The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 3: Chapter 3


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The next day, We were in the dining table, my mother preparing food for us and my sister with a sullen face, I was thinking about the dream I have, why does she want me to take my sister place, I don't understand the dream at all.

" Nadia, what are you thinking about, this is a dining table to eat and relax, not a place for thinking,"

" I am sorry, mom,"

" And Britney what is with that look in your face, come on wipe that looks away from your face,"

" Mom, how can I wipe it off from my face knowing that I will soon die,"

My mother look down and tried her best to be happy.

" Let's eat happily right now and we will think about that later, ok"

We all eat forgetting about our sorrows. After we finish eating, we were all in the living room

" Mom, what are we going to do, am I going to die?" she said with a watering eyes

" You won't die, I won't let you, if I have to fight off the evil vampire prince, I will do it, ok"

" Mom," she hugged my mom and was crying

They took care of me and sheltered me, Why should I let them suffer and that mysterious woman said that I should take her place, why don't I do it?

" Mom, I will take Britney place,"

" Nadia, what are you talking about?"

" Why don't I repay you back for what you have done, for taking care of me,"

" Nadia, you don't have to use your life,"

" Mom I have a question I need to ask, how many people have seen the vampire prince, it is all in our imagination. Mom, I am not killing myself, don't you know me again, the strong girl,"

" Nadia that is not the same," Britney said while wiping the tears from her eyes

" Nadia, please don't do it,"

" Mom, I am thanking you for giving me a home," I bowed

I left the living room

" Nadia," my mother shouted

" Britney, did you tell Nadia about it?"

" Mom, why will I tell her, I think of Nadia as my biological sister,"

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