The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 44: Chapter 44


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" Kelvin, stop it," I pushed him away

I am so embarrassed. He looked at me.

" I am sorry, I didn't know what got into me,"

I didn't answer him. I quickly go to the bathroom.

What just happened right now?. I thought we were going to do it, I got so scared.

I was in the bathroom for like 30 minutes, I finally got out of the bathroom. When I got out, I didn't see Kevin. Of course, he won't be here after I spent 30 minutes in the bathroom. Someone knocks on the door.

" who is it?"

" It is Amanda, may I come in?"

" Yes, you can come in,"

Amanda comes inside.

" Are you ready to go to bed now?"

" Where is Kevin?"

" He told me that he won't be here in the night,"

" Why?"

" He doesn't have a reason, he never stays here in the first place,"

" He never stays here, where does he go?"

" There is a rumor that he has a specific girl who he does that with?"

" what do you mean by that?"

" Don't you know what I mean?"

" I don't know,"

" Well then, forget it, " she looked at me. " I think you should go to sleep now,"

" Okay, goodnight,"

Amanda left

Why did he leave without telling me? Does Amanda think I don't know what it means, I know what exactly it meant? I just don't want to say it. Is he with that girl right now? Aish, I can't believe what Amanda put in my head already. I should sleep, I have to go to that clinic tomorrow.

[with Kevin]

Someone knocked on the door.

" Who is it?"

" It is me,"

Damian quickly opened the door and Kevin entered inside.

" Kevin, what are you doing here at this hour of the night?"

" I want to cool down,"

" Cool down for what?"

" won't you let me sit down?"

" Oh, sorry about that,"

Kevin went to sit down and Damien went to bring some alcohol.

" So tell me, what is wrong?"

" I don't know what is wrong with me, whenever I see her, I lose my reasoning,"

" If you are talking about her, do you mean Nadia?"

Kevin didn't answer.

" So it is Nadia," Damian drank some from his alcohol. " Kevin, you have never fallen in love with any girl before, she is the only girl I have ever seen you care about,"

" It seems like,"

" So what happened between the two of you?"

" I wanted to have sex with her even to force her against her will,"

" Kevin, you said you like her, if you like her let her take the princess test,"

" The princess test,"

" Yes,"

" That test will be so hard for her, how can she do it, she is a feeling human if care is not taken she might die doing the test."

" Kevin, if you love her and she loves you back, this is a test she must take if she can't take the test the people will never accept her that is what you should know,"

" I can't risk her life like that,"

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