The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 52: Chapter 52


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" Come here,"

" Mother,"

Viola called out to the queen.

" Nadia, I didn't expect you to be nice,"

I didn't answer her

Nadia, you have to calm down, no matter what you say they will believe Viola. I went to meet the king.

" It has been long since I came to this place,"

The queen sat down.

" Get me some water,"

" Okay,"

I went to get her water. As I was going, Viola almost falls me down. The water pour on the queen's body.

" I am sorry," Amanda came and gave me a tissue.

" You are sorry, you don't have manners do you?"

" Nadia didn't mean to pour the water,"

" Was I talking to you, go and do your work,"

" Yes, ma," Amanda looked at me and left.

" I don't care if you are a human, you need to learn how to do things,"

" That's enough, why are you hating on her, she did nothing wrong for you to be hating on her,"

" Father, how can you support this girl you just met, She seduces Kevin and Kevin was blindly in love with her,"

" Viola, I am not your father, don't call me that, if you did not put your leg on her way will she fall down?"

" My king, this is the first time you have shouted on me,"

" Don't talk to Viola like that, she has known us for so long, can't she call you father,"

" I don't want any trouble, we just come, let's rest," The king looked at me. " Where is Kevin?"

" He is not around, he went out this morning after hearing the news about the disease that just came out,"

" You allow him to go, he is the future heir, do you want him to die?" the queen shouted

" I can't stop him besides he is wanting to find the solution,"

" Human, humans, humans.... you are so full of yourself,"

" That's enough, Kevin is a stubborn man, nobody can stop him,"

" Lionel,"

" Yes, ma,"

" I want you to find Kevin and bring him home right now,"

" Okay,"

Lionel left.

" Nadia, go and rest,"

" Okay,"

I left. I opened the door and Amanda was there.

" Why are you here?"

" Is the queen been mean to you?"

" You could say she does not like me,"

" She never liked humans,"

" I know, Phillip told me," I went to sit down on the bed

" You seem sad,"

" To be honest with you, I didn't expect to meet them so soon,"

" I know what you mean,"

" Even though Kevin told me I will meet his parents, I expect the queen to hate me based on the fact that she hates humans,"

[With Viola]

" The queen hates Nadia, I am so happy I don't need to do anything all I will do is make the queen hate Nadia more," she thought

A few minutes later, Kevin came.

" Kevin, you are back,"

" Kevin," Viola hugged Kevin.

" Viola, stop doing these physical contacts," Kevin pushed her.

Kevin went and meet his parents in the living room. Viola was angry.

" Why did you go out, can't you see the disease that is going on?"

" Mom, am I not alright?"

" Kevin, I haven't seen you for such a long time,"

" I haven't forgiven you yet,"

Kevin almost left.

" Where are you going?"

" I want to relax,I am tired,"

Kevin left.

" Viola, I think you should give up on my son, he seems his heart is already taken,"

[With Nadia]

I lay down on the bed and Amand was massaging my back. He comes inside, I didn't know.

" M-,"

" Shhh," he signal for her to stop and leave.

" Nadia, I want to get something,"

Amanda left.

" I wonder what she wants to get,"

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