The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 55: Chapter 55


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" What do you want to talk to me about?"

" Can I join the group to look for the cure?"

" You want to join?"

" Yes,"

" Will Kevin allow you?"

" Don't mind it, I am sure he will allow,"

" Why did you want to join?"

" I can't stay here while others are busy trying to fight the disease,"

" Nadia, I don't want to put your life in danger, as I go to the clinic, I will release people that want to go,"

" You are not putting my life in danger,"

" Nadia, no, just stay home and wait for the cure,"

" Phillip,"

" I am leaving,"

He left. What is his problem? I just want to help. I saw Kevin coming to me.

" Nadia, what do you talk to him about?"

" I ask him if he can let me join the group to find the cure,"

" Why will you ask such a thing, did he agree?"

" No, he did not, he said he don't want to put my life in danger,"

" That's good, Phillip knows what to say,"

" You,"

" I am leaving,"

" Where are you going?"

" I need to do something,"

" Didn't you hear him, he said we should not go out?"

" If you are worried, then why don't you kiss me,"

" This is not the time for a joke,"

" I am not joking, I need strength from your kiss,"

" You,"

He draws me closer to him and then he kissed me.

" Now, I have strength, Nadia don't worry I will be alright,"

" Be careful," he smiled.

He left.

I turned back and I saw Viola. She was boiling with anger.

" Are you alright?"

" Nadia, are you showing me that you have an upper hand with Kevin?"

" I am not showing you anything,"

" Nadia, do you love Kevin?"

" You don't need to know,"

" What?"

I left. The king and queen were not in the living room. I went to my room and I lay down on the bed. What can I do to help them? My leg touched a book. What's that? Isn't this book my mom gave me that she said she saw me with? Thinking about it, I haven't seen what is inside. I opened it and I start reading it. It talks about different diseases that I don't know what it is. Vola comes inside without knocking.

" Viola, how can you come inside without knocking?"

" What is in your hand?"

" It is none of your business,"

" Isn't that the book that the queen put in that clinic library, you went to steal it,"

" Vola, this is mine,"

" It is yours, are you freaking lying?"

" I am not lying, this is mine. It is up to you to believe me or not,"

" Nadia, you are a big lier,"

" Viola, I won't let you insult me like this,"

" I am insulting you, let me call the queen and tell her about it," she left.

What is her problem? she doesn't know the full story yet she is jumping into conclusion.

The queen comes inside and saw the book with me.

" Who gave you that book to take?"

" The book is mine,"

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