The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 38: Chapter 38


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The next day, I was preparing.

" Nadia, are you done yet?"

" I am almost done,"

" Be fast,"

" Don't hurry me,"

A few minutes later, I came down to the living room.

" Let's go,"

" I don't understand why it will take so many hours to dress up,"

" You won't understand, let's go"

Kevin take me to a place, I don't know what he did, the next thing I knew I was in the human world.

" We are here,"

" Kevin, what did you do, it was so fast\u003c'

" That is my secret," he smiled. " So where is your place?'

" I will show you, let's go,"

" What is that?" he pointed at a car.

" That is a car, is this your first time here,"

" Yes, this is my first time being here,"

I was laughing

" You are joking, you were the one who married, how is it that you haven't been here?"

" I don't come to the human world,"

" Ok, Let's go," I hold his hand, he looked at me and he smiled.

As we were going to my house, I was showing him everywhere. We finally arrived at my place.

" We are here,"

" This is your place,"

" Yes, it is," I pressed the doorbell.

" Who is it?"

" It is Nadia,"

My sister opened the door. She was so shocked.

" Is this you," she hugged me.

" Britney, it is me of course, who will it be?"

She looked at Kevin.

" Who is he?"

" Let's go inside first, I will tell you," we entered inside.

" Where is mom?"

" She went to buy some foodstuff,"

" Oh, ok"

" She is your sister?" Kevin asked

" Yes, she is my younger sister,"

The door was opening.

" My mom has come,"

My mom entered inside and she was so shocked, she dropped the thing that she buys on the floor.

" Mom,"

" Nadia is that you is it my daughter,"

" Mom, yes it is me,"

I went to hug my mother. She hugged me and she was crying very hard. My mother looked at Kevin.

" Who is he?"

" He is the vampire prince,"

My mother was so shocked.

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