The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 36: Chapter 36


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" Are you sure that it is Kevin that cooked it?" Melody asked

" Yes, why do you looked so shocked?"

" It is nothing, so where is Kevin?"

" He went inside to wash up,"

" Ok,"

" You should wait in the living room, let me serve you,"

" Ok,"

They went to the living room. I was serving them. Kevin came down.

" Kevin, Nadia said you are the one that cooked,"

" Yes,"

" Kevin are you sick?" Damian touched his head

" I am not sick," Kevin removed Damian's hand

" If you are not sick, why are you cooking?"

" Well, em"


Kevin came home and saw Nadia sleeping on the couch when watching her channel.

" She is sleeping, why isn't she sleeping in the room," he is waking her up.

" Nadia, come on get up," Nadia didn't shake her body.

He carried her to the bedroom. He looked at her.

" What is wrong with me, why do I want to come here as quickly as possible, is this what they call love, if this is love, then let me love you forever," he gets closer to her and he kissed her. He removed his mouth.

" Mom, I am hungry, I love your food, I want to eat more of it and I miss you," Nadia is sleep talking.

" Seems like she missed her mother, she is so cute, let me sleep," he fell asleep.


" Kevin, why aren't you saying anything?"

" You people should not mind me, let's eat,"

" If your mother knows that you are cooking, she will probably faint out of shock,"

" Oh, please, you are probably right,"

" I didn't see anything wrong with what he did, boys usually cook,"

" I know what you mean but Kevin is of royal blood, he needs to show some examples,"

" I see,"

We all eat and we talk, it was a good thing, this was the first time I have ever have so much fun. We talk for hours about different things. It was time for them to all go home, they all went home. I was alone with Kevin.

" Kevin, I have something to tell you,"

" What is it?"

" Can I visit my mother, I have something important to tell her,"

" Fine, I will let you go but on one condition,"

" What condition?"

" I have to follow you,"

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