The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 53: Chapter 53


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" You are back already,"

I thought she was the one that was massaging my back.

" Amanda, when do you think Kevin will be back?" I didn't hear an answer.

" Amanda,"

" Sorry to disappoint you, I am not Amanda,"

" Eheh,"

I quickly stand up and I saw Kevin.

" Kevin, what are you doing here?"

" I came back from where I was,"

" How is it that I did not hear you?"

" Maybe, there is something wrong with your ear,"

" What, you," I raised my hand about to hit him. He held my hands.

" You love to hit people don't you?"

" Kevin, how can you come back now knowing that your parents will be here," My eyes were watering.

Kevin released my hands

" What happened, did my mom say anything to you?"

" she didn't say anything, this is my first time meeting your parents, you weren't there beside me so I get nervous,"

" Nadia, I thought you are a girl who is always brave,"

" Are you laughing at me?"

" Let's go downstairs and let me formally introduce you,"

" No, your mom is already angry with me as it is,"

" Why is my mom angry with you?"

" Your mom said I should get her water, as I get her water Viola decides to play some stupid trick on me which made me accidentally drop the water,"

" So my mom blame you for it,"

" Sort of but anyway your father defend me which make it slightly better,"

" Nadia, come with me,"

" No, " I shook my head

Kevin hold my hand and he made me stand up from the bed. He took me downstairs.

" Kevin, you are here,"

" Mind your manners, Viola,"

" Kevin,"

" Mom, this is the girl I like, I don't care if you accept it or not, I will make her the princess,"

" Kevin, she is a human for god's sake,"

" And so, I love her and that is that, don't bully her,"

I was tugging Kevin's shirt telling him to stop.

" You don't love her what you have is lust, not love, Viola has loved you fo-"

" Mom, " Kevin shouted. " I don't love Viola and I will never like her, just get this straight,"

" Honey, I think we can't force love, let's get to know her first before deciding anything, " his father looked at him. " We have heard from you, you should go inside, "

Kevin and I left.

" Why does Kevin not liked me, I have always loved him, " Viola was crying

" Don't cry, I am sure Kevin does not mean to say all these words,"

She hugged the queen and was crying.

[With Nadia]

" Kevin weren't you harsh on them?"

" If I am not harsh, they won't know when to stop,"

" Did I ever agreed to be your princess?"

" You don't have to agree because I know I will make you fall in love with me,"

" You are so confident,"

" yes, I am a very confident man,"

I laughed.

" Kevin, you are very funny, anyway back to serious business, how is it outside?"

" It is very dangerous, today alone 2.5 million people died,"

" What, this is my first time seeing a disease that killed people in one instant,"

" I don't know what to do,"

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