The vampire princess Season 1 Chapter 25: Chapter 25


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" There is no way,"

" I am just joking, how can she not be human?"

" Don't joke like that,"

" she is waking up,"

" Nadia, are you alright?"

Julian help me stand up.

" You look so tired,"

I saw Kevin. His eyes were filled with a guilty look. His friends looked at me and then to Kevin.

" I think we should leave now,"

" Ok, then,"

" By the way Nadia, don't forget to come tomorrow for your test,"

" Ok, I won't forget,"

" What test?"

" Ah, you don't know, Kevin brought her to learn medicine,"

" Ehhhh, What, this is-"

" you people should leave now, ok,"

" Ok, we are leaving now, bye,"

They all left. I went and meet Kevin.

" Kevin, are you alright," I touched his head to see if he has a fever.

" I am alright," he removed my hand " I am sorry,"

" Don't apologize, it is not your fault,"

" Isn't it hot here?"

" Hot, it isn't hot,"

" I don't know I feel very hot," he was blowing himself.

" Is it the side sickness?"

" Let me see, remove your shirt," he looked confused " Let's go to the room,"

We went to the room.

" So, remove your shirt,"

" Why should I remove it?"

" You said you were hot right, I was going to put cold water on a bucket and use towel to rub it on you,"

" Ok, then I will remove it," he removed his shirt.

As he removes it I turned my back on him.

" I think I should remove my trouser also," he said teasing

" What, no way, I meant only your shirt," I turned to him.

" I don't want to," he began to get closer to me.

" Why are you like this?"

He was able to backed me to the wall. he began to look at my lips. He is not going to kiss me, he is just teasing me. That is what I thought. His mouth smashed mine. he began to kiss me, I don't know what happen, I find myself kissing him back. His hand wrapped my waist. His kiss was very warm. This is my first time being kissed by a guy.

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