The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 34: Chapter 34


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" Why will you think it is him?"

" Em, I-"

" Could it be that you did not trust him?"

" I-"

" Nadia, I will tell you something right now, the person you should trust the most is Kevin and his friends in this vampire world, you should know how Kevin treat you. When you went out with the girls for shopping and you almost got killed, have you ever wonder what happened to them?"

" What happened?"

" Find out yourself, I am leaving, don't worry I will protect you because that is a promise I made to someone,"

" What promise?"

" I am leaving,"

" Tell me before you go, who are you?" I shouted

" You will soon know," the woman disappeared

What is going on? Who am I? Why can't I remember anything? I have a lot of questions to ask but no one to answer. Who the hell am I? A guy calls me.

" Nadia, are you alright,"

" Who are you?"

" You don't know me, well I haven't talked to you, I am Lionel," he brings his hand out.

Isn't he the guy that set up a trap for me? I think I should be wary of him.

" It is nice to meet you," I shook hands with him.

" What are you doing here?"

" I was going to the living room to watch some tv,"

" Ah ok, let's go to the living room to fix the tv,"

" You don't use tv?"

" No, nobody uses tv, the prince hardly comes here so there is no need for tv,"

" That is good,"

Lionel went to fix the tv.

" The tv should be working fine right now,"

" Thank you,"

He on the tv for me. I sat down and he taught me how to use the remote. I began to use it and put a channel.

" Thank you very much for teaching me how to use it,"

" It is no problem,"

As I was watching the tv my mind went back to that woman. I began to wonder who I am. That is when I realize the person who can answer my question is my adopted mother. She probably knows where I come from. Even if I want to ask her, how can I go back to the human world and ask her? Kevin could help me, Nadia, you have a good idea.

" Did you kill her?"

" I couldn't kill her ma because she didn't come there from her own accord,"

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