The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 5: Chapter 5


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I was walking down the road and I was looking at the beautiful flowers and trees.

The day has come for me to get married to the vampire prince, I was preparing. Britney came inside

" Nadia, I am sorry,"

" Why are you apologizing?"

Britney was crying and I hugged her

" Britney promise me one thing,"

" What is it?"

" Don't let mom shout again, take care of her,"

" You don't need to tell me, I know that of course,"

My mom came in and hugged me, she was crying.

" Nadia, if you get there safely remember to write letters to me, I will be expecting it,"

" Mom, don't worry I promise you I will write a letter to you,"

" Are you done, it is time,"

" Mom, don't cry,"

They did the ritual and I saw my mother and Britney crying, then everywhere was blurred before I realize it, I am in the Vampire kingdom, my cloth has changed. Then I saw somebody waiting for me.

" You are here, I will escort you to the palace,"

" Ok, thank you,"

I left with the mysterious man in a carriage. I saw the people, they all happy.

" We have arrived,"

I came down, I saw the palace, it was very big and beautiful, though I haven't seen the inside. You can't tell the beauty from the outside it is only the inside.

"Let's go in," I went with the man and I entered inside

I saw the maids, they all lined up waiting to greet me.

" Your highness,"

This was my first time experiencing it. The man spoke to all of them.

" You can leave," He stops a maid " Amanda, wait here,"

The girl waits.

" Nadia, this will be your maid, you can use anytime,"

" My maid?"

" Yes, Amanda, go and take her to her room and settled her down,"

" Ok, sir,"

" Please, come here,"

I left with her, she took me to my room.

"This will be your room from now on,"

" Ok, thank you"

" If you need anything call me,"

" OK"

She has left. This is the first time I have seen a room so big.

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