The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 42: Chapter 42


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" You saw it there,"

" Yes, I saw it,"

" Strange, what does this have to do within the vampire world?"

" I don't know, anyway Mom we have to leave now,"

" You are leaving, I thought you are staying the night here,"

" No, he has a lot of work doing tomorrow morning,"

" When will I see you again?"

" Mom, don't worry I will visit you again,"

" How sure are you that you will come,"

" Well,"

" I am just kidding," my mother laughed. " Let me see you out,"

" Ok,"

I put the book in a small bag that was with me. We went to the living room.

" What took you so long?"

" Why do you want to know?"

" I ask a question, you answer me back with a question,"

" Before you go, can I speak with you for a second,"

" Are you talking to me?"

" Yes,"

" What is it, I am all ears,"

" I want to talk to you secretly,"

" Mom, what do you want to talk to him about?"

" You don't need to know," my mother smiled

I know that smile, anytime she doesn't want me to know about something she always uses that smile.

" Let's go to Nadia bedroom,"

" Oh, ok"

My mom and Kevin left.

" Nadia, what did mom want to talk about with the vampire prince,"

" I wish I know,"

" What is it, ma"

" This is Nadia room, she is a very organized girl," The mom was walking around her room. " Ever since she is a little girl, she has always been a clean person, she doesn't like to see dirt on the floor,"

" Why are you telling me this?"

" Nadia is not my biological child, she is a girl who I adopted,"

" She is not your biological child?"

" Yes, didn't Nadia tell you,"

" She didn't tell me,"

" Anyway, when Nadia was sent there I was very worried about her, even the letters she sent me does not tell me whether she is still alive, she is suffering. It might be another person just writing,"

" She wrote you a letter?"

" Yes, that is what she promised me. Now she came back, I can now feel at ease knowing she is alive and healthy. I have a question for you."

" What question?"

" Do you love Nadia?"

" Well- I,"

" Tell me straight on, do you love her?"

" I haven't fallen in love with anybody before but if what I am feeling for her is love then so shall it be,"

" I see, then take good care of her, she might look like a girl who isn't scared of anything but trust me she is scared. When she agreed to go to the vampire land, she doesn't look scared but her hands and legs are all shaking. Nadia is like that,"

" Don't worry I will take care of her,"

" Then I will trust you, let's leave before curiosity take over Nadia,"

They left.

" You spend like 30 minutes talking, what were you talking about?"

" It is nothing, you should be leaving now,"

" Kevin, what did mom tell you?"

" None of your business,"

" Are you using my words against me?"

" Am I, I don't know,"

" You,"

" We will be leaving now,"

" Ok,"

" Mom and Britney bye," I hugged them

We left.

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