine doctor in her,"

" I have to go,"

Kevin left.

" If she is the one, then we could say fate brought them together,"

" Fate is there a thing like that?"

" Yes," they all laughed.

[With Nadia]

I fell asleep, I didn't know Kevin comes back already. He looked at me.

" She is sleeping," he saw the book next to her

" Nadia, are you the one, I need to know asap,"

There was a knock on the door.

" Who is it?"

" It is your father,"

" I am coming,"

Kevin went to meet his father.

" Is there anything you want to talk to me about?"

" I heard, that girl has the same book that was kept in the library for a very long time,"

" Yes, I just find out right now,"

" Aren't you curious about why she has the book?"

" It was her mother who gave it to her,"

" Kevin, that girl is the same girl that we were looking, for such a long time,"

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