The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 45: Chapter 45


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" Kevin, you must do it,"

" I don't even know if she feels the same as me,"

" If you are not sure ask her,"

" There is no way I will ask her,"

" David, are you shy to confess to her,"

" I have never confessed to any girl before,"

Damian was laughing.

" What's so funny?"

" You are very funny," he continues laughing

Kevin threw a chair pillow at him.

" Can I sleep here tonight?"

" You can... by the way have you take her to see your family,"

" I haven't, I told her I will take her to my family,"

" She agreed?"

" Yes, so what I am waiting for is to talk to my parents about it,"

" You haven't visited home since that incident,"

" Yes,"

" I am very shocked... do you think your mother will allow you to bring Nadia home when you haven't visited her?"

" I know, she sends Viola to tell me to come home,"

" Ah, I see,"

" I will go home before bringing Nadia here,"

" You better do that," he looks at the clock. " It is very late, I think we should sleep,"

" Ah, okay goodnight,"

" Goodnight too,"

The next day.

Wow, he didn't come home last night. Well, Amanda said he won't come home, I wonder where he went last night. Aish, let me not worry, I should prepare so that I should go to the clinic. Should I carry this book with me or leave it here? Let me just leave it here, when I come back will look t what this book is about.

A few minutes later.

I looked at the mirror. I am so pretty, I look good. Let's go. I quickly went downstairs. Amanda was downstairs waiting for me and the carriage was too.

" Sorry, I came down late,"

" It is okay, let's go,"

A few minutes later, we arrived at the clinic.

I entered the clinic. I saw Phillip tending to a patient. I went inside the office and I dropped my bad in there.

" You have arrived,"

" Yes, what should I do?"

" What are your specialties?"

" What do you mean by that?"

" In medicine, what can you do best?"

" Well-em I am not sure,"

" Come here,"

Where is he taking me? We stopped at a place. I haven't seen this place before. There were a lot of machines and there are 6 people who are there using the machine for something.

" What is this place?"

" It is a place we manufacture medicine,"

" What, that is so cool,"

" So, you will stay here and helped them,"

" This is where I will stay?"

" Yes, so If you come you will go here straight... you must come very early, they have a strict rule, if you come late you will regret it Kevin can not save you.... that you should know,"

" You are scaring me,"

" I am not, anyway let me call their leader and introduce you to her,"

He called a girl.

" Angella, this is a new girl I brought for you to train, she doesn't know much please be easier on her,"

" Who do you think I am, don't worry leave this girl to me,"

" Okay," Phillip looked at me. " I am leaving, take care of yourself,"

" Okay,"

Phillip left and was at the door.

" Now, you will have to tell me who you are, I don't believe you are a human if I am right she is a girl who knows medicine a lot," Phillip thought.

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