The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 31: Chapter 31


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" Why are you looking at me like that,"

" Oh, it's nothing,"

" Did you come to greet me?"

" No way," I blushed

" Wow, your face is so red,"

" Don't look at me like that," I looked down. " Since you are here I should go inside,"

I left. He smiled.

What is wrong with me? Ever since I kissed him, my heart has been beating whenever I near him. Could I possibly like him? Why will I like a guy like him, no way maybe it is because of my first kiss.

" What are you thinking about?"

" Can't you knock before entering," I was so shocked

" Did I disturb you from your deep thought?"

" You," I was angry.

There is no way I will like a guy like him, he is a big jerk.

" How was the test?"

" The test was fine, I passed in a go,"

" Congratulation, you are still wearing the necklace?"

" Yes, you told me that I should not remove it,"

" Nadia, do you want to see my mother?"

" What?" I was shocked. " What are you talking about, I heard your mother hates human, won't she be angry if I see her?"

" How do you know she hates humans?"

" It was Phillip who told me when we were talking about a book that was put in a shelf,"

" Ah, I see,"

" Don't worry, I will be there with you, don't you want to see where I grew up?"

" I want to see it but I am scared that if your mother insult I might not hold back and I will insult her,"

" My mother will never insult you, so don't worry about it,"

" but,"

" No but, it is set then, I will find a date we can go there and I will tell her that we are coming,"

" Ok, if that is what you want,"

" I am so tired," he rests on my lap.

" What are you doing?"

" Let me sleep for a while like this,"

" Ok," Kevin fell asleep.

I touched his eyelashes. He is handsome, I began to touch his mouth. What am I doing? I am such a pervert. Why am I touching him? I am so happy that he told me I should see his mother.

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