The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 48: Chapter 48


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" I didn't do anything,"

" Anyway, I am so happy, I will see you next week at my father palace,"

" What?"

" I m leaving,"

She left.

She said what she wants and she left. A few hours later, I was ready to go home.

" You saw the princess right," Amanda said

" Yes, I saw her,"

" Did you talk with her?"

" Yes, I did,"

We arrived at the palace and I saw Kevin waiting in the living room. I can't believe he is here, he left last night without him tell me where he went to, did he think I will forgive me? If that is what he is thinking then he is joking.

" I waited for you for such a long time, didn't Phillip let you out early,"

I ignored him and went straight to the room.

" Nadia,"

He followed me, I locked the door on his face.

" What do you think is going on?"

" I think she is angry with him for leaving without telling her,"

" Well, the prince is in a serious begging?"

" I know right," The girls all laughed.

[With Kevin and I]

" Why are you angry?"

I didn't answer him.

" Nadia, can you tell me why you are angry?"

Nadia, don't shout at him too much and show all of your emotions, it won't look good on me.

" You left last night without telling me,"

" Is that the reason why you are angry?"

" So that is not a good reason if you are going to leave you should tell me so I should know and not get worried,"

Kevin kissed me immediately and his hand was on my waist. I pushed him slightly.

" What are you doing?"

" Nadia, do you love me?"

" What kind of thing are you saying?"

" I was just worried, that's all,"

" You are worried... Nadia, I love you,"

" What?"

Is he confessing to me right now? It is too sudden.

" The first day I met you, you have these curious face, and the smile you had on make me want to eat you. Last night, after what happened I cannot sleep on the same bed and think nothing happens, I know once I sleep on that bed... something will happen,"

" Kevin,"

" I bet you did not expect it but let me tell you I will make you fall in love with me,"

I couldn't talk again. Deep down I was very happy knowing he liked me. I would have accepted him If his sister hasn't told me about the girl he loved. I don't know whether he sees me for who I am or he sees me as a replacement for the other girl. I don't want to ask him because I am afraid of his response.

" Kevin, I don't love you, I was just worried as a friend to you,"

" I see," Kevin removed his hand from my waist. " I don't care if you love me or not but I will make you say it with your mouth that you love me,"

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